Bianca's Baked Beans

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Let me get this out of the way, folks. The Bianca fart meme went so beyond what one would expect that little kids actually asked me to do something involving her and the musical fruit. So don't give me any flab for this, I'm just doing it for fun and entertaining the young ones. Enjoy.

It was a gorgeous day somewhere in Unova as Bianca was walking about, humming merrily as she was heading westward, up towards Mistralton City. Suddenly out of nowhere, Bianca's stomach growled, causing Bianca to gasp as she placed her hands on her face, giggling.

"Oh my!" Bianca exclaimed as she placed both of her hands on her stomach, "Looks like my tummy is making a rumbly!" She giggled as she stuck out her tongue, pulling out a red and blue colored can of baked beans. "Luckily, I'm always prepared to have something yummy to eat!"

Bianca sat down on a wooden log nearby, sending out her Emboar to collect some more wood for the campfire. After Emboar collected enough sticks, Bianca licked her lips as she had a can opener, opening up the can as she tossed the lid to the side.

"First things first..." Bianca stated as she stood up, turning around and bending over, aiming her big butt at the bunch of sticks. "Emboar! I need you!"

Emboar sighed of annoyance as he approached Bianca, placing his right arm right up to her butt as he formed a fist, causing his arm to blaze with red hot flames. Bianca farted loudly, the strong smelly gust propelling the flames, allowing the fire to start up on the sticks. Bianca stood up and started jumping with joy as she clapped her hands together.

"Joy! Oh joy!" Bianca commented as she sat down on the log, letting out a high pitched, cute little poot as she held the can of baked beans over the camp fire. "Now I can warm these babies up, and have them for lunch!" She looked up at her Emboar. "You want some?"

Emboar shook his head as he headed into the forest to find some berries to munch on. Bianca shrugged as she hummed merrily, tilting her head left and right as she waited for her baked beans to warm up. After two minutes, Bianca pulled out a spoon out of her green beret, placing it in the baked beans as she started eating, squealing with joy as she enjoyed the salty taste. The can read 'Father Flatulent's Gassy Baked Beans, now with extra sugar'. Oh, how things were going to be in the next few hours...