Chapter 1

See you tomorrow, my house at 6 - S

Ever since Brittany had gotten into the Cheerios with Santana 2 years ago the pair had been inseparable. They spent weekends together, talked about boys together and even went as each others dates for parties.

As friends of course.

It would have been pretty awkward for the pair if they weren't such good friends, they live completely opposite one another on a street in Lima, Ohio. And when I say opposite, I mean opposite. The two could literally see through the window of the others.

Open the curtains in the morning, there's your best friend waiting for you to take her to school in your Audi Q7. Some may have found it tedious to be with your friend 24/7, Brittany and Santana just thought of it as simply making their bond wider.

That's why when Brittany told Santana about her little condition in 7th Grade, the Latina didn't even bat an eye. In fact, she took her in with open arms if anyone didn't approve.

Just more of Brittany to love.

Only six people knew about Brittany's extra appendage, Mom, Dad, Santana, Mr Lopez, Mrs Lopez and Sue Sylvester. The parents of Santana didn't think it was possible; but reacted just like Santana when they were told. When Sue was notified she made a special order to her provider for a special pair of spanks to be made for Brittany, to make her feel more welcome on the squad without her being welcomed in a entirely different -much less friendly- way.

After seeing each other in the Cheerios showers half of the time after practice and changing during sleepovers, they got to know one another's body pretty vividly. It took the dancer some getting used to seeing the Latina close to naked without her friend coming out to say hello. By that I mean it was hard for Brittany not to be hard when she saw her friend in a matching lace bra and panty set. But with time she soon got over it after some heavy masturbating sessions in her room after running track, seeing Santana all sweaty and what not.

Of course Santana didn't know about these but it was a long time away until she would be told.

Brittany felt a little less guilty each time she opened her curtains, and fucked her hand to the sight of Santana sprawled out on her bed doing her home work in her hardly innocent cheerios get up.

Today was no different.

She walked into her bedroom, slamming the door in Lord Tubbington's face on the way in, and opened her floral curtains. Only now she was greeted with something a little different to Santana finishing her bio homework. It was Santana, but Santana with her hair sprawled across her pillow, with her hand between her legs, furiously rubbing her clit, naked as the day she was born.

Brittany instantly grew hard at the sight.

She kept her cool; making sure not to shut the curtains too fast, keeping them open just a tad. She watched as the Latina's breasts jumped every time she thrust into herself with two fingers. She watched as her face scrunched up into the sexiest expression when she was going at her clit with her other hand. She also watched as her friend reached for the box on the edge of her bed and pulled out a purple dildo, pushing that into her tight hole with her dainty fingers pushing it until the whole thing was lost in the sea of Santana.

It was no doubt that she was home alone with the suspected earth shattering moans she was making.

Without further hesitation, Brittany hurriedly pulled down her spanks and unzipped her Cheerios skirt, only to reveal a completely hard 7 inch dick to be standing, with a little bit of pre-cum, ready for attention. Still peeking through her curtains, she began to rub her cock from head to hilt in long strokes. Watching as Santana teased her clit with the fake cock and then pushing it full length into her entrance again and again. Brittany almost came at the sight.

If only that was me, I'd fill her up so good.

Brittany tried to shake herself out of the thoughts but she could already tell that her ministrations on her cock were far too deep to stop, so she carried on. Images began flooding the dancers mind of Santana and her on the Latina's bed, hip to hip, with both of them screaming out in pleasure.

Shaking herself back to reality, Santana was still there, still pushing the dick in and out. Brittany could tell she was close by the face the Latina was making, she looked so hot. And with that, the dancer began to rub harder and faster, wanting to come at the sight of Santana coming. She watched as her friend brought the dildo out of her hole and finished her self off with nothing but her left hand rubbing at her clit.

She palmed her breast with her right hand, groping it as if she was imagining someone else was in the room with her. Brittany couldn't help but imagine Santana wanting the girl to be in the room with her, but she knew that was a long shot.

Only then did Santana open her eyes as she came with her hand between her legs, pushing two fingers into her entrance and her thumb rubbing her hard nub. Her legs shook like an earthquake when she finally let herself go and wander off into euphoria. That's exactly when Brittany let go and let spurts of hot cum cover her thighs and lower stomach as she watched Santana come undone.

She saw her best friend almost lock eyes with Brittany and her heartbeat picked up rapidly when she almost caught her gaze. Thankfully, she prevented being caught red handed when she completely threw herself back onto her floor. As Santana frantically looked around her room as if she felt like she was being watched, only she was met with nothing but the evening darkness and the slight glow of the street light coming in from her window. Brittany just lay still as her hard member slightly softened after her never-ending load finally stopped.

She brought herself down from her post orgasm haze, building up the courage to even peak through her curtains and see if Santana was stood there with a horrified expression on her face. But she only found her self with the same sight Santana had only minutes ago; alone with the yellowish light from the street lamp.

She breathed a sigh of relief for the first time that night.

Her heart sank when her phone vibrated on her bedside table.

B, can we skype? I feel like someone was watching me in my room and I'm home alone -S

When Brittany's heartbeat picked up again when she knew that she hadn't been found out she texted back:

I'm sure it was nothing, but yeah sure I'll be on in like 5 minutes, I need to feed tubbz xo

She gathered some tissues from the box near by on her window ledge and cleaned up her thighs and lower stomach, ridding it of the post-masturbation glow and picked up her laptop, and signed into skype.

"Hey, B" Santana breathed from the other end of the chat.

They talked about anything but their previous activities that night thankfully.

A/N: Hey, this is my first story and I think I want to carry it on, i thought i should write smut. I think this will be 3 chapters long or more I don't know :)