Chapter 20: Just The Start

(Wolf's P.O.V.)

I gently pulled away from the kiss as Krystal's furry hands remained on my cheeks; the air was thick around us with remorse and sadness. She knew how true my statement was, both the mental, and verbal one. It was only when a shudder ran through the deck beneath our feet that we chose to separate, and as I looked away, I said, "G-Go get the escape pod prepped, I'm going to gather some weapons for the travel." I can't say our travel… I need to make sure she lives more than myself…

"I'm not going to leave without you Wolf…" Krystal said as she grabbed onto my hand and moved my chin until it was facing her. I saw the moistness in the edges of her eyes while we looked at each other, and it was that sight that made my heart do a painful lurch in my chest. I lifted my own arms and pulled Krystal towards me in a hug. I lowered my head until it was besides we own, and I couldn't help but chuckle as her ear twitched along the side of my face. She was close to crying, but I just had to make sure she lived on; I was going to stay on the ship so none of the other enemy troops could escape or shoot her down.

Pulling her tighter against me, I let out a mournful sigh as she returned the gesture. I let her go slightly and held her at arm's length, but I still held onto her arms tightly as I gazed deeply into her sparkling eyes. I shook my head as I let my eyes wander past her momentarily, and my eyes rested on the hole in the corridors. So much sadness… I was going to be a husband; I should've embraced that chance instead of being worried about it. Taking in a deep breath, I opened my mouth and said, "Krystal… I love… I believe that I love you. T-This is harder f-for me than you think…" I looked back towards her and finished, "I truly would have loved to have you as my wife… but I will not have the one I love die. N-Now go… I will be there soon."

Her eyes became misty as she nodded, and I let go of her as she turned and quickly ran off, and I looked down and grabbed a blaster near my feet. It was a big one… it may have been an assault blaster, but it was too stubby to be one. I lifted it to my shoulder, but as I put my finger on the trigger, I heard a shrill scream, before I heard Krystal shout, "WOLF!"

(Krystal's P.O.V.)

I chose to run away from Wolf quickly instead of walking, only because my tears were threatening to spill down my fur. The love he had just admitted to me was a painful realization that I was currently undergoing; I may have felt feelings for him before… but now I know for sure… I love him as well! I should tell him… I want him… I want him to come with me.

After I entered the corridor, the first escape pod is supposed to be the captains, so I walked over to it. The computer was on, and I clicked the startup panel; the screen came up as the pod began to purr into life.

Click click clack… "Hello there little fox… did you think you would really escape from this ship?"

Looking over, I tensed up as I saw the leader of the Metal Reapers; a golden colored panther whose name was unknown to all those except her team members. To all outsiders, her name or calling was the only thing others knew her by, it even matched her personality; Metal. All those that ever worked under her were known as her reapers; hence the Metal Reapers were born. She smiled with a malicious glee as she stalked closer to me with her legendary sword; said to have energy stored in it enough to cleave a metal door in half. I flicked my staff off my back with a kick from my foot, and as it spun into my hands, I twisted it and hit her across her leg. She screamed loudly, and I backed away from her as I called for help, "WOLF!"

She stood back up and glared at me, and I watched in horror as she sheathed her sword, only to unsheathe her claws. I felt myself shake as she took another step forward, "You will regret even trying that… and just for calling me a wolf, I will force you to die slowly… and painfully."

"Not on my watch…" I looked over as I heard a gruff voice say, and Wolf came sprinting from the hallway with a shotblaster in his hands. His eyes widened in shock, he crashed into Metal as soon as his form came from the hallway. They both hit the side of the wall with a thud that must've winded Metal; she had been between Wolf and the wall. "Get on the escape pod, now!"

I backed away and quickly got in it as Metal kicked her legs out. Wolf rolled over slightly, but that put him face to face with the mercenary. I looked away as I went deeper into the pod and began to click various buttons to set up the pod to jettison from the ship. "AHH!" Wolf cried out, and I began to make my way towards the entrance, but I heard his mental thoughts, Don't you dare come out here… set the destination for the nearest occupied planet! D-Do it now… I heard a shot from the shotgun version blaster he had brought with him… before she gains the upper hand! Get the pod prepped and in the phase for it to launch before you do anything else!

