Tak ran her hands around Zim's cheeks, which were red with embarrassment. His knees buckled together, whining at her soft petting motions.

"Tak," he mumbled, drool starting to come from his mouth, causing him to blush even more. Tak grinned, teasingly running her hands up his hot, tense thighs. He groaned quietly as she got farther up...

"You enjoy that, no?" She whispered, laughing to herself at how easy it was to pleasure Zim. He nodded, in his daze.

"Z-Zim enjoys t-t-thaaaat..." He moaned as her grip tightened, blushing furiously. Tak brushed her lips against his, Zim sweating with temptation.

"I enjoy this better," she wrapt her hands around his tiny waist, kissing him. Zim loved the feeling she gave him.

He probably always would.



Authors Notes: The result of not wanting to sleep or read or figure out how to write out my requests (which I am now taking.)

My first fic with slight sexual themes... And I feel dirty. But it's too short and it's all... Bleh.

I'm taking requests, if you got one!