Ziva watched Gibbs working wondering how it was she had been lucky enough to be so blessed. He had the phone pressed to his ear looking decidedly bored now and then he would glance towards her and offer a smile. She felt that smile all the way to her toes. But then with Gibbs every look, every glance or even the slightest touch set her blood racing. He grinned again as though he knew what she was thinking and she couldn't stop the blush that raced over her skin.

It had been just over six months since their first night together a Christmas she wouldn't forget. She had thought coming back to work after the short Christmas break and their impromptu coming out party would be awkward. Yet, they had managed to maintain their working relationship with the same flow as before. They balanced their private life and work very well. Vance hadn't' commented on it but she knew he was surprised. She spent more time at his place than her own, and over the past few weeks he'd hinted at her staying with him on a permanent basis. She smiled when she thought of the way he'd told her there was no point in paying rent when she was never there.

She was still smiling when she caught Tony looking at her. "What…? A girl cannot smile?"

Tony pointed at her teasingly. "Doing a lot of it lately, Bossman must be doing something right." He watched her slide a glance to Gibbs, a mysterious smile on her face then nod.

"Well he is certainly not doing anything wrong." She laughed softly wondering how everyone would react when they realized just how well he was doing things.

Tony almost blushed himself; normally Ziva and Gibbs were all business at work. Their private life was kept so carefully separate that he sometimes forgot they were a couple outside of work. It was only the occasional mention of something one of them needed to pick up at the store or what they were having for dinner that reminded him. Ziva was doing good things for Gibbs too, as a team they'd had dinner at Gibbs' house more than a few times and even ventured out bowling once. And Gibbs smiled, a lot, that change hadn't gone unnoticed by anyone Gibbs worked with. He hadn't lost his edge not even close but Ziva had definitely changed him for the better.

Gibbs was listening to the conference call because he had to but he couldn't have told you what was being said. Instead he was watching Ziva. She looked even more beautiful to him lately. Had he been a poet he could have found the words to describe just how much. But he wasn't a poet just a man madly in love with her. Every time he looked at her he felt a sharp thrust of joy. Sometimes he still woke up thinking it was all a dream but then he'd roll over and find her still there next to him. He smiled to himself she kept him just the slightest bit off balance and he liked it that way. The rut he'd been stuck in was long gone. Cold nights on the couch and eating steak out of the fireplace had been replaced with hot nights tangled in their sheets and breakfast in bed. Pushing his hand in his pocket he rubbed the small velvet box there and smiled again. He'd had the box in his pocket for well over a week waiting for the right moment to give it to her. He'd thought about a romantic dinner but it just wasn't what he was looking for. The way they'd found each other required something just right and it was frustrating him that he couldn't figure out just what that was.

Finally the call ended and he hung up the phone. Again she glanced at him bit her lip and glanced away. What was that about? She'd tell him eventually he knew but the covert glances she'd been throwing his way since she gotten to work that morning had him wondering. She'd been late but that had been expected, a dentist appointment but still the back of his neck itched and that made him wonder even more. Grabbing for his empty coffee cup he shoved away from his desk.

"Going for coffee back in five. Want some Ziva?" he watched her blush at the unintended innuendo of his words and had to bite back the urge to kiss her. That didn't happen often. Ziva never let that part of their relationship show at work. When she shook her head he kept on moving but that blush reminded him of that morning in bed.


Gibbs woke to the feeling of her body sliding over his. The tight wrap of silken muscles over his cock had his eyes flying open. That fast his body found the rhythm she'd started and matched her pace. The dredges of sleep still had him as he watched her head fall back, her bare skin on display for him. His hands slid up her waist across her soft skin to cup the fullness of her breasts. The slightest touch and she was moaning low in her throat. Not even fully dawn and already she had him snared in a web of passion. Lately there was an intensity to their lovemaking, and a frequency that was almost, but not quite, wearing them both out.

"Way to wake a man up Ziva." He barely managed the words as her hips shifted against his. Her eyes found his a sultry smile boring into him.

"Wanted to let you sleep longer but needed you more." Laying her body across his she moved her lips along his neck sliding kisses on his skin as he slid in and out of her. She wasn't going to last long, could already feel her body clenching harder than she would have thought possible.

Gibbs felt the rasp of her body pulling at him and almost couldn't breathe, her pace had started out slow but her need had other ideas and he was more than happy to match that need. Grasping her hips he thrust hard knowing it was just what she needed to go over the edge. Watching her go over that edge never failed to amaze him. Her dark eyes clouded with passion, mouth parted on a cry of desire and she let go. As she fell so did he his body racing with fire, breaking a sweat and losing sight of anything but the mind stealing pleasure they shared.


Ziva had been trying really hard all morning to keep her thoughts on work, on anything other than the thought that wouldn't leave her head. Sighing she thumped her head against her desk not once but twice. Life had thrown her for a loop just over six months ago and now it seemed it was doing so again.

"Ziva you okay?" McGee watched her thump her head against her desk unsure what had caused her to do so. She looked frustrated but at the same time there was a smile on her face. Tony looked at him and he knew he was wondering the same thing.