Stopping, I nodded, even though we couldn't see each other. I went back to the console and began to type away the commands, and as a holographic image come up. "W-Wolf, we need to wait one minute!" I shouted out as I quickly adjusted a few options for the pod. The onboard computer beeped slightly before it chirped, "Pressurization complete! Please take a seat, and prepare for the initial departure and transfer from gravitation influences to zero gravity…"

My head snapped behind me, and I saw that two glass doors had sealed shut silently as I had been working on the computer. I could see Wolf constantly shooting the weapon in his hand, and a flash was visible from the area outside of my viewing field. I then heard another announcement from my onboard computer that instantly chilled my blood, "Warning… Warning… ship self-destruct has been imitated; emergency departure parameters activating. Brace…" I store over as I saw Wolf throw his blaster, Wolf…

He looked over at me, and I saw his weary expression, along with three parallel claw marks running along his face. They were dripping blood as I heard my last, and final thought from his mind, I love you my darling Krystal… live on and strong… No you don't! Just as he jumped back and away from a sword swinging down at him, I was thrown to my knees as the pod I was in shot forward and into space with a sickening jerk of acceleration. The image of Wolf quickly disappearing from visual sight pained me, but then I saw something as the escape pod shot away from the doomed Cerinian ship.

Nearly a dozen large carrier ships and five smaller warships were turning away as their engines flared. Fireballs were blossoming along the jagged and torn hull of Cerinia's last ship, and I could see and feel the energy buildup in the starship dreadnaught.

A loud 'Whoosing' sound carried through the small cabin of the escape pod, and then I turned my head as the ship exploded in a fiery bright white light. I shut my eyes as tears dripped down my fur, and it took all my willpower to look back out of the hatch. As my head rotated to look out, it felt like trying to turn your head as your fur was all being held in another direction. The air in the cabin dropped as the A/C turned on, but what I watched now, was even more horrifying than watching a starship explode, with your soon to be mate most likely on it.

Cerinia was enveloped in a flashing sphere of light, and every once in a while something happened, and I felt my heart being ripped to shreds; Cerinia was being torn apart by something. As I watched, a giant chuck of Cerinia was ripped off violently, and I saw deep enough to see the central core of Cerinia. The blood of my planet… my home… everything I ever loved, is gone! That was the last straw that murdered my mentality. I collapsed… felt nothing. And then I began to weep like never before…

(Wolf's P.O.V.)

…No you don't! I jumped back as the panther in front of me swung her sword down. I used that chance of her sword being down to leap forward and tackle her towards the ground. Luckily she had dropped her sword when I had jumped into her, so I reached to my sides and quickly ran up hers and seized her wrists in my hands and pinned them to the ground. She looked to either side as she pushed against my hands so she could be free. "That ain't going to happen. Now tell me, why are you and your allies in such a desperate attempt to kill every Cerinian!?"

"What does it matter to you? It's not like you can save it from our grasp!" she snarled at me and bared her teeth, which I had to admit; was highly intimidating.

I pushed my face closer to her own as I growled out, "I saved Cerinia once before, I will do it again."

"You! You only delayed the inevitable that time, this time we will succeed!"

"And what makes you sa-muh!?" my muffled yell was obstructed by the panthers lips, and I felt my arms falter.

One of her hands yanked out from under my grip before I could reassert pressure, and I felt a quick jab in my stomach. I lost all strength as I groaned, and I fell flat on top of my enemy as she freed her other hand. She quickly shoved me off of her and stood up, but I rolled onto my back as I reached down and held my stomach tightly. I felt a wetness near that part of my body, and so I began to look down, I had better not have pissed myself on my deathbed. When I gazed at my hand, it was bloody, so I let my head land back on the deck plates.

