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This is using RFF characters, as well, although the characters from RF1 will, for the most part, have the personalities from that game, rather than RFF. Even though they're essentially the exact same personalities.

And, without further ado, I present to you the first chapter of The Shipping Box.

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Raguna stood outside his house, looking at his fields. He had a small section set aside just for growing turnips. Holding one of the turnips he'd harvested just the day before, he turned and saw Mist standing there. Her blue eyes were wide like normal, and her silver hair was pulled back into its usual loose ponytail, holding the majority of the hair back with a red ribbon.

"Hello, Raguna!" Mist cheerfully greeted her neighbor.

"Errr... Hello, Mist," Raguna responded, unsure of what Mist wanted. He'd already talked to her today, and he'd given her her daily turnip (the woman had a strange turnip fetish, which was why Raguna had set a small portion of his field aside for growing them).

"So," Mist began, "did you dream last night? I asked the man in my dreams if he would visit you, and he said he would."

Raguna wordlessly nodded his head, deciding not to go any further into his explanation.

Mist looked at him, thoughtful, before muttering, "I need a turnip," and wandered off.

Raguna rolled his eyes at Mist and her love of turnips. He turned his gaze back to the field in time to see Rosetta carefully picking her way through the plants to reach his shipping box. Easily jogging over to Mist's childhood frinemy, he called out a greeting to the small blond. She turned to look at him, a thoughtful expression on her face as she watched him run over.

"Good evening," Rosetta greeted the man. "Got anything for me today?" she asked, wondering if the shipping box would be full of rocks again. She hoped it wasn't.

Raguna gestured to the container, "See for yourself. I made sure to avoid the rocks and weeds today, just for you."

Turning so he couldn't see her blush, Rosetta opened the large wooden box, bending over to see inside. There were a few herbs and grasses, but it was mostly the crops he'd harvested that day.

Satisfied, Rosetta turned back to Raguna, only to see him talking to Selphy. The enthusiastic blonde book worm was explaining, in great detail, everything that had happened in the book she'd just read.

Disheartened, Rosetta turned and began to walk away. She looked back to see Raguna looking at her, giving her a 'please save me now' expression'. She quickly looked away, unable to meet his gaze. Rosetta walked down the road, thinking about what had just happened. Selphy rarely left the Rune Archives, and when she did, it was for something important, not to tell someone about some book. Her thoughts racing, Rosetta stopped at the church. Entering the small doctor's office, she called out, "Lara? I have some medicinal herbs for you."

When no response came, Rosetta turned to leave. Her mind still on the whole Selphy thing, Rosetta came to the conclusion that Selphy liked Raguna. And why wouldn't she? Of the about 25 people living in Trampoli, about 12 were single women (Rosetta, Mist, and Selphy being three of them.), and only three were single men (Raguna, Danny, and Erik); the rest were either married, to old, or to young. So in a town full of young women, and almost no young men, crushes were bound to happen, and most of them were bound to never actually happen. So Rosetta thought with finality, both Selphy's and her own dreams were bound to be crushed.

Returning to her home for night, Rosetta quickly wrote an entry in her diary before collapsing on her bed, falling asleep.


The next day, Raguna woke up at 6:00AM, like he did every morning. He got up, quickly checked his pack to make sure he had everything, and walked out of his house. He lingered around his mailbox until Anette appeared, the carrot-top carrying her heavy bag of letters. Raguna greeted the small woman with a smile, "Good morning, Anette! Have anything for me today?"

Anette returned his greeting, saying, "Good morning to you to, Raguna. I do indeed have letters for you on this fine spring day." With that, she plunged her hand into the mailbag, rummaged around in it for a few seconds before pulling out three envelopes which she handed off to Raguna. "Well, good day! I have to be on my way now. Lots of letters to deliver, you know."

"Let me come with," Raguna offered, like he did every morning.

And like she did every morning, Anette accepted, laughing, "Only if you can keep up!" And with that, she took off running, and Raguna had to sprint to keep up with the redhead.

A few mailboxes later, they were outside the general store. And, like every morning, Danny was there, blushing like mad when he saw Anette. Glaring at Raguna, he greeted Anette the same way he did every morning. Anette responded the same way she did every morning, and Raguna stood there, trying to ignore the daggers Danny was sending his way with his glare. By now, this stop had practically become hard grained into Raguna's memory, the same thing happened so often.

Running up the stone steps to the blacksmith's shop, Anette placed the mail in the red mailbox and sped back down the steps to her last stop, the Inn/Tavern. Just as Anette had closed the Inn's mailbox, Rosetta came out of the Inn.

"Oh, hello, Raguna," Rosetta said, taking a step backward. "I didn't know you'd be here."

"I come here every day. I walk with Anette while she does her rounds," Raguna responded happily, oblivious to the fact that Rosetta clearly liked him.

Anette, however, understood how Rosetta felt, as she herself liked Raguna. Anette might have liked Danny, had he been nice and not tried to force you into buying whatever seeds were on sale that season. Raguna turned to Anette. "Well, I guess this is where our walk ends, Anette. Bye."

"See you, Raguna," Anette replied quietly.

I have chapter 2 written as well, and that should be up in the next few days, provided I get chapter 3 written quickly.

And a random question: I have every RF game that's been released in the US thus far ((I CAN'T WAIT FOR RF4 TO BE RELEASED! Anyone know when that will be?)). Has anyone else noticed how in every game, except RF3, the maid of the de Sainte-Coquille family is an elf who is also an eligible bachelorette? RF1 has Tabatha, RFF has Tabatha, RF2 has Cecilia, and RFToD has Maerwen.