Hey guys I know this isn't Bleached Maoh but I'm taking a request from someone on deviantart named northernmost she is an Aizen/Orihime fan. If you want me to write a story for you let me know.

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It was a quiet day in Karakura High School. A man with slick back brown hair and brown eyes wearing a suit and tie was looking at a girl with long wavy waist-length burnt orange hair with blue hair clips in her hair she also had grey eyes. The girl had a very slender yet curvaceous figure with large breast. She was talking to her friends about weird things. He smirked and thought to himself, 'Yes she is perfect~'

He was about to walk to his classroom but got stopped by a girl who had short dirty blonde hair with hazel eyes she wore the standard high school girl uniform she also had a big blush, "H-how are you today Aizen-sensei?"

"I'm good Eri-san, what about you?" Aizen asked as he smiled at the blushing girl named Eri.

"I-I'm good," Eri stuttered out as she ran away to her group of friends who were waiting for her who also had blushes.

Aizen smirked as he walked into the classroom waiting for his students to come back from lunch. The bell rang for everyone to come back. Aizen watched as the girl that he was staring at earlier walked in along with some of her friends. Aizen waited till everyone sat down and took roll. He finally got to girl's name who he had been watching earlier, "Orihime Inoue-san."

"Here," the girl now known as Orihime said with a blush while raising her hand. Aizen nods as he writes her name down and goes back to calling the other not important names.

Aizen handed out test papers to everyone making everyone groan, "I hope you all studied." Everyone worked on their quizzes as Aizen sat down and watched to make sure there were no cheaters. Aizen didn't like cheaters only he was allowed to cheat.

Aizen noticed a boy with medium-long brown that flips outward with brown eyes named Keigo Asano was looking over another boy with straight chin-length raven-colored hair framing both sides of his face with blue eyes wears glasses named Uryu Ishida. "Asano-san, how is your test coming along so far?" Aizen asked with a smile that said, 'I know what you're doing so stop'.

Everyone looked at Keigo, "I-it's going good Aizen-sensei," Keigo stuttered out nervously as he quit looking over Uryu's back as everyone went back to their tests. Aizen pulled out a book and read waiting for everyone to finish.

Uryu walked up first and handed his test to Aizen who took it. After a while everyone finished their tests and turned them in Aizen started grading them as the bell rang. "You'll get your test back tomorrow everyone."

Everyone nods as they get up and leave the class Orihime was the last one to leave Aizen took his chance, "Inoue-san you're grades are getting better."

"Oh thanks Aizen-sensei," Orihime said with a smile as she walked up to Aizen's desk.

Aizen stood up grabbing his papers and put them in a bag, "Would you like me to take you home?"

"Oh would you Aizen-sensei!" Orihime said as she smiled at Aizen.

"I don't mind I have nowhere to run to yet," Aizen said as he led her out of the classroom and out of the school and to his car and thought, 'Yes keep saying my name. I love it when you say it~'

"I'll treat you to some homemade curry with bananas and chocolate," Orihime said happily as Aizen led her to his car.

'That sounds nasty,' Aizen thought with a sweat drop trying to imagine Orihime cooking that and almost got sick. 'Better not lose my cool.'

Aizen turned around making Orihime stop before crashing into Aizen, "Aizen-sensei whats wrong?

Aizen's eyes turned red as Orihime stared at them and became frozen but she could still move her eyes. Aizen smiled as he should his fangs walked around Orihime who's eyes became frightened, "You know what I am don't you~"

Aizen stood in front of Orihime as he caressed her cheek making her more scared. Aizen chuckled, "You're beautiful when you're scared."

"L-let…me…" Orihime managed to get out as Aizen put her to sleep with his powers and put her in the back and got in the car.

Aizen smirked as he drove off, "Yes I have my Hime now."


So what did you guys think? I know its short but oh well. And yes I did paragraphs isn't that cool. My sister was very surprised that I wrote paragraphs.