Title: I Love Leonard

Author: lovepass77

Rating: T, but this story could turn M later depends on what feels right for it and fun.

Genre: Humor/Romance

Summary: This is my first real L/P fanfic. I usually write about the SHAMY, but I want to try writing a story focused on the other main characters of the show. This one is also based on some very funny classic episodes of the I Love Lucy Show, one of my all time favorite shows. This is the story of what happens when Penny and Leonard decide to switch jobs with each other and lots of crazy antics ensue.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They all belong to CBS and Chuck Lorre.

Chapter 1: The Job Switching

Penny sits in her apartment on a Friday night drinking red wine while talking with her girlfriends Amy and Bernadette after a hard busy day working at the Cheesecake Factory.

Penny: "I love Leonard, but that boy he just doesn't know what I go through all day. I mean being a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory is the worst. My new boss is such a hard ass, let me tell you. And don't even get me started on the customers. They are so rude and I rarely get to take a day off. The pay is terrible and the uniforms are so ugly. I really need to find a new job."

Amy chimes in eager to give her two cents on the subject.

Amy: "I know how you feel, today in the lab one of our coke addicted monkeys got loose and he tried to hump me from behind."

Bernadette and Penny both grimace with disgust at the thought of being attacked by a monkey like that.

Bernadette: "That's horrible, what did you do?"

Amy: "Oh I let him finish. That was the most action I've had in the lab since I volunteered for an experiment to induce orgasms through stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain."

Both Penny and Bernadette shake their heads at her even more disturbed to hear that she actually enjoyed being humped by an animal. Penny goes back to complaining about her job until Leonard comes into her apartment to ask her for something.

Leonard: "Hey, Penny can I borrow some butter… Sheldon got his head stuck in another hole."

Penny puts down her glass of wine on her coffee table and groans in annoyance.

Penny: "Really….AGAIN? God, what is wrong with him?"

She gets up from the couch and heads to her fridge to pull out some butter.

Leonard: "My theory is who ever tested Sheldon later got his license revoked by the state."

Amy: "I just wish he'd get his head stuck in my hole."

Bernadette looks at Amy with a mixed facial reaction of "Ewwww." and "Not now Amy." But, Amy is too horny right now to care much.

Leonard: "So what have you girls been talking about?"

Bernadette: "Mostly, about how much Penny hates working at the Cheesecake Factory. I know it's pretty bad there that's why I quit."

Penny walks over to the door and hands Leonard a bar of cold butter still wrapped up so that he can use it to pry Sheldon's head out.

Leonard: "Oh come on, it can't be that bad. I wouldn't mind working around other people all day. Being in the lab all by myself can get pretty lonely."

Penny: "Leonard, you have no idea what's it like working with the public. Why they're animals and when it's feeding time they go nuts.

Amy suddenly chimes in again this time even louder than before because she has had too much wine to drink so she doesn't realize how totally off topic and loud she's getting.

Amy: "I LOVE NUTS! Especially, the Brazilian kind they're just scrumdiddlyumptious."

They all pause to look at her for a second then Penny continues whining to Leonard.

Penny: "Plus, you haven't met my new boss, Lydia. She's the worst. It's like she's got her head permanently stuck in her own hole."

Leonard: "Wow, Penny if it's really so awful for you, why don't you take a couple of days off? Come hang with me in my lab…I can wear that black underwear you bought me again.

He slyly smiles at her hoping she'll take him up on his offer for sex. But, Amy frowns at the both of them still feeling sorry for herself that she hasn't been able to convince Sheldon to have sex with her in a lab yet.

Amy: "Oh yeah…rub in it you guys! It's not bad enough I had to spend the day watching a bunch of addicted monkeys jerk off."

Penny rolls her eyes at Amy then turns back to Leonard.

Penny: "I'd love to take some time off, but I really need the money maybe if I could get someone to fill in for me. But, I don't know who would."

Leonard sighs as he thinks about it. He wants to help Penny out so he makes another suggestion.

Leonard: "Alright, how about we switch. I'll go work at the Cheesecake factory and you can vacation in my laboratory for a few days."

Penny: "Really, you'd do that for me?"

Leonard: "Sure, just as long as you give me a kiss…and uh..."SAY THAT THING"…..again."

Penny: "What thing?"

Leonard: "You know… "THAT THING"….I promise I won't cry this time."

She suddenly remembers exactly what it is that he wants her to say to him, but she's not sure if he is ready to take over her job just yet.

Penny: "I don't know ….do you really think you can handle my job for a whole week, Leonard?"

Leonard: "Oh of course I can. Taking orders, handing people their food, mixing drinks so not a problem. I'll do your job for the week and you can do mine. So have we got a deal?"

Bernadette smiles as she nods at Penny indicating that she thinks it sounds like a nice offer and that Penny should probably take him up on it. So Penny finally smiles at her boyfriend then she kisses Leonard sweetly while batting her eyelashes.

Penny: ""Thanks Leonard…I love you."

Amy and Bernadette grin when they hear Penny say this to him… they both yell out at the same time…."Oooooo…Oooooo…wooooo," like gossipy little school girls.

Leonard smiles at her too, very happy and turned on that Penny is finally willing to admit her true feelings to him even in front of their friends. But, Penny is just glad she gets to take some time off work.

Penny: "This is going to be sooooo great….a whole week of just goofing off in a science lab and no waitressing. I can't wait!"

She grins happily until Leonard hands her back the butter she just gave to him.

Leonard: "Here, you're going to need this. Oh and try not to get any inside his ears otherwise he'll make you clean them out for him and give you a long lecture about ear infections."

Penny: "Wait, what?"

Leonard: "Part of my job is taking care of Sheldon you know that, it's in the roommate agreement and President Seibert pays me a little extra under the table to keep Sheldon away from him at work. So now it's your turn."

Penny stares at him still a little confused by this because she didn't see it coming. Amy and Bernadette immediately start giggling when they realize Penny just got duped. Soon Penny realizes that she may have just made a horrible mistake in trading her job for a whole week of dealing with Sheldon.

Penny: "Oh crap on a cracker!"

Leonard: "Have Fun!"

He pats her on the shoulder and she sighs with aggravation. Penny grumpily grabs her car keys and heads out to go pry Sheldon's head out of a hole in the university cafeteria. Leonard grins as she leaves and plops himself down on her couch glad that he doesn't have to deal with Sheldon's unusual craziness anymore this week.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading my new story and stay tuned for lots more silly and sexy fun coming up for this couple. Also, feel free to share in the comment section some of your favorite I Love Lucy moments because I plan to incorporate several fun ones into this story.