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Bella gets a call from James telling her to come to the ballet studio because he has news from her great grandmother. Bella doesn't understand buy when she hears her mothers voice she tells him she will go. With that they hang up and all Bella has to do now is get away from Jasper and Alice...


(Bella's Pov)

I look around the hotel room and wait for Alice and Jasper to get back. I don't truly understand why James wishes only to speak to me because he was rather polite on the phone unlike at the baseball field. He only started to get pissed when I told him that there was no way I could get away from either Jasper or Alice. However James gave me an ultimatum either I go to him or he kills Renee. While I don't really like my mother I don't really hate her either. She was never around enough for me to get to know.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't hear Alice and Jasper come back into the room. Alice came over and knelt down in front of me. I jumped and almost screamed but I covered my mouth with my hand. I glared at her playfully.

"Man you guys need to wear bells or something?" I shook my head. "So what now?" They had taken a call from Edward out in the hall.

"Edward is comin' to get ya Bella." Jasper sent me a calming wave. I sighed and nodded. "While Alice is checkin' us out is there anything ya need?" I looked around and noticed that Alice had already left.

I bit my lip and nodded. "Yeah, I have to go to the bathroom." I jumped up and headed to the door. Jasper chuckled as he followed me without any questions. I could have used the one in the room but I thought I might try something. I needed to get to James... NO! Bad Bella. Don't think of anything other than wanting to see Renee. I hope this works.

"If you don't mind waiting?" I looked up and saw his golden eyes.

"Of course." I suddenly felt rather guilty. "Don't worry Darlin." He smiled down at me. "Just remember what I said. You are worth it."

I could only nod as I turned and hurried into the bathroom and took a calming breathe as I looked around and found a door. My eyes widen and I ran over and turned the knob. I was rather happy that it was not lock. I opened it slowly and made my way outside. I looked around and found a cab waiting. I shook my head as I headed over towards it. I didn't understand any of this but I jumped in and told the cab driver to head to the ballet studio that was not to far from the airport. I would have to hurry if I wanted to make it there before any one of the Cullens showed up.

The scenery passed as the driver got closer the ballet studio where I use to dance. Of course I was never any good at dancing thus the reason I dropped out not long after my first performance. As soon as the cab stopped in front of the studio I gave him a 50 even though I had no idea how much the fair was. I jumped out without getting the change and ran to the side of the building. As I walked around I found the side door open with a note attached to a string, hanging in the center of the door. I frowned as I pulled the note off and read what it said.


Your mother is fine but you need to trust James, Victoria and Laurent.


Maria, your great grandmother

I frowned as I looked around and went inside closing the door behind me. I knew that Edward or any other vampire could easily open it. I turned and took a deep breathe. It was dark and my eyes were having a hard time adjusting. I squinted as I made my way into the main room where Alice had her vision. She couldn't see if anyone was there but that was because I hadn't been here. I prayed that Alice wouldn't see where I was.

"Its about time you show." Came the same voice that was in the field. I spun around and stared at James and Victoria. "We have been waiting for you."

I swallowed and backed up. "Wh-What do you wa-want?" I stuttered. Victoria shrugged.

"We don't want anything from you but your grandmother needs to speak to you." She told me crossing her arms. They both looked rather relaxed then when I met them on the field. "We need to go!" She suddenly started to look around the room.

I nodded even before I could blink I was picked up and thrown onto James back and we went crashing through the glass. I cringed when I felt a piece of glass cut me but didn't pay any attention as I held on for dear life. I could yelling and screaming but the whooshing of the air as it passed me drowned everything else out. Soon I was fast asleep against the monster that had taken me from my 'family'. I could only hope that I made the right decision. As I let James steady running sooth me to a deep sleep.

(Three Hours Later – Bella's Pov)

I could feel myself being pulled back into the waking world. I groaned as I rolled over and tried to find a comfortable position. I then heard someone clear their throat. I jerked up and was about to scream when the vampire in front of me moved to cover my mouth. She started out on the other side of the room but she was in front of me with her hand lightly over my mouth. I knew this girl was a vampire. The girl was no more than 16.

