AN: Hey all! This is a rather...short...oneshot I wrote. It's for RuneFactory Frontier. Although, as I've only really played it for maybe a week ingame time, the personalities of Lara and Raguna are taken more from RuneFactory 1, and Selphy's is based on my limited knowledge of her. Anywho. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own RuneFactory. Whoever owns RuneFactory owns RuneFactory.

Books littered the floor, covering every inch of the worn carpeting. In the center of the mess, a blonde sat, her teal hat askew atop her head. Her matching teal coat and yellow pants were rumpled and dirty, as if the girl had been wearing them for quite sometime without washing them. A manic look filled the girl's blue eyes as she quickly paged through the book.

Dust lay on the barely used shelves; the girl had deemed the floor a much better home for the books, to the dismay of the townspeople. A light knocking on the front door made the girl tear her gaze away from her book, and the girl was enraged that someone would dare take her away from her beloved words. An angry glint in her eyes, the blonde in the teal hat threw the library doors open to reveal a female redhead in a nurse's dress and a male brunette in a red and brown tunic.

"Lara! Raguna!" the blonde exclaimed, delighted to see her friends - but not happy enough to forgive them for taking her away from her precious books.

Raguna stepped into the library, looking at piles of books on the floor, distraught. "How am I supposed to find a spell book here, in this mess?" he asked before he realized the blonde had gone back to reading, pulled into far-off lands. He sighed and ripped the book from her hands. "Selphy? Hello? I need your help, please," Raguna tried to catch the blonde's attention.

Meanwhile, Lara had stepped through the books into where Selphy actually lived. And by lived, they mean slept and ate - when she remembered. Lara, the redhead, discovered a thin layer of dust covering nearly everything in Selphy's room. Narrowing her eyes, she stormed back out to yell at Selphy. "Selphy! When was the last time you ate? The last time you slept?"

Selphy, ignoring Raguna as he had taken her book away, looked at Lara, thoughtful. "That is a rather good question. Last time I ate...a couple of days, at most. Slept? A day or two."

Lara mentally face palmed, and in a much calmer tone than the one she'd previously used, said, "Selphy, this isn't healthy. You need to eat and sleep."

Raguna was just now beginning to notice the telltale signs of Selphy not eating or sleeping. Dark bags hung under her cheeks, and when she stood, she seemed wobbly, off balance. The dark interior of the Rune Archive had all but made that disappear, like magic. But Raguna knew no such magic existed. Or did it? How was he supposed to know! He was only an Earthmate! Melody, the witch wanna-be, would probably know. Mist might, with her vast knowledge of all things of all things random. As Raguna mulled over which one to ask, he completely missed Lara practically dragging Selphy out of the library, off to the church. Finally deciding that Mist would be a much better choice, he turned to see that both women were gone. Sighing, he turned and left the library to find the eccentric turnip lover that Mist was.

Also, I have the first...oh, say 2-ish chapters of a RuneFactory multichapter. But it's only gonna be like 10 chapters long at most. :) Might have the first chapter up pretty quickly. We'll just have to see, though.