"I am fine, I just have a lot on my mind and I am tired." She watched both men smirk and stuck out her tongue at them. "Do not say it." They only smiled harder and she picked up two wadded up pieces of paper and threw them in their direction.

Tony ducked and laughed, an eraser sailed from McGee's direction and he watched Ziva bob and weave like a boxer. He picked up a rubber band and shot it her way, watching it snap the edge of her shoulder. She gave him a glare of retaliation and he found himself on the receiving end of highlighter coming at him like a cruise missile. He didn't move quite fast enough and felt the cool slide of ink across his cheek.

"Hey now not the face." He looked around for something to retaliate with, saw McGee hold up his mouse pad as a shield as she grabbed another marker. Opening a drawer he found what he was looking for, he only pulled it out on special occasions but now called for it. Loading the plastic darts he aimed the nerf gun and fired. He should have looked before he fired and he might have noticed that the volley of darts hit not only his intended target but Gibbs as well. Any other time seeing Gibbs with a plastic orange dart stuck to his forehead might have been hilarious but as he swallowed hard all he could think of was the hours of paperwork he was about to have handed to him.

Ziva watched Gibbs pull the plastic dart off, saw the near terror in both Tony and McGee watched them point to her and in unison utter "She started it." And lost it. She laughed and couldn't stop. Leaning against her desk she had to hold her stomach she was laughing so hard. When the three men looked at her as though she were crazy she laughed even harder, almost falling out of her chair.

Gibbs couldn't fight the smile as he watched Ziva nearly collapse from laughing so hard. He had to admit it was pretty funny, both Tony and McGee had bright orange stripes on their faces, paper and erasers were littered about and Ziva had a red mark from what he guessed was Tony's perfect accuracy with rubber bands.

Tony ignored Ziva who was finally getting her laughter under control and looked at Gibbs. "Sorry boss, I guess we had a moment." He watched Gibbs shake his head and point to the mess.

"Clean up your mess before you get detention." Next to him Ziva giggled again but came out from behind her desk and started gathering paper.

Tony moved around picking up far more plastic darts than he remembered firing. Following the trail he found some behind Ziva's desk, around her chair and even one next to her purse. As he grabbed it he saw a flat square box with a ribbon around it on top of her purse. Gibbs was written across the top; with a sly smile he grabbed it. When he found Ziva at the midway point between their two desks he grinned at her and held up the present. "What have we here Officer David…. A present? Is it an anniversary or is this just because…."

Ziva saw the box in Tony's hand and felt all the mirth drain out of her. Her breathing came fast and hard and she tried desperately to reach for it as he held it above them. "Tony I swear."

Tony missed the true desperation in her voice as he worked hard to keep her from grabbing back the box. "It has Gibbs' name on it, hmmm. Maybe I'll just.." he never finished his sentence the head smack stopped him mid thought. Gibbs snatching the present from his hands had him sobering instantly. "Sorry boss." Only then did he see the faint whisper of fear in Ziva's eyes. She worked to hide it but the way she was staring at the present in Gibbs hands made him wish he'd left it alone.

Gibbs had seen the alarm on Ziva's face the moment she'd recognized what Tony had in his hands. When Tony had announced it was for him and her expression had gotten even more alarmed he'd stepped in. His intention at first had been to give it back to her. But when the look on her face moved back and forth between happiness and fear his curiosity won out.

"You should wait to open that till later, I wasn't sure when I was going to give it to you." Ziva already knew he had no intention of waiting. Her palms were damp and she bit her lip trying to quell her nerves. Standing in the middle of NCIS was not how she had hoped to do this but it was sort of fitting all things considered.

Gibbs stared at the box; it was nearly flat, about four inches by six with a simple bow around it. Pulling the ribbon off he let it drop to the ground and lifted the lid. He recognized what was inside instantly and as his hand started to shake he reached inside while looking at her.

McGee glanced at Tony saw that he looked equally confused. As she watched Gibbs slip off the ribbon he watched Ziva twisting her fingers behind her back and realized he'd never seen her this nervous before.

Tony actually felt bad for teasing Ziva. Whatever was in that box was obviously important. As Gibbs lifted the lid he decided important was an understatement. Gibbs looked at Ziva with shock and he almost thought he saw Gibbs' hand shake.

Gibbs looked at the black and white printed photograph and felt his heart stutter. There in perfect 3D definition was his child, perfectly formed limbs, fingers, toes and the sweetest face. He couldn't speak just stared at the tiny human for a very long time. Glancing at the due date printed in the upper corner he did some mental counting and realized she was somewhere around fourteen weeks. "How long did you know."

Ziva took in a deep breath. "I did not. I swear. I do not always…" she let her words trail off and saw him nod in understanding. She was not going to discuss her cycle or often times lack thereof in the squad room.

"So not the Dentist then." He saw her close her eyes and shake her head.

Tony glanced at McGee again frowning as he did not following the conversation. Then he watched Gibbs smile only this was a smile he'd never seen before, ever. Gibbs lit up like a Christmas tree, staring at Ziva as though she had given him the best gift ever.

