January 9th 1995 London, England

Brenda Walsh looked down at the phone in her hand, then at her swollen stomach and dilaled her parents phone number.

"Hello Walshes." her father spoke into the phone.

"Dad, it's me." Brenda said.

"Brenda! Hi Honey, how are you?"

Brenda sighed, "Not well Dad."

"What's wrong?" He asked her concerned.

"Daddy, I'm pregnant." She blurted.

"Brenda, how could you be so careless?" How does Dylan feel about all this?"

"He doesn't know." Brenda told him, now crying.

"Well don't you think you ought to tell him?" Jim asked her.

"Dad, I can't. He's been gone for months and the baby isn't his."

Brenda felt her fathers silence through the phone as she held her breath.

"Who's the father Brenda?" Jim asked tightly.

"I don't know Daddy, I lost my job and I'm running out of money. I need your help."

"Brenda, I'm sorry, but you got yourself into this mess." He told her, " You have to get yourself out of it, without my help. Goodbye."

Brenda sat there speechless as she listened to the line go dead. Her father hadn't even let her explain what had happened.

She had no one now. No friends or family.

"Nat." She said to herself. He'd always been like a second father to her. Someone she could always talk to. She had to go see him.

2 Days Later. Beverly Hills, CA

Brenda walked up to the front door of the Peach Pit and saw Nat cleaning the counter, she tentatively knocked on the door.

Nat saw someone standing at the door and immediately recognized her.

"Brenda! Sweetie! What are you doing here?" He said, letting her in pulling out a chair for her. She was different, defiantly tired, and noticeably pregnant.

"I need your help Nat." Brenda told him crying, "I don't have anyone to turn to. Dylan's gone, my family pretty much disowned me, I'm all alone and I lost my job when I found out I was pregnant."

Nat felt his cheeks redden, "You mean to tell me that Dylan left when you told him you were pregnant?"

"No, it happened after he left to come back here." She told him, wiping her eyes.

"What happened Brenda?"

Brenda took a deep breath. "Nat, you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone."

"I promise Brenda. Now tell me. What's going on?"

"I was raped Nat. About a month after Dylan left, I had a late rehersal and it was after midnight. My apartment was about six blocks away, and I wanted to get home. So I walked through an alley. He grabbed my arm, and pulled me into a space between two buildings..." She couldn't go on anymore and the tears fell on their own.

Nat grabbed her hand.

"He told me that if I called the police he'd kill me." She choked out.

"Oh Brenda, come here." Nat said hugging her. "What about your parents? Or Brandon?" He asked her, surely her brother wouldn't abandon her in a time like this.

"My dad didn't even let me explain what happened, and Brandon wouldn't even talk to me."

Nat couldn't take anymore of this, Brenda had always been a sweet girl and he couldn't believe that her family had turned their backs on her.

"How much money do you have? He asked her.

"About $2,000." Brenda choked out.

"You'll stay at my place, in the guest room until we find you a place, and you'll work here for me."


"No buts Brenda. You can work in the back. The way your family is treating you is a pretty rotten and I'm going to help you. But you need to let me help you."

"Okay." Brenda answered, very thankful for Nat.

"Good. Now let me take you home." He said getting up.