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Alice on the other hand was curled up in the shower praying that her mates would show because if Anubis came into the bathroom they would find a way to blame her. Suddenly she froze when a vision came to her. It was Edward and Carlisle fighting Anubis. When she came out of the vision she could hear arguing in the other room. She didn't even decide to move when she heard someone scream as though they were dieing. Shivering she stood and tried to get a clear picture of their future but it was completely black.

"No, no, no, no." Alice whimpered as she knew that the end was soon. Whatever happened in the other room would kill them all.

Chapter 9: Next In Line

(Bella's Pov – Heading Outside)

I expanded my shield to see if I could see the thoughts of the one who entered my compound and stumbled with the onslaught of thoughts and memories. Jasper was at my side in an instant with his arms around me. Niko was in front of me with a worried look in his eyes.

"Boss?" Niko asked as Jasper helped me up.

I nodded and smiled. "It is Aro." I straightened as I pulled the shield back and headed out the door into the sun.

I smiled widely when I spotted Aro surrounded my some of the gifted vampires in my army. There were few that had powers and it seemed that Aro was not immune to all of them. Nissa was telekinetic. I could tell that she had Aro with in her power because he was snarling at her but couldn't move. Of course she would let him go but not until I told her. As soon as I was close enough I clicked my tongue which let them know that I was on my way. Nissa still did not let Aro go until I was in the circle with Jasper and Niko flanking me.

"Aro." I greeted as I looked over at Nissa. "Good job you are truly making progress with you power. You may go feed if you need to."

Nissa bowed to me. "Thank you Boss." She stood and shot a glare at Aro then turned and rushed to the feeding barn with the others following. They knew that I was in good hands with Niko and Jasper.

"To what do I owe the honor?" I asked standing in front of Aro with my hands behind me. "I knew that you needed to know what is going on but I thought Demetri and Jane called you to let you know what I told them." I tilted my head to the side curious.

"It seems that from what I seen you are more beautiful as an immortal than human, Isabella." His Italian was a little thick to my liking. "Would you mind, dear?" He held his hand out.

"So that you can see what is in my mind, not that you would, I think not." I narrowed my eyes. "Now what can I do for you?"

I could feel that Niko was restless. Aro could also see. "Jane and Demetri told me that you had a seer and that she says that Alice, Edward and Carlisle are going to be moving against me but they came to me and told me the same thing about you." His eyes were racking my form which caused Jasper to growl.

"Watch yer eyes!" Jasper hissed his eyes growing darker. "Isabella is my mate and yer not ta look at her like that." I could tell that Major was close to the surface.

Aro stared wide eyed at Jasper. "Apologies Major." He bowed his head. "I was also told that Lilith gave you her powers. Is that true?" He looked over at me.

I nodded. "Its true because of the fact that Alice, Edward and Carlisle have went to Anubis to gain his powers." I kept my frame tall. I would not this vampire intimidate me. "If you will follow me you can see that your 'messengers' are fine." I turned with Jasper behind me and Niko behind him, walking with Aro.

I knew that Aro would try and grab Niko but he would get much of anything. I trained my army to evade even the best of powers. Even mine. There were whispers among the guard and I spotted Laurent, Irina, James and Victoria as we walked pass. I did notice how Irina cowered behind Laurent, I pushed it to the back of mind and filed it away for later. I had other things on my mind at the moment. In fact I needed to tell Aro that he could go back home because I would deal with the traitors myself. I was after all the chosen one. Lilith gave her powers to me and I would take out Anubis' replacement whoever it is.

It didn't take us long before we reached the conference room where Jane and Demetri were located. As soon as I entered I could feel that something was wrong. Looking around I noticed that Aisha had Jane by her neck suspended off the floor. Maria was cowering in Javier's arms shaking. Snarling I turned my eyes to Niol.

"Some one better start talking." I hissed through my clenched teeth.

Demetri was sitting in his chair as if nothing was happening. I saw that Niol was smirking which could only mean that he was projecting that they were all fine. I nodded to Niol.

"Jane, here, decided that it would be fun to torture the Mistress." Aisha snarled tightening her grip. "I didn't wish to burn the house down which lead me to where I am."

I looked at Aro. "Do you mind keeping your guard dogs on tight leashes?" I growled. "If they attack me one more time Jane will not be going back to her brother."

Aro's eyes grew wide as he snapped his fingers. Jane closed her eyes and bowed her head. I nodded for Aisha to let her go. As soon as Jane was released so was Demetri. Aisha and Niol were at grandmothers' side in an instant. They looked at me and I could tell that she needed to feed. Nodding they hurried her out the door and to the feeding barn. Aro glared at Jane and Demetri.

"What happened?" He stepped forward to Jane and held his hand out.

Jane glared at me while she stepped forward. Her eyes were not wavering as Aro took her hand and closed his eyes. I smirked at her which caused her anger to rise and Aro's grip tighten. She hissed as she averted her eyes. I watched as Aro stood straight and looked down at Jane.

