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Chapter 3

Continued on from last chapter...

Once Brittany had ridded her legs and body of her substance she dried herself off and got into her clean cheerios uniform, feeling the guilt bubble back up in her stomach.

She realized that she had just done what she said she wouldn't do after the previous night - and she did it to that same person. The blonde couldn't help but feel ashamed of herself. With the feeling like she was drowning in her own guilt, she packed up her soap and headed of to Geometry. Slinging her backpack off her back and sitting in her seat when she finally got to second period; the teacher never asked why she was late with the fear of having to deal with Sue Sylvester.

After class feeling like it was going on for four hours straight (the truth was that it only had been thirty minutes) her phone vibrated in her bag. Still keeping that awkward eye-contact with the professor she reached into her bag to pull out her phone and read the text. When the teacher turned to write something on the board she brought up the message screen to see that the message was from Santana:

Hey, B, my parents are out this friday for this conference thing, they want me to have a friend sleep so I won't be alone. You up for it? We can watch the lion king ;)

Knowing that she could never turn down a Disney movie she replied with a quick "of course" and threw her phone back in her back pack. Only then did she have time to think about what she was getting herself into, her and her best friend, home alone on her bed with no interruptions.

Brittany started to worry about how the night would go.

When the bell went off she was the first one to be out of class out of her anxiousness, the only thing that was keeping the dancer from quitting on Santana was the fact that it was only Tuesday and she had three days to prepare for their little gathering.

She hurried to her locker and threw her belongings that she didn't need for the rest of the day into it. The blonde had to calm down and breath. The girl almost screamed when her friend came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist - as a sign of affection of course.

"Hey, Britt you good?" Santana questioned when she felt Brittany stiffen when she gripped her friend from the behind.

"Yeah, yeah sure are you cool with Friday?" asked Brittany desperately trying to change the subject. It was unsuccessful when her best friend asked for the main reason why she was being shy lately.

"Yes, B, why wouldn't I be cool? I was the one who organized it remember? Why are you being all stiff around me? You don't have to sleep round if you don't want to-"

"No! I want to it's just that Lord Tubbington isn't eating as much as he used to and I think he might be sad because I've been up in my room too much" Brittany lied, although it wasn't much of a lie, she had been staying up in her room a lot; just for different reasons than what her friend thought.

"Well that is kind of useful, I mean that cat does need a diet..." Santana said when she sensed that the girl was rambling.

"That is true, you weren't lying about lion king though, were you?" Brittany asked the Latina when she wasn't sure if the girl was just using the tempting as a persuasive technique.

"No of course not! We can cuddle and eat chips but I have to go, I have calc next and Mrs Moore gets angry when I'm late" insisted Santana when she saw the doubt in her friends eyes.

"Ok, I'll see you later!" exclaimed Brittany, she watched when Santana waved half-way down the hallway and disappeared around the corner. Leaving Brittany with her thoughts and her biology book.

The rest of the weekdays flew by as normal, she watched Santana in her bedroom window three nights in a row, but only once out of the three did she get off to it - she saw this as an accomplishment.

Friday came by with no warning, when she eventually built up the courage to go through with the offer her friend gave her, she packed a tooth brush, some underwear and some candy to bring for distractions. When she slung her cameo-print back pack over her back ready to make the short walk to the Latina's house, she saw the girl getting changed into her sweats.

Why does she have to be so hot?

Brittany thought to herself when she checked out the brunettes round plump ass and her black thong. She started to worry when she thought that her friend was going to be wearing that under her sweats. Just to her luck, that's exactly what Santana would be wearing under them. Without Brittany's consent, her dick started to get semi-hard in her loose shorts.

It's too late to jack off, oh shit what the fuck am I gonna do? 'Hey San, excuse my hard dick' shit she is gonna freak!

Running around her room she attempted to ware off the erection, trying to think of anything but how awesome Santana's boobs looked in the wife beater she was wearing. Snapping herself out of her daze about boobs, she thought of something to turn her off.

Just when she had finally softened her dick, she looked through her curtains to see Santana looking through her window with a huge smile on her face waving at her to come on over. That girl would be the end of her.