"Please don't be afraid." She told me softly. "I mean you no harm. Your great grandmother sent James, Victoria and Laurent to pick you up and have you brought here to keep you safe from the animal feeders." She then stood by my bed.

"W-where am I?" I asked looking around. It looked like I was back in the medieval times. The room was done in dark red with black trimmings all around the room. "Who are you?" I wanted to know what the hell was going on.

"You are in the South of Mexico, mija." Came a rich female voice from some where in the room. I turned around towards the door and saw a woman that looked a lot like my grandmother's sister, Marie. "My name is Maria and I am your great great great great grandmother. I was born right here in Mexico. My family and I were going up north to live in America when we were found by a bandit named Benito." She moved over to what I looked like a cabinet.

"I was about 21 when I was taken and made to watch as he tortured my sisters and then drained them." She closed her eyes for a moment. "I was bitten on the neck by Benito." She moved her shirt and showed me a bite mark. "After I woke I found myself in a barn with two others, Nettie and Luci. Benito came in and tried to hurt us but we over powered him and took him down tearing him to pieces. We found out later the only reason we were strong was because we were vampires, the undead." She smiled as her red eyes opened.

"Why are you telling me this?" I couldn't help but be curious. "If your family was killed then why do you say your my great great great great grandmother?" I couldn't put the pieces together.

"Aw, you are wise for your age."

She came back over from the cabinet with a pair of black pants. It flared out at the bottom but there were slits all the way up to the middle of the thigh. I noticed that the patches were only placed around where the slits ended. The patches themselves looked like red flames. The shirt that was on the other hanger was blood red. It had black thin swirls hidden within the fabric. I could barely notice the tiny threads. I couldn't understand why I was here.

"Um..." Was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

Maria smiled. "Do not worry." She told me lying the clothes at the foot of my bed. "Now where was I. Oh yes, before I was taken by Benito I had a baby and sent her up north before me." Maria's eyes grew glossy. "Marie was taken and was given to a white family to raise as their own. I went to find her after I was turned and found that she had a great family and a better life I could have ever given her." She looked back at me as she cupped my cheek.

"I have watched over my human family and have kept them safe from the vampires in the world however you my dear are the last of my line and I would be more than honored if you would join me in this life." She kissed my forehead then stood. "You do not have to tell me now. You may have some time to think it over." She then turned and went to the door. "Aisha will be right back. She went to find you some food. I will tell you this though dear. This is a compound with newborns and if you wish to stay human a little while longer you must keep with Aisha at all times. Understand?"

I nodded trying to take this all in. Maria smiled as she flitted out of the room. I sighed as I threw the blankets back and looked down and saw that I was in a deep blood red silk nightgown. I had not even noticed. It felt like... well... silk against my skin. Shaking my head I stood and stretched. I smiled as I walked over to a door and opened it seeing that there was a bathroom in here that was about the size of my bedroom. It may be a little smaller than my bedroom but this place was huge. I rushed back and grabbed the clothing my great great great great grandmother picked out and went back into the bathroom. I could tell that it was light out so it was the next day.

I hoped that Charlie and Renee were ok as well as the Cullens. That name send dread through my whole body. For about a week now Alice, Edward and Carlisle would take off and leave me with the others. I asked everyone what was going on but they wouldn't tell me anything. I even spoke to Rosalie and she talked back. I can still remember the conversation.

-o0Flash Back0o-

I walked in the house and went right up to Edward's room. I frowned when I found it locked because he never locked his bedroom door before. I shook my head and headed back down stairs. I almost jumped out of my skin when I ran into Rosalie. When I looked up I saw something on her face that I never thought possible with me in the room. A sad smile.

"Um.. Hey Rosalie have you seen Edward?" I asked biting my lip, looking around behind her. She shook her head.

"Edward, Alice and Carlisle took off early this morning." She raised an eyebrow. "Why are you here? I don't have school like you do." She had her arms crossed over her chest as she stood on a step below me.

"Well..." I sighed. "Something has been bothering me lately." I looked up at her with watery eyes.