"Take Demetri and head back to Volterra." His eyes then came to mine. "Isabella and I have some things to discuss."

Jane hissed but Demetri grabbed her by the arm and drug her out of the room. I cut my eyes over to Niko and nodded. He would follow them until they left the north America continent. I walked over and took the seat I recently vacated while Jasper sat on my other side. It was just Aro, Jasper and Myself in the room. I could see that Aro was rather shocked at the fact that he was sitting here with me and I was not trying to take his head off.

"Why don't I start?" I smiled as I layed my arms on the table leaning closer. "You know that with Lilith picking me I can take over Volterra with out so much of a thought. You know was well as I that if Edward gets Anubis powers then your world and mine will be coming to an end."

Aro kept his face muted. "What is you thought about this Major?" He looked at Jasper. "Alice and the Cullens were your companions for over 80 years." He raised a brow at my mate.

"That is none of yer business now I reckon that ya listen ta my mate." Jasper hissed as his arm were around my waist and I was placed in his lap. I just giggled at his antics.

Aro nodded in agreement. "What do you propose, Isabella?" He looked at me but he kept eye contact and I couldn't help the humor bubbling up, knowing it was because of Jasper's threat earlier.

(Alice's Pov – Cowering in Shower – At Anubis' Palace)

I was too frightened to look up when the bathroom door opened. Shaking in the shower was the last way I wanted to die but if Anubis entered through the door I knew that I would be dead very soon. When I listened in I could hear two sets of foots steps coming my way. As soon as the shower curtain was jerked back I whimpered and curled tighter into myself. I was barely covered because of fighting with Anubis. My clothes were in tatters and were he grabbed me cracked and would have bruised if I was human.

"Oh Allie." I her murmured and sudden I looked up to see that Carlisle and Edward were both standing there.

A sob broke free as I jumped my mates and clung to them as if my life depended on it. I knew that our end was soon but I didn't want to be apart from them even until death. Pushing those thoughts away I whimpered and continued to shake until Edward scooped me up and ran me to the bed room. When I looked around I noticed that a stone statue of Anubis was standing there with horror filled eyes as he was bend backwards slightly. I shuttered so Carlisle rushed forward and crushed the statue like it was cheese. I sighed a breathe of relieve but there was something else bothering me.

"Wh-What h-happened?" I asked hesitantly as I looked from Edward to Carlisle. "Only Edward looks different." I had a vision where both of them took his life, together.

"Edward rushed Anubis and was thrown into the wall after you fled to the bathroom." Carlisle sat on the other side of Edward and myself. "I then fought with Anubis and was bitten which ripped my arm off. Edward seeing that went into a rage and he took Anubis without another thought. I think he was more worried about you and me then himself at the time. When he got the upper hand he drained Anubis and what happened after is what you saw. He turned into stone." His right hand brushed my bangs out of my face, while Edward was nuzzling my neck.

"I was so worried." I chocked out. "I also have something to tell you." I closed my eyes. "Since Edward has killed Anubis Bella has spoken to Aro and its only a matter of time before our end comes." I clung to Edward while I brought Carlisle's hand to my chest and held onto it.

"Shhhhhh." Edward whispered in my ear. "I'm not mad. I know that you need to keep things to yourself but just because I have killed Anubis doesn't mean anything, now does it love?" Edward raised my face to his. "As long as we are together then nothing can stand in our way." He kissed my forehead then turned and brought Carlisle into a bruising kiss.

"We need to plan." Carlisle told us after Edward let him go. "If we are unprepared then the will surely take us down."

Edward nodded while I searched the future. I kept coming up with blacken space. "I still cant see." I whimpered hugging my mate. Edward just held me as he saw my thoughts.

"I wont let anything happen to either of you." Edward promised as his other arm left me and I felt him bring Carlisle closer. I snuggled into my mates arms as Carlisle wrapped his arms around both Edward and I.

(Jasper's Pov)

I could feel that Aro was rather worried but there was something that had his curious. I kept my gaze cool as not to give anything away. I could smell from here that something in my mates scent has changed but I wont bring it up until we are alone. Bella's emotions however were rather fun to be around.

"I purpose that you, Aro, go back to Volterra and rule that side of the world and leave this side to me." Bella stood her eyes were darkening and I could feel a shift in her emotions coming.

Enyo was close to the surface. Aro's emotions were also rather upsetting. He was highly pissed and I could only guess that he was not use to someone telling him to leave. Snarling Aro stood in one fluid movement. I stood beside Isabella to let him aware of my presence.

"Be careful how you answer Aro." Bella warned as her head lowered but her eyes stayed on him. I could feel that Enyo was alive and well and in the room. "Because I would hate to have to send your brother's your ashes because you were incapable of keeping your cool." An evil grin spread across her face as she waited for him to answer.

I just stood there trying to send calming waves through the room but it was bouncing off Bella and Aro which could only lead me to believe that Enyo was shielding herself and Aro along with her. She was wanting him to snap.


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