Obviously Brittany complied and rushed out the door, not before saying goodbye to her mom, and crossed the street. She almost got hit by a car the pace that she was running to Santana's, she was so excited about the lion king she couldn't believe that her friend was actually letting her watch it. But then she remembered just why she was going around the Latina's in the first place, they were home alone.

She was eager to find out how the evening would play out.

After finally settling down after they ordered take-out and ate it in her the girls kitchen, they got pretty caught up halfway through the dinner because of a sudden break out of a water fight. Brittany had to take a small time-out other wise she would have got hard over the brunette's wife beater going see-through when she tipped the remaining water from her cup over her. Seeing the girls boobs did things to Brittany, bad things, it really didn't help that she wasn't wearing a bra under the tank top.

They laid down on her silk bed sheets together, cuddling through out the movie, Santana held Brittany when Mufasa died, but the mood slightly lightened when she caught Santana crying too. The blonde's doubts washed out of the window when they both fell asleep in each others arms after a boner-free night.

She smiled when she heard Santana's breathing slow after a few minutes of her spooning her friend from behind. She let herself relax and drift off into a blissful sleep for the first time that night.

Santana woke up in the dark with the TV off, she saw her phone flashing on her bedside table and reached over to it to read her text.

He mija, me anf yor fathr will b gone for the niht see yu tmorow evnin stayin in hotel... -Mom

When she read the text she knew her mother and father would have a hangover when they got home the next day, and she laughed at the thought. She then moved back into her previous spot, snuggling into the front of Brittany moulding perfectly into her.

Brittany was dreaming of Santana, obviously, and how great their sex would be and also how gorgeous she looked in sweats and a tank top, she imagined her abs and how they would feel under her fingers or how awesome the Latina's pussy would feel around her cock. She didn't realize that she was getting hard at these thoughts.

Santana moved her body to get comfortable and she felt something hard prod into her ass so she naturally got up to see what it was. What she wasn't expecting was for Brittany to completely hard and hanging outside of her sleeping bottoms. She eyed the appendage with hungry eyes, but she straight away thought that Brittany wouldn't be happy to wake up and see her friend examining her dick.

"Uh, Britt wake up" Santana said in an unsure voice but still throbbing through her thong.

"Mmmm, yeah" Brittany said whilst shaking the sleep out her eyes and following her friends gaze to her cock.

She panicked and hastily grabbed a pillow or a soft object to cover her erection, but with no success, her friend had clearly already seen her erection, and also had a different reaction to what she had first expected of the brunette. She was in fact eyeing her hard-on with every bit of want that she could find in her body.

"Santana, I am so sorry i'll go if you want-" said the blonde, expecting every insult to be thrown her way of how disgusting and freaky she was. She quickly got up and grabbed half of her belongings before slim fingers grabbed her wrist and tugged her back down on the bed.

"No, don't go, you can't help it, I actually think it's kind of hot." eventually the Latina convinced Brittany to relax, and if she wasn't mistaken the dancer saw her friends eyes darken a few shades.

"I'm sorry, I-I can just go back to sleep and it will go away eventually" stuttered Brittany when she finally let herself believe that she was alright with the hole ordeal.

"Well that can't be comfortable, I can help you out if you want..." suggested Santana with pure lust in her deep brown eyes.

"What do you mean?" Brittany asked when she wasn't sure what her friend was suggesting.

Without a second glance, she decided that it was best to show the girl what she meant by 'helping her out'. She worked the blonde out of her pants and pushed her gently back towards the headboard. She wrapped her hands around Brittany's girth and began to slowly rub the length up and down.

"Woah San what are you doing?" Brittany said, extremely flustered from her friends entire change in demeanor. She sat up from the head board and looked Santana straight in the eye. She was so surprised to see Santana so calm after what she just suggested and currently following through with.

"Calm down, just relax" insisted Santana, pushing Brittany gently back against the headboard. She then lowered her head and licked the shaft of Brittany's dick and continued to rub her up and down in long strokes. Straddling each of Brittany's lower thighs to get better access.

