A/N Okay, I know this chapter is reaaaally short and I'm sorry about that. But I just wanted to have a little Brenda/Dylan moment in here and it just didn't feel right to add more to it, because it kind of ruins the atmosphere of it. But don't worry. I'm working on chapter 8 so it won't be to long.


Chapter 7

7 am

Brenda woke up to the alarm going off, and Dylan's arms around her. She stretched and felt a slight painful but satisfying ache, coursing through her body.

"Good morning Beautiful." Dylan whispered in her ear.

Brenda rolled over and placed her hand on his chest, "mmm. Good morning yourself." She said as he kissed her.

"If we keep this up we'll never get out of bed." Brenda whispered as Dylan pulled her on top of him.

"Would that be such a bad thing?" Dylan asked her, "What time is your doctors appointment?"

"Not until nine."

"Then we have plenty of time." Dylan said, kissing her and flipping her onto her back.