-o0End Flash Back0o-

That was the first time that Rosalie and I spoke civil. Of course I told her about how Edward was getting more physical in our relationship, and not in the good sense. If I would upset him, he would grab my arm and hold onto it tightly and yell in my face until I couldn't feel my arm and I had bruises. Rosalie told me that the three of them, Edward, Alice and Carlisle, were being really secretive around the rest of them as well, also Alice and Jasper were fighting almost constantly. I then thought back to what Edward and I always talked about when we were alone or with Alice. My powers as a vampire. He always told me that I would be a shield of some sort because of the fact that he could not read my mind.

Rosalie and I had gotten closer but Edward didn't like it so I was kept away from Rose, Emmett, Esme and Jasper. I couldn't understand why they would do that. Emmett was like a big brother and Rosalie was like my snobby older sister. Jasper on the other hand... well lets just say if I wasn't with Edward I would defiantly go for some of that cowboy. I have always had things for cowboys and anything Texas. Yet again he was married to Alice. They even kept Esme away from me. I didn't understand but for some reason the whole family had gone nuts.

"Isabella?" Came Aisha's voice broke my train of thought. "Are you done yet?" She called through the bathroom door.

I shook my head and washed out the shampoo. "Almost." I called back.

I then washed my body that way I was clean. I had been riding on Jame's back for god knows how long and that would mean that I would be dirty. It felt good to be clean again. I shut the water off and got out of the shower, grabbing a towel on the way to the door. I wrapped it around me and opened the door that lead back to my room. I peeked in and saw that Aisha was sitting at a table with her back to the bed. I could smell a sweet scent and glanced at the table. Waffles with butter, powered sugar, butter and syrup, my favorite desert. I licked my lips as I hurried to the bed and put the outfit on that Maria had picked out.

Once I was dressed I ran over and flopped down in front of the plate in front of me. I noticed that the five vampires, Aisha, Maria, James, Laurent and Victoria, all had red eyes. I knew where they feed from but I didn't understand how they could be around me when the feed from humans. The Cullens had a hard time dealing with their blood lust around me and they feed from animals. Including Jasper. He was the worst with his control or that is what Alice, Edward and Carlisle told me. Every time he looked my way or we spoke his eyes were black. I would be fascinated by them but as soon as I held his gaze to long he would brake eye contact with me.

"Is there any thing you would like to know?" Aisha placed the book down that I did not know she had in her hands as she interrupted my inner musings.

"Um..." I swallowed my bite of waffles. "I can see that your eyes are red which means you feed from humans but I'm human." I bit my lip wondering if I explained it right.

Aisha laughed. "Oh, I like you. You don't beat around the bush." She patted my hand from across the table. "Yes we feed from humans so naturally you would be frightened but since we feed and we are full, so we do not need feed often. I am no longer thirsty because I feed about two days ago. In a couple of days I will go again." She shrugged then frowned looking at me. "Why did you ask?" Her head was tilted to the side.

I knew I blushed but I couldn't help it. "Edward, my boyfriend, said that he always had a small amount of blood lust when he was around humans but it was only worse around me. I thought it would mean that for all vampires." I frowned wondering if Maria knew something I did not.

Aisha gasped. "You were that animal feeders singer!?" She sounded surprise that I was still alive. "And you survived!"

"Yeah." I told her with a shrug.

"You were very lucky then Isa." Aisha placed her hand on top of mine. "Most singers don't live past a couple of minutes of meeting the vampire their blood sings to." Her eyes were full of worry.

"Edward said he did it to be around me and love me." I felt alone. I closed my eyes and suddenly found myself in a slightly cold embrace.

"Do not worry, Mija." Maria's voice sounded softly by my ear. "I will keep you safe. That is why I took you know. I have a friend who is a seer and she knew that you needed to be brought back to me." She pulled me away that way she could look down at me.

"Edward said that he would never hurt me." I argued but Maria shook her head.

"Si, he would, Mija." She shook her head. "Resisting the call of your singer is like resisting eating your favorite food. It is impossible."

I couldn't take it any longer. I cried as I was held by Maria. I truly wished that I would find someone that would love me for me. Would I ever find someone that would not be out to hurt me. Maria just rocked me as I cried myself to sleep. I knew that I was safe. I would never let anyone hurt my family. I would become a vampire and help my great grandmother keep her territory.

No one would take me from the South... No one.


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