I really wish more people would write "Bared to You" fanfics! I am also so anxious for the 3rd book to come out. This one-shot is from Gideon's POV after his and Eva's breakup and what he feels when he sees her.

Gideon's POV

There she was. Her looks had changed due to a recent haircut and makeover, but I could pick out her beautiful body and soul from a mile away. I sat alone in a black leather chair drinking hard liquor on the upper level of a club that Eva was partying at with Cary. The inside balcony overlooked the dance floor. I was still in my black suit with a white button up, but had removed my tie in the car ride over. I unbuttoned the top couple buttons, trying to cease myself from thinking of her hands undoing the rest of them.

I downed the rest of my drink just in time for a waiter to come by and hand me another and I needed it after the hell it has been, being away from her. Until the whole Nathan business was over, I couldn't risk being seen with her in public. The media had to believe and get proof that Corinne and I were together and it nearly killed me to see Eva so disgruntled and hurt. I also knew that her reaction had to be real. She had to believe that I was actually seeing Corinne or else the whole plan could fall through when she had to talk to the cops.

The DJ started playing a song with a heavy bass, which automatically caused everybody on the dance floor to start grinding to it, including Eva and Cary. I knew that they were just friends, but the sight of him moving his hands all over that little black dress that encased her perfect body made me jealous as hell.

Her recently highlighted and shoulder length hair was styled messily to take on a sexy and wild look. With the smoky eye-shadow, dark eyeliner, and mascara, as well as her bright red lipstick and matching nails, she looked dangerous. This new Eva was just as hot as her other looks, but something about this dangerously confident look made her seem untamed and wild and I liked it.

She turned around so her back was to Cary's chest, moving her ass against his front while his hands rested on her hips. She ran her slender fingers through her hair slowly, letting the shorter strands fall in front of her face, giving her this feral and savage look. How I wanted to go onto that dance floor and tame that woman.

I rose to my feet when I noticed Cary whisper something into Eva's ear and then made their way off the dance floor. Ignoring the longing glances from various women, who were beautiful to say the least, I followed mine. I got into the driver's seat of my Mercedes, knowing that Eva hadn't ever seen it before, right after her and Cary took a cab. I followed the taxi until it pulled up in front of their apartment building. I parked on the side of the street, watching as Eva left my sight once again. Taking a deep breath, I went home, to face another night without her by my side.

The next morning went just as dreadful as the night before. I woke up alone, took a shower alone, and made one cup of coffee. I preferred to drink it black, but I put her hazelnut creamer and sugar in it anyways because I missed her that much.

When I got to work, I put on the façade of power and confidence although I didn't feel any of that without Eva. As I pushed through the revolving door in the front of the Crossfire, I noticed that familiar, sweet ass. The clicking of her red high heels against the black marble floors made me automatically speed up my pace. I had to get on that elevator with her. She had on high waist pinstripe pants with a bright red leather belt and a white blouse. I stepped into the elevator just before the door closed. I could hear her breath quicken. I took a brief moment to glance over my shoulder and look at her. She undoubtedly was suffering from a massive hangover, but I knew that she only drank excessively when she needed to cover up pain…the pain I caused. When the elevator arrived at her floor, she walked past me and I let her. She turned around to look at me just as the doors closed, leaving me longing for the woman who I once held so close, but was now so far.

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