Ziva felt that smile in every part of her and it washed away the doubt that had been nagging at her since she'd found out that morning that she was carrying his child. A general feeling of unwell had led her to her doctor, the last things he'd expected was to find out she was almost four months pregnant. To say she had been shocked was an understatement. Even as shocked as she had been he was equally amazed and excited, now watching Gibbs look like a kid at Christmas she could fully enjoy the news.

Gibbs looked at the picture again and traced the small body with his finger. "Hell of a gift Ziva." Glancing from the picture to her and then the guys he silently asked her what he should do next.

Ziva drew in a breath and nodded. "There is no point in waiting to tell anyone." She hadn't thought it possible but he smiled even wider and the pride that worked its way into his posture had her smiling as well.

Gibbs stepped between the guys' desks and waited for them to step closer. His pulse picked up when they looked down into the box feeling a pride he hadn't known in years.

Tony stared at the ultrasound photo surprise hitting him at the same time it did McGee. He and the probie looked at each other first and then Gibbs. They both smiled at the chest puffing pride on Gibbs face. "Way to go Boss."

"Congratulations you two." McGee stepped forward to give Ziva a quick hug while Tony talked with Gibbs.

"I'm guessing you weren't expecting this?" Tony heard the slight snort Gibbs made.

"Ya think." Gibbs couldn't seem to take his eyes off the photo. He'd never thought he'd be a father again but there in his hand was proof that life gave you another chance if you were lucky enough.


Ziva had been shocked when Gibbs had taken them home early for the day. Only an hour after opening his gift they were home and she had to admit she was again a little nervous.

"Ziva did you think I wouldn't be happy about the baby?" he loved the way she nibbled at her lower lip, and even the way she frowned slightly.

"Not completely to be honest I didn't know what to think. I am still in shock. I really didn't suspect a thing. I have not had any morning sickness as you know, and I often go without a cycle for months at a time so that was not even a clue. But I have been very tired." She saw him nod in agreement. "Add to that the weight I've gained. That is why I went to the doctor."

Gibbs smiled only Ziva would worry about the very minimal few pounds she'd gained. He'd noticed the slight change in her figure, she was more voluptuous in all the right places, but it had never occurred to him why. "You look good Ziva. Is everything ok since you didn't know?"

Ziva nodded. "Since I eat healthy, take vitamins and as you know alcohol has not been high on my list lately the doctor said everything is fine. The baby is healthy." He was looking at the picture again the love already on his face was all the reassurance she needed. "If I think about it now I should have picked up on some of the clues but I did not."

Gibbs nodded and set the picture in front of them on the coffee table. On the couch he drew her into his lap, letting his hand rest against her stomach. "I'm a damn lucky man Ziva."

"Only as lucky as me Jethro. I never thought I could be this happy." The warmth of his hand against her skin was stirring feelings of both desire and being cherished. The mix of the two had her snuggling into him.

"I have a gift for you two not as exciting as yours but I'm hoping you'll like it." She pulled back still in his lap watching him struggle with his pocket.

Ziva watched him offer her a small box and new instantly what was inside. It was her turn to shake, her body trembling slightly as she took it from him.

"Before you start thinking this is because of the baby, think again. I've had that for over a week just hadn't found the right time. I was hoping you'd say yes."

Ziva opened the box, biting her lip at the squeak of the hinge. She knew of course he had to be telling the truth, he hadn't had the time or left her side since finding out about the baby. That knowledge made her insides warm and mushy. Looking in the cushion of velvet she found perfection. Not diamonds, not gold but the simplicity of a silver band. More likely it was platinum but still she understood exactly why he'd chosen this particular ring. A strip of silver backed by a band of black.

Gibbs cleared his throat hoping like held he'd chosen the right ring. "I don't want to jsut be engaged to you Ziva, I want to be married. What we have doesn't need adornment and neither do you. And I remembered what you said…"

Ziva smiled remembering her words from their first night together. "Yes Jethro. It reminds me of you of us. Black sheets and you lying against them, it is more than perfect it is exactly something I would have chosen."

He watched her pull it from the velvet and took it from her trembling fingers. "I thought about diamonds, or other stones but I saw this and I knew that it was..us. So is that a yes?" his blue eyes found hers waiting for the answer he already saw in her eyes.

"Yes Jethro, absolutely yes." She felt him slide the ring on her finger, heard the whisper in her ear.

"Tomorrow Ziva, we get married tomorrow." He expected a protest of some kind; instead she captured his mouth with hers. It was a brief kiss but enough to fire his blood and made him itch to take her upstairs.

Ziva nipped at his ear and agreed. "Tomorrow." As they settled next to each other on the couch he reached forward and grabbed the ultrasound photo.

Gibbs looked over the information on the photo, thinking how right it would be when her name read Gibbs rather than David. Then he noticed the due date again, before it had been just a number to figure out how far along she was. As he read the numbers the perfection of the date had him grinning.

"A Christmas baby, huh."

Ziva savored the pride that was on his face as he looked at their baby. "Yes the baby is due December 24th, I thought it was fitting."

Gibbs held her even tighter. "I think it's going to be another perfect Christmas."

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