Chapter Two

They had barely made it two block before all hell broke loose, literally. Fires, accidents, screams, people mobbing people.

Eating them!

It looked like a scene from that one movie her brother had tried to get her to watch...Dawnly Dead? All in all she knew it wasn't safe on the streets. With a grunt she shifted the injured woman's arm around her shoulders.

Sweat dribbled down her brow as she glance at her friends, all three were clinging to each other in pure fear. Pale faces, sweat...they were in shock. They had never seen such horrid things, such cranage.

She had.

So she took charge.

"We need to get of the street, now. Be quiet, we can probably hide in that pharmacy." She nodded at a small pharmacy, it had bars on its windows which would be good should those things attack. It also had medical supplies so they could tend to their 'patient.'

The three girls could only mutely nod, pure fear running through their veins. Ayumi moved from the three and lifted the woman's other arm around her shoulder. They needed to move now, while they were unnoticed.

"Let's go!" The words were hissed and it snapped the other two out of their stupor, Ayumi never rose her voice so it was a shock. They moved in a tight group, clinging to each other as they crossed the street. Once or twice one of those things looked up from its bloody feast yet didn't move, far too interested in shoving warm bloodied flesh into their mouths.

As soon as they made it to the door they tried to push it open only to realize it was locked.

"Shit." The fowl word slipped from her lips with ease, Inuyasha had influenced her very much in the past. She furrowed her eyebrows, she hadn't planned on the placed being closed. It was only common sense to lock your doors when shit hit the fan!

Yet she had learned many things in the past, and improvising was one of them. She glanced at Ayumi and then at the other two who were whimpering and clinging to each other.

With dread settling in her stomach she bannged on the glass door, hoping to god someone would open it. "Help!" She hadn't learned much in school but she knew the basics! She held her breath waiting, hoping. Yet no one came, the only ones who took notice of her were those things and they were slowly starting to shuffle towards them.

"Ayumi I need you to hold her weight, I'm going to try and break the lock." It was an old door, pure glass with only one lock. It worst came to worst she would break the damn door, there was a cage around the door, no doubt to keep out intruders in the night who would break in and steal the goods inside.

She threw her weight against the door, it shifted but did not budge, she tried again and again and had the same result.

"Kagome they're coming!" She glanced back at Era's panicked voice and swore under her breath. She moved to the gate and shut it, loosely tying the chain that was used to chain it shut around the gate, without the actual lock it was the best she could do.

She jerked back as one of the things slammed into the gate, rattling it. She stared at it in awe, it was a woman, was. Half her face was gone, leaving behind a bloody mess that showed off the glinting white of bone. Her clothes were stained with blood...

She was dead!

She had no aura, no spirit, she was just there...she shoved her powers into the walking corpse, being reminded of Kagura's dance of the dead. There was nothing there...her powers would not work on these..things!

To test her theory she shoved a bit of it into the very tips of her fingers and brushed them across the cold clammy flesh of the woman, nothing. Not even a flinch.

"Don't touch it!" She was yanked back by a frantic Era and allowed herself to be pulled away from the gate and turned back to the task at hand. Getting into the pharmacy!

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