Brittany's eyes shut in complete pleasure after seeing her friends head bob up and down giving her the best head she had got. She let herself relax and just feel. Feel the Latina's warm mouth wrap around the girth of her seven inch cock, feel as her friends tongue licked the tip and then swallowed half of her dick. She lost herself in the sea of Santana, completely drowning in it, she was in heaven.

"S-San, could you maybe, um, take your shirt off?" Brittany added to her moans of pleasure when she didn't feel comfortable being the only exposed person in the room.

Without even giving Brittany a look of confusion or adding a witty remark, she complied and took off her shirt, exposing her perfect round boobs right in front of Brittany's face.

Like magnets, the dancers hands were drawn to her immaculate nipples and began to play with them and roll them between her index finger and thumb. The brunette moaned in pleasure, it was then when the blonde found this as a cue to take the nipple into her mouth and play with it. Not wanting to leave the other one alone, she left one and took in the other; giving just as much attention. As she rolled the nipples with her tongue and took both of her boobs into consideration her friend once again wrapped her hand around Brittany's erection. Both of them were moaning and whimpering at each other's actions.

"Take your sweats off, S" Brittany insisted when she felt the need to feel even closer to her best friend. Santana, as if it were orders from her parents, took them off straight away and revealed a neatly trimmed pussy to Brittany.

Still rubbing her cock, she lead the the appendage to her entrance and teased her clit with the hard member - both of them hissed in pleasure when it met with her heat. As for Brittany, she couldn't believe that the exact thing that she had been dreaming about for the last three months had come true in the speed of lightening.

Santana slowly lowered herself onto her friend, the feeling of being stretched with her friends dick was like no other. When she was half way down the blonde's dick she slid herself back up again with ease as she was so wet from giving Brittany a blow-job. The dancer was in a complete state of inexplicable euphoria; she laid back onto the head board and let Santana ride her with complete trust.

When the brunette lowered herself again - completely down - she had stretched all the way and the pleasure quickly overwhelmed the pain of the stretch. Her friend began to ride her in figure of eights and fuck her into oblivion. They built up a pace and soon got close to their orgasms together. Each of them moaning so loudly that they were sure that the neighbours would be knocking anytime soon.

"Fuck, Britt, shit you feel so good!" It took all the strength that Brittany could muster up to flip Santana onto her back and thrust in and out of the girl making them both cry out in pleasure. When she felt Santana's walls tighten around her cock she knew that Santana was coming so she only felt right to come with her.

"San, I'm gonna come" shouted Brittany when she felt her balls tighten from repeatedly slapping the girls gorgeous ass.

"Come on my tits!" replied Santana when she was half way through her orgasm, she didn't want her friend to cum inside of her so she insisted on the next best thing.

When the blonde pulled out, she felt guilty that Santana hadn't finished her orgasm so she replaced her dick with her fingers and worked at rubbing her friends clit along with her cock. Hot white spurts of cum landed all over the brunette's chest giving her a shiny cover over her upper stomach and boobs. To Brittany, this was the most glorious sight she had ever seen, just like the images in her dreams.

She then lowered herself down next to Santana, getting ready to leave if the Latina would have a sudden flip and changer her attitude and chuck her out the house.

"What was that?" asked Brittany after coming down from her high and trying not to get hard again from the sight in front of her.

"I don't know Britt but I'm tired, cuddle me?" said Santana like she hadn't experienced what her friend just did, but by the looks of it, she did. This completely suprised Brittany in the best of ways.

"But you'll be all sticky in the morning from my... stuff?" answered Brittany when she wasn't sure that Santana would wake up in the best of moods when she found cum stains all over her black silk bed sheets.

"I don't care Britt, just come on! Please? That was so hot and I just want to got back to bed, it's like 2am!"

Brittany didn't need anymore convincing after that, so she went back to spoon a naked Santana from behind. She knew that their friendship would be different after that night, but she wasn't sure she was afraid of what was to come. It sounded like they both wanted it to happen again.

It's pretty obvious that it did happen again, and a lot of times after that.

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