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Pepper stepped off the elevator a bag of food in one hand, paper work in the other and her phone pressed to her ear. "The Tower is coming along smoothly," Pepper spoke into the phone as she maneuvered around buckets of paint. "We hope to have it finished with in the next few weeks and running completely on the arc reactor technology. I-"

"Would you watch what you're doing!"

Pepper stopped at Tony's shout, cocking her head to the side in slight confusion. "I'm sorry Mr. Green, I going to have to call you back."

"That is not the suit!" Tony's shout echoed throughout the penthouse as Pepper moved to investigate

"Tony," she called as she stopped in the kitchen to set her stuff down than came to a stop along the back of the building where Tony had built a landing pad for Iron Man; something he had been excited about since the construction of the tower.

Tony stood out on the newly constructed landing, surrounded by mechanical arms, wearing random pieces of his suit. "Hey Pep," Tony grinned as an arm moved in attempting to remove what was left of the suit.

"What are you doing?" Pepper asked fighting not to laugh as Tony swatted at the arm and threw it an irritated glare, causing the mechanical arm to curl back into itself.

"Trying to get the timing down," he explained to her then turned to address his help, "which is why we have to start over!" He began to walk back down the runway, reassembling the missing pieces of the suit as his robots moved so they were in the proper positions.

"Alright," Tony stated as he spun neatly at the end, standing perfectly straight on the platform. "Test run seven: Dismantle of the Mar-."

Pepper could not help but laugh, "You've done this six times already?"

Tony turned his head sharply in her direction, "You can't tell, but I'm giving you a dirty look."

Pepper bit her lip in an effort to hold off full-blown laughter, though her body still shook "This is so complicated."

"It's going to be amazing." Tony insisted.

After a moment of quiet laughter, Pepper waved her hand, "Continue."

"Alright," Tony started as he turned his attention forward. "Ready J.R.V.I.S.?"

"All systems ready sir. Might I suggest a slower pa-"

"I've got this," Tony interrupted, waving off his computers' concern.

"Of course sir," J.A.R.V.I.S. stated, sounding hardly convinced. "Commence test seven."

Tony started out strong. He stepped off the end of the platform, the ring springing up easily as the arms went to work. And then, it all went downhill.

They had started to remove the arm on the left side when something snagged, causing Tony to stumble, throwing off his placement. The arms on the other side missed their mark snagging whatever they could, with some lucky enough to snag the suit. Other stray arms, however, had managed to grab his shirt, and with a few sharp tugs had ripped it from his body.

Tony stood in a state of shock, while his help whirled uncertainly around him and Pepper doubled over in laughter. "Worthless. You are all worthless." Tony stated, swatting away all the arms as he stocked down the walkway, still in the lower half of the suit.

"And this isn't funny Pepper!" Tony shouted, though it fell of deaf ears as Pepper continued to laugh.

A/N: This story started out as a conversation with a Co-worker about the sequence where Tony has his suit dismantled and how every step had to be perfectly timed or he might lose his clothes. Hope you all enjoyed.