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Chapter 4

All was silent as the two warriors stared each other down each from different classes one an elite Anbu, the other a former samurai Roy shifted into a calm stance holding his sword in front of him in a two handed grip as he waited for the anbu to make the first move a breeze moving the tassels of his headband.

After waiting a moment or two for his opponent to make the first move his patience was running out

So are you going to make the first move because first move is yours, or are you going to wait till we die of old age Roy said watching the Anbu for any sign of reaction to his goad but to his annoyance the Anbu member stood stoic to goad

"You stand a better chance of successes making the first move Roy Gale other then that you stand no real chance against me," the Anbu said

"So you know my name and to top it off its from an Uchiha," Roy said shocking the Anbu.

"You didn't think I knew about the sharingon kid I fought in the Third Ninja war and have beaten Uchiha did the old coots in your council set you up for this?" Roy asked

"No I have reason to believe you are harboring fugitives you will bring them out now or die fighting is useless," the Anbu said making Roy raise an eyebrow.

"And what did these fugitives do to warrant your attention," Roy asked piquing his interest as he fixed a glare on the anbu feeling suspicion about what this Anbu's intentions.

"That is non of your concern," the Anbu said stockly.

"Thats fine by me but I am not going to let your attack on me go with out kicking your ass into the ground," Roy said in a matter fact tone.

The Anbu got into a fighting stance holding his sword in a reverse grip while Roy held his in a two handed grip both stood motionless for a few moments till they both ran and their swords both collided in a loud clashe Roy being more physically stronger pushed the Anbu back and imeadiatly swung horizontally trying to cut the masked nin in half the Anbu just barely managed to put his sword in front of him blocking Roy's strike. Seeing this Roy clashed with the Anbu again and delivered a hard kick to the masked nin's midsection knocking the anbu a few feet away from him and got back into his stance.

"Is this all the Leafs Anbu black ops can offer I am severely disappointed especially that those eyes you Uchiha's are so proud of aren't even helping you," Roy remarked a look of marring his face.

The anbu struggled to get up gasping for breath as Roy eased his stance.

"I am going to let you go so let that be a warning next time I won't be in a as friendly mood as I am now," Roy said sheathing his sword before turning to back to the pier to leave as the Anbu got back to his feet glaring at Roy's back in pure hatred as purple chakra surrounded the anbu like a flame.

"I will not lose to you!" the ninja said venom dripping from his voice as Roy turned to look back at the anbu his eyes narrowed

"So he's a jinchurrki too this could be a problem," Roy thought "give up you out matched return back to your village while you have the chance," Roy said as the chakra mass increased.

"Never!" the Anbu yelled defiantly as the mass of chakra

"I will need to use your power sorichu," Roy thought as he watched the anbu as the mass of chakra steadily increased.

"Ah a jinchurrki I understand Roy I will allow you the use of my power," sorichu said channeling its power to Roy.

"Ok let's go," Roy said his voice slightly distorted as sorichu's power flowed through him adding its strength to his his raven eyes turning a ice blue from sorichus power fire snaked along the blade of the sword to guard as Roy tightens his grip on sorichu he adopts a new stance getting low to the ground hold his sword in front of him where he could attack at a moments notice.

The anbu was the first to make a move using his claws to swipe at Roy's stomach trying to eviscerate him. Roy jumped back avoiding the attack and blocked another swipe with the side of his sword. Roy countered with a slice across the anbu's stomach the anbu jumped away as sparks of red electricity sputtered out of the anbu's stomach. "you fool do you realize what you have just done," the anbu sputtered in shock as he backed away pulling out a kuni getting ready to kill himself another anbu grabbed his arm stopping him.

"No you fool I have do this before." the other anbu strikes the hawk anbu in the back the head knocking him in unconscious and disappeared with the other anbu.

"Damn I have to get those two to wave now," Roy said running back to his shack and when he went to open the door it was stuck.

"God damn door," Roy growled in annoyance as he kicks door breaking it in two sending shards flying back into Roy's face as he runs through the debris of his door

"I needed to replace the damn thing anyway," Roy thought as he ran to the room "Naruto, Sakura," Roy yelled out as he opened the door Naruto and Sakura both sat up when Roy barged in get up we have to get out of here now pack what ever you need and meet me at the door," Roy said leaving the two alone while he went to get his armor.

Time skip 5 minutes

Lets go Naruto Sakura said tightening her headband to her forehead the head band was red but had no metal front with a village insignia while Naruto's was similar butwho's was black and had longer straps on the back "are you ready Sakura?" he asked looking at her while tightening the shoulder straps on his backpack so it won't move much when they travel. "yes i am lets go Naruto," she said.

They both walked out of the room they were sharing and into the front room where Roy was waiting he had a lone scroll on the back left of his hip seeing their questioning looks he decided to oblige them

"I had a girlfriend who was a ninja and I picked up on the art during the third ninja war," Roy said He got off the wall he was leaning on and look at the two ninja in training. Are you two ready to go," he asked the two nodded "ok let's go we dont have much time the sooner we get to the land of waves the better," Roy said. They both walked out of Roy's house

"Roy why did you decide to bring us with didn't you say we would be in danger," Naruto asked curious as to why Roy changed his mind. Roy sighed he knew this question was coming. "recent event have forced me to change my mind you would be much safer with me right now," Roy states as he unties the rope from the pier and places the rope into the boat.

"Grab an oar and we will be on our way," roy say and the paddle away from the fire country.

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