Chapter 15

Before the group could find a place to rest, night had crept its way in. The trio settled for setting up a small campfire and sleeping around it, hoping to get used to the outside once more.

Once the dew had made its way into the morning, and the sun shone over the hills, the group, one by one, woke up. Zero made the group breakfast, and they were quickly on there way once more.

They walked on the Route 4's path until they reached a crossroad. One way would lead them to Blanche Lake, while the other pointed in the direction of their next Gym Battle.

"I really want to get a move on with our Gym Challenge…" Kade opined.

"But water…" Zayna whined.

Zero sighed. "That's a horrible argument. We already agreed on the lake. I think it'd be a good idea for us to let Poliwag and Corphish chill in the water."

"And I'll only be able to bond with Carvanha when we're by a body of water," Zayna added.

"So, it's two to one," Zero said with a smug smile on his face.

"I wanted to go!" Kade snapped. "I just was stating that I can't wait for our gym battle!"

The group continued left, hoping to get a good look at the lake by nighttime. They knew that morning was the best time to see it. All trainers in Canopus were advised to have their Pokémon drink the water. It was said to give them enhanced powers.

That was just a rumor though. It was proven to help cleanse the body and take away pains. But was it really mystical enough to enhance a Pokémon's powers? There was only one way to find out.

"Rock…paper…scissors…shoot!" the twins cried, throwing in their hands. It was the only thing they could do to waste time.

"Damnit! You win again!" Kade complained.

Zero sighed. "I only use rock… I'm too lazy to use any other one."

"How am I suppose to believe that?! You can't be that lazy!"

"Hold on!" a familiar voice screamed out. It tore away the twins' attention from each other and now to finding the source. Thea burst from the trees from the side, two small Pokémon running from her.

"Thea!" Zero cried happily.

"Zero?" Thea wondered, stopping. "Kade? What are you doing here?"

"We're heading to Blanche Lake!" Kade said happily.

Zero felt a tug on his pants and looked down. The two Pokémon that were running away from Thea were hiding behind the twins.

"Whoa…" he muttered, surprised by the appearance by the two Pokémon.

"A Plusle and Minun?" Zayna wondered. "But wait! They're black and white!"

She was right. Instead of the normal coloration of Plusle and Minun, these Pokémon were black and white. Minun's body was completely black, his ears, tail, and arms white. To top it off, the dashes on his cheeks were blue. Plusle was the exact opposite. His body, colored white, was tipped off with black ears. The crosses on his cheeks were red.

"That's weird…" Kade mumbled.

"Exactly! That's why I'm chasing them!" Thea squealed. "That, and they're so cute!"

"It doesn't look like they don't want to be caught," Zero said with frown.

Minun shook his head and climbed onto Zero's shoulder. Plusle smiled and made his way onto Kade's head.

"By you…" Kade said with a laugh.

"What? No! That's unfair!" Thea yelled.

Plusle laughed and stuck out his tongue at Thea. She blushed and clenched her fists.

"That's it! I want those Pokémon! Battle me for them!" She demanded.

"But…" Zero mumbled. But Minun and Plusle answered for them. They jumped down and stroke a fighting pose.

"I guess we're battling!" Kade laughed. He scanned over Plusle, learning all of his moves.

"C'mon out, Aipom and Minccino!"

"This battle will be for the odd Plusle and Minun. If Thea defeats the twins, she may capture the rare Pokémon," Zayna explained. She threw out her Battle Box, creating a hologram outline of a battlefield.

"Okay, Minun, start with Helping Hand!"

"You too!" Kade yelled. The two Electric Pokémon held each other's hands and chanted at each other.

"They are too cute!" Thea chimed. "But, I have to defeat them! Double Swift!" Thea's two Normal types jumped in the air, swinging their tails forward. Tiny star shaped beams launched at Plusle and Minun.

"Dodge!" The twin Pokémon spread apart, dodging the Swift by zigzagging around the holographic battlefield.

"Dig, Minccino, Dig!" Thea shouted. Minccino dove head first into the ground, disappearing. Aipom, seeing the Swift did its job, jumped back to the ground. "Fury Swipes!" While the last of the star beams landed, Aipom lunged forward with short claws that lengthened as she got closer to Minun. He jumped in the air to dodge a beam, and Aipom tackled him out of the air, scratching him everywhere.

"Plus!" Plusle cried. The Pokémon charged Aipom, but the Minccino launched herself from underground, smashing into Plusle. Plusle shot up, and ran towards Minun.

"Spark!" The twins yelled. Plusle, while running, blasted a small shot of red electricity at Aipom while the monkey-like Pokémon was shocked into the air by Minun's blue electricity. Aipom rolled on the ground, recouping with Minccino in front of their trainer.

"Agility to get in front of them, Aipom," Thea ordered. Kade had an idea.

"Encore!" Plusle looked at Aipom as she sprinted around the field. Plusle clapped his hands loudly, encouraging Aipom to keep going.

"Aipom is out of the question now," Zero said. "Thunder Wave quick!" Minun leaped through the air, releasing a blue wave of electricity that shocked Minccino to her core. The Pokémon took two steps forward before being completely paralyzed.

"Kade, let's finish this," Zero said. Kade nodded. The Plusle and Minun ran at each other, grabbing each other's hands.

"Spark!" The two Electric Pokémon turned back to back while holding each other's hands. Their tails sparked together, connecting their electricity. Tiny sparks of electricity popped out of their pouches on their cheeks.

"Their ability is Plus and Minus. That means that when they are together their electricity is more powerful than ever," Zero explained. As Aipom ran around the field and Minccino was stuck in place, the two electric mice-like Pokémon spun in place rapidly. Purple electricity shot everywhere. The trainers had to duck out of the way to dodge the powerful electricity. The ground began to crack because of the powerful attack. Aipom and Minccino were blasted back to their trainer, landing unconsciously.

"We win!" Kade cheered. Plusle and Minun stopped spinning, falling flat on their faces.

"They are dizzy," Zayna giggled.

Zero grabbed ahold of Minun. "You did great!"


Minun looked around, smiling. He leaped out of his arms and landed on Zero's head.

Plusle tugged on Kade's pants and ran up his leg. He nuzzled his nose into Kade's cheek, making the trainer laugh.

"Aw… But I wanted them," Thea whined.

"Sorry, Thea," Zero apologized. He thought for a minute and got an idea. "Hey, why don't you join us?"

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Lake Blanche," Zayna interjected. She pushed herself in front of Kade.

"I guess I can use a small break from training," Thea replied. "I'll go with you!"

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