All the world turns to stare at him.

Purple smoke boils out of the well and rolls across his skin, electricity and oxygen and life. It hits him with the force of crashing wave, with the inevitability of the rising tide, with the speed of a river forced through rapids. It tastes so potent, both new and familiar; a jolt of adrenaline like a stent directly to the brain-stem; a heady rush that has his most basic of instincts leaping for joy; a breath of fresh air that makes the colours burst to life before his eyes and fills his muscles with raw power.

He staggers momentarily. He grabs the edge of the well (stones rough beneath his fingers), grips his cane (warm gold handle and smooth black wood), closes his fingers gently around Belle's arm (soft and real and pulsating with life) to steady himself. All around him, the world screams.

(He is a bright star in a black hole.)

It pulls at him from all directions like a beggar after gold. It threatens to tear him apart. It longs for what he now possesses in spades.

(He is the Dark One and he is Rumplestiltskin and every nerve alights with blazing purple fire.)

Magic speaks to him like a lover. It whispers, seductive in his ear, spooling the future out before him like a kite on a string. It is his confidant, his provider, his strength and his courage. The tingle of healing fingertips and the roar of a blazing fireball in his palm. The whirling unstoppable force that drains the blood from Belle's already-pale face, even as it whips his heartbeat into a frenzy.

(He is the first man in millennia to exist in this world and possess this power.)

And if he wanted to he could run, he could dance, he could sweep Belle up in his arms because she remembers him and she's alive and together they can find Bae find Bae find Bae.

If he wanted to, he could rule the world.

Magic is back.

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