Hey guys, here is Chapter 3 of The Vampire's Hime. This is still is still an Aizen/Orihime story. Just so you guys know this is going to be lemon chapter and this is also the last chapter.

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Orihime woke again that day and noticed Aizen was sitting in chair reading a book. Aizen looked up and smiled as he got up, "Hello my Hime."

"A-Aizen-sensei, why did you kidnap me?" Orihime asked as she sat up frightened.

Aizen walked over to Orihime and caressed her cheek, "I wanted you as my queen, and you are the most beautiful student that I have seen all my life."

Orihime moved away from the hand as she blushed. Aizen pushed Orihime on the bed as he got on top of her as he kissed her neck. "D-don't do this Aizen-sensei," Orihime said as tears formed in her eyes.

"You are mine, so I can do whatever I want," Aizen said as he kissed her on the lips.

Orihime blushed as she pushed him away as she yelled slightly, "I-I don't want you to do this!"

"You will soon," Aizen said as he grabbed Orihime's hands and tied them to the bed railing. Orihime starts jerking her hands away at the railing forgetting about Aizen.

Aizen reached down and undid Orihime's uniform showing her breast's covered in fasten in front bra. Aizen undid the bra showing her big breasts. Aizen leaned down and licks her breasts. "Aah~" Orihime moans as Aizen licks her breasts.

Aizen smirks as he keeps licking Orihime's breasts listening to her moan. Aizen moves one of his hands to her other breast and starts messaging. Orihime keeps moaning as her nipples harden. Aizen leans down and starts sucking her breast while his hand pulls on Orihime's nipple. Orihime lets tears fall as she shakes her head. Aizen goes to the other breast as he starts sucking on it. Orihime throws her head back as she moans more.

Aizen sits up as he kisses Orihime on the lips. Orihime kisses back panting slightly. Aizen licks Orihime's lips as he messages her breasts. Orihime moans as she opens her mouth for Aizen. Aizen sticks his tongue in Orihime's mouth as he keeps messaging her breasts. Orihime moans into the kiss as Aizen explores Orihime's mouth. Aizen breaks the kiss as they both need air.

Orihime starts panting as Aizen removes her skirt showing off her pink underwear making her blush. Aizen pulls off Orihime's underwear as reaches her entrance. He lifts his hand back up showing off the cum in his hand, "I've already gotten you to cum, my Hime~"

Orihime blushes as she looked away. Aizen sticks one finger inside Orihime. Orihime jerks slightly at the finger inside her. Aizen moves his finger around as he sends another finger in as he thrusts inside. Orihime moans as she moves her hips with Aizen's fingers. Aizen sticks a third finger in as he searches for her pleasure spot. Orihime arches her back as she moans in pleasure. Aizen takes his fingers out as he licks them in front of Orihime. Aizen noticed Orihime wanting to say something, "What do you want to say to me, Hime?"

"I-I want you inside me," Orihime said with a blush as she watches Aizen lick his fingers.

"Of course, my Hime~" Aizen said as he got undressed showing his erection off. Orihime stared at it with widened eyes. Aizen notices Orihime's stare, "What do you think?"

"It's big," Orihime said as her blush deepened. Aizen chuckles as he put his member near her entrance sticking it in. Aizen thrusts slowly inside Orihime. Orihime moans at the thrusts. Aizen keeps thrusting as he as leans down and kisses Orihime roughly on the lips. Orihime moans as she kisses back.

Aizen goes a little faster inside hitting Orihime's spot. Orihime moaned in pleasure as, "F-faster~" Aizen nods as he starts going faster hitting Orihime's spot. Orihime keeps moaning pleasure as her spot is reached each time. Aizen gave on last thrust inside Orihime and released his seed inside her as she moaned his name, "Aizen~"

Aizen removed his member from inside Orihime as he lay beside her and tied her arms from the bed. Orihime wrapped her arms Aizen as she kissed him, "I-I love Aizen-sensei."

"I love you to Hime-chan~" Aizen said as he kissed Orihime back as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Aizen-sensei will you do me a favor," Orihime said as she leaned closer to Aizen, her breasts against his chest.

"What is it Hime-chan?" Aizen asked as he rubbed waist.

"Will you turn me into a vampire?" Orihime asked as she kissed Aizen's cheek.

"Are you sure Hime-chan?" Aizen asked already knowing the answer as he kissed Orihime back.

"Y-yes I want to spend all my life with you." Orihime said as she smiled at Aizen. Aizen nods as he draws his fangs and punctures into Orihime's neck as he gives his blood to her and turned her.

"You do realize you will never grow old, staying the same," Aizen said as he kissed her.

"Understand the consequence," Orihime said as she kissed back as she started getting tired. "I love you Aizen-sensei."

"I love you to Hime-chan, now get some sleep," Aizen said as he laid Orihime down on the bed. Orihime nodded as she fell asleep. Aizen watched as he fell asleep after Orihime.


Well that's the end of the story I hoped you liked it. I don't think I did a good job on the lemon scene it was my first time doing this by myself. I mostly do them by role play. Well let me know how I did.