Lost In Translation

Summary: She traveled to the states for a vacation, which soon turned into a nightmare. She was alone, trying to survive the living dead. So when she meets up with another human, she was thrilled, only problem is she doesn't know English that well...life sucks for one Kagome Higurashi.

Crossover: Walking Dead/Inuyasha

Pairing: Kagome/?

Rating: M





Chapter One

She didn't know when it started, just that Yuka, Eri and Ayumi and her were sitting in their room gabbing away in their native tongue, Japanese.

When the screaming started.

They had all turned to her, eyes wide with fear, they hadn't even really wanted to go with her to America, to Atlanta at that yet she had convinced them. It was their last year of college, one last hurrah before they graduated and moved on in their own lives. One last adventure before real life tore them apart.

It was their shared life long dream, to go to America at least once. A bucket list wish.

The fact that their college was was footing the bill only sweetened the pot. Slap a 'Study abroad' label on anything and it was paid for.

"Kagome?" She pulled herself from her thoughts and gave her best friends a strained smile.

"I'm sure its nothing.." As if to contradict her someone began pounding on her door yelling in English, damn her for not really paying attention in that class...on the very few occasions she had made it to them.

Ayumi jumped from the bed and was at her side. "She says someones attacking her, she needs help." Ayumi had always gotten top marks in every course, so she had been their unofficial translator since landing in America.

They were in college, where English was an option as a second language. They assumed everyone had a basic understanding of the language, it was mandatory from Elementary school until HIgh school. Too bad for her that her high school days had been taken over by a shattered jewel and putting it back together.

She was at a middle school level...at best.

"Should we help her?" Yuka and Eri huddled next to each other as the woman continued to bang on the door. Like all groups of females they subconsciously paired off, Yuk and Eri were like sisters just like she and Ayumi were. They just got along better with each on a deeper level than everyone else.

They were all the best of friends there were just certain bonds they had with each other that they didn't share with everyone.

Kagome chewed her bottom lip, America was known for its crime rates...which was why they were in the nicer part of town...so...

She straightened her shoulders, old habits dying hard. "We need to help her." She moved to the door and opened it, the woman fell at her feet cradling her hand to her chest. Blood stained her clothes as she scrambled inside the room.

She was crying and whimpering in pain and fear. She quickly slammed the door shut and locked it before turning back to the sobbing woman.

"You okay?" She mentally winced at her choppy if not embarrassing attempt at English.

The woman merely sobbed as she cradled her hand closer to her.

She was going into shock.

Kagome quickly fell into nurse mode. "Call 9-1-1. Someone grab me some towels and fill the ice bucket with hot water we need to clean the wound and stop the bleeding."

When Kagome looked at the womans hand her eyes narrowed, there on the hand was a bite wound.

A very deep bite wound.

Kagome frowned at this, this wasn't something you saw on another human being very often. It looked like whoever bite her took off a good chunk of skin.

'A demon of some kind' Kagome thought as she inspected the wound more. She could feel something from the wound, but nothing evil...just something...dead?

Things were getting weirder and weirder...

Kagome bit her lip as her Ayumi gave her what she asked for with a smile, "Here you go Kagome..."

"Thank You!" She flashed her friend a smile, and picked up one of the towels soaked it with hot water. She then wrung the water out and gently dabbed at the wound and try to clean it the best she could.

She then took the other towel and ripped it into long pieces before she started to wrap it around the woman's wounds. This is the best she could do for her, she should get to the hospital as fast as she can.

She looked like she lost a lot of blood already...she didn't need to loose anymore.

"We should get her to a hospital..." Kagome muttered to her friends, they were looking at the still sobbing woman.

"I would say..." Yuka whispered back, looking at the woman. She had a bad feeling about her...she just couldn't say what.

"Come on.." Kagome put her hands on the woman's arms to get her up and walking. The woman listened without complaining or saying anything as Kagome led her down the street.

"You have too nice of a heart Kagome..." Yuka said to Kagome, "It is going to come back and bite you one of these days..."

Kagome just smiled, "Then I will bite back." This caused all four of them to grin, they all knew Kagome would bite back and fight for anything she believed in.

"Now...lets find that hospital..."

What Kagome didn't know was that bite...would end her world as she knew it...she would learn things and see life in a new way.

It all started because of that bite...

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