Bianca continued munching on her fart producing baked beans as she released more deep pitched, tuba like farts of brassy gas that echoed throughout the forest, the powerful sulfur like stench powering up the flames as Bianca giggled with each poot. Her farting big butt letting out loud bassy bursts of breaking wind, Bianca moved about as her farts sounded more wet.

"Ooh! My stinky farts sure are powerful! I think I might need to go potty soon!" Bianca innocently claimed as she rubbed her continuously farting butt with her right hand, "My booty sure has a lot of tooty in it!"

Bianca's Emboar came back, resisting the awful stench that penetrated the forest as he witnessed Bianca farting away while munching on the baked beans. Emboar sighed as he closed his eyes and shook his head, heading back into the forest towards the northern direction.

Bianca finished up her second can of baked beans as she burped loudly, rubbing her slightly pudgy stomach with her left hand as she sighed of relief, closing her eyes. She then placed her right hand right underneath her giant butt cheeks, her farting vibrating her hand and the log as Bianca gasped as she opened her eyes. "My, I'm really cranking out gas from my fart factory!" She giggled with glee as another tuba like poot that got deeper pitch puffed up her jeans, making her butt appear even bigger. "Oh, this is so fun! I can't wait to do this again with burritos!"

She then shrugged as she wrapped her arms around the back of her head, lifting her right leg as she had another deep pitch toot, though it started out like a trombone. "But for now, I'm gonna appreciate all the baked beans that's doing this for me! And on that note..." She placed her right hand right under her but, literally farting out another can of baked beans as she began eating it, all while farting away. The camp fire has been sizzling more and more, the bright clear blue sky slowly fading into the wonderful sunset yellow, with Bianca having too much fun eating and farting. Her Emboar, however, decided to make camp somewhere away from Bianca, so he could have some peace and quiet for once.

"...and that's why people love farting in jeans!" Master Shake explained as he closed a storybook, smiling. "The end."

Frylock narrowed his eyes as he simply floated in the air. "That was the stupidest fairy tale I've ever heard."

"Yeah. That didn't involve Carl at all!" Meatwad exclaimed as he turned into a disgruntled hamburger.