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"Are you sure he's coming, Ra's?" Lex Luthor asked as the two villains sat in Lex Towers, waiting for their 'business' partner to show up.

"He informed me that he was thrilled to be asked for assistance, Luthor," Ra's sighed out, glancing at the clock as the time seemed to crawl on, the one they were expecting having supposed to be there nearly three hours before.

"Well, perhaps we should try contacting him again-" Lex started, standing as he spoke, only to be interrupted by the doors to the room slamming open.

"Why hello, Lexy and Ra'ssy!" The Joker nearly yelled in a sing-song voiced, sauntering into the room as he let the heavy wooden doors close behind him.

"... Hello, Joker," Lex heaved out as he sat back down, already feeling a headache coming.

"So, what's the big issue that the Light needs my expertise in?" the clown asked, pulling a nearby chair over to sit next to the other two men.

"Ra's accidentally lost a rather important pawn in the next move against the Justice League, and our sources say he has shown up in Gotham, and has in fact fought you."

The Joker cocked an eyebrow in questioning.

"I fight a lot of people. Any more specifics on your little pawn?"

Ra's was already rather exasperated when he answered.

"I do believe he has taken up the name 'Red Hood'."

The clown at first seemed surprised, but his expression changed to anger almost instantly afterwards.

"You were the one who undid my masterpiece!"

Both of the other criminals looked rather angry now.

"You know he was the second Robin? Does Batman know?" Lex demanded, nearly standing in frustration.

"Yeah, Batsy was there. Why?"

"That already ruins the surprise advantage we were hoping for..." Ra's muttered.

"What exactly happened?" Lex asked, his eyes narrowed.

Joker smirked as he started to respond.

"Well, I kidnapped the newest Birdy Boy, and Hoodie showed up to save him, Batsy and the first brat in tow-"

"How did you find out who he was?" Ra's sounded determined in his question, though the words already spoken had almost broken any hope that the plan would still work.

"Well, I started threatening Hoodie, and the first Birdy got all overprotective of him. Even flat out said he would always be there to protect his 'little brother'. I wouldn't have known otherwise."

Both Ra's and Lex groaned at the discovery.

"If the boy knows someone still cares about him, than he will never be willing to assist in our plans..." the oldest man griped. Lex, however, suddenly gained a thoughtful expression.

"Wait, did he seem at all upset at Batman?"

"Not that I saw, but the kid did seem a bit tense. What was this plan anyway?"

Ra's stood and started pacing, squeezing the bridge of his nose as he answered.

"We had hoped to use any of the boy's anger for the Detective to our advantage, hopefully causing him enough emotional trauma to disconnect himself from those remaining at his side. It would weaken many of our enemies at once. Of course, this anger may not be as easy to manipulate any more... I should never have entrusted him with Talia, she can be so emotionally driven sometimes..."

Joker leaned farther back in his chair, putting his arms behind his arm as he spoke.

"Heh, even if I'm still not happy you messed with my handiwork, I'm kinda disappointed that didn't work out; it sounds sorta fun."

"It might work yet!" Lex suddenly proclaimed, a scheming smirk present on his face.

"How?" Ra's asked, exasperated.

"Well, chances are the boy is still upset at Batman; it is unlikely that it would be very difficult to make that anger grow, as well. From what Joker has said, it seems that the main reason he isn't clashing right now is Nightwing and Robin."

Ra's looked thoughtful at the suggestion, while Joker's smile grew as he quickly sat up.

"Ohhhh, I could get rid of them for you! That would be reeeallly fun!"

"No," Ra's swiftly said. "You cannot kill Robin. He is still young and impressible. It would be far more efficient if he was brought in with the Red Hood."

Lex nodded, and Joker looked even more thrilled.

"Wait, you said I couldn't kill the Baby Bird; but nothing about Big Bird? What about him?"

"Nightwing is far too old to have his mind changed. That, added with his leadership role in the Justice League's convert team, only makes it best if he is completely out of the way."

The clown started giggling loudly, only stopping to talk.

"So, what officially are you asking I do?"

"You are formally being requested by the Light to capture Red Hood and Robin, and to kill Nightwing."

The maniac rubbed his hands together.

"Ohhh, I could work with you guys more often with jobs like that!"

"So you accept?"

"Sounds like the most fun I've had in ages!"

Lex walked over to the Joker, and stuck out his right hand.

"You will shake on the deal, then?"

The clown grabbed the hand with both of his own, shaking it swiftly up and down.

"I couldn't be happier to do business with you, Lexy!"

And there's the prologue! This one will have more to do with, you know, the actual show...

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