I felt weaker than when I had started this fight, and I looked over at the pantheress as she smiled down at me. She crouched down and put her paw near my face, and I felt her thumb run over my lips as I did my best to pull away. While I did that, she licked her lips and said, "You're a nice kisser, not many get to taste Metal; so consider yourself lucky we need y-"

"Ten seconds until we blow these bastards out of the space around us gentlemen…"

"Shit…" the panther woman said as she stood back up. She looked around out area before she looked down at me, and the next thing I saw, was a boot smashing into my face…

(Leo's P.O.V.)

I was sitting at a desk as I filled out the various paperwork in English, transferring and translating everything from Cerinian. A total of eighteen Cerinian scientists had all came through the teleporter, but when questioned on why, they shook their heads and claimed 'they didn't know' why. Let's see… a deal was made, so why did they come over here? This wasn't part of the negotiations, I know; I triple checked that email… and the letter from the Governor. I just know the human general is going to come and chew my ass out for something unplanned. I wish he and his subordinates would stop treating me like some undereducated kit.

The wired phone on my desk began to make its annoying chirping sound, effectively stopping me from trying to continue on with any and all the work I was doing. I sighed as I set down the pen and reached over. Picking up the phone, I held it up so it was where I could hear it; Humans have such poor hearing compared to Cerinians… "Hello, Cerinian ambassador speaking."

"Leo… get to my office. I'm afraid I have some news for you… more will be explained upon your arrival." The line clicked before it went blank, and I was left to comprehend what the general had meant. I placed the phone back down on the plastic box that it was always housed on when not in use, and I stood up and began to walk out the door. The room the general stayed at was across the corridor from where the handlers hung out, so I had some time to think before I got there.

Usually the general is so much firm when he is talking… not to mention the last time we spoke; I was on the other end of a shouting match on why my fellow Cerinians were here. So many are scientists, but only a single one was a soldier, but she is missing her weapons. She knows why everyone is here also, I can feel it; but she won't say anything with any of the humans around. I wonder if I can get her away from any of these humans so I can find out why all the Cerinian scientists in charge of the teleportation pad are here.

Ah, here we are. I reached out and knocked on the door before I reached down and grabbed the door knob. I opened the door and stepped forward.

"Good… good. You are here sooner than I had expected. Please have a seat and we will begin the debriefing…"

I sat down in the chair across the Generals desk, and as he crossed his hands and lowered his head; I instantly knew something horrible had happened. He tapped his foot from what I could hear, along with a loud swallow. "Leo… Cerinia is gone." When he looked up at me, he frowned as his head shook, "We have confirmed reports from the recording probes we sent over… but every time we did send one, it wouldn't return… as well as her story."

He pushed his hand towards an area behind me, and when I looked behind me, I saw her in the corner. She was holding a wad of napkins under her eyes as she shook; she was silently crying. Her brown fur was matted with her own tears; I got up and moved towards her. I looked back at the general and said, "That is impossible general! We have the most advanced technology among all known races! We are at least decades ahead of even the Cornerian world…"

"We have deactivated and isolated the teleporter pad for… safety reasons." The general said.

I opened my muzzle to say something, but I felt her grip my arm and I looked over at her as she looked up at me with her saddened eyes. Her muzzle quivered silently as I looked down at her with disbelieving eyes, then she spoke, "We fought our b-best… but venom… t-t-they sent an invasion f-force. The teleportation pad… it ripped our chunk of Cerinia off. W-We managed to use the teleporter one last time before t-the atmosphere was ripped from our outpost…"

I backed away from her as I looked between her and the general, and then I bowed my head. So much bad has happened… and all for what!? But… what about that young kid… Wolf was his name if I'm not wrong. I must alert his family, I owe that much to him for being a successful diplomat for my world. I raised my head while I fought to keep my tears in my eyes, and I asked a request from the human general, "Sir… with your permission, I would like to send a personal email to the diplomats parents regarding this matter. I believe it is worth the trouble for telling them of Wolf's… situation."

"Granted… this will be the first and last… time I will ignore the procedure of filtering it through military censors. I want you to keep it short, a single page worth, no more than that. Now get out of my office, I got a lot of paperwork and false identifications to fill out… take your lady friend with you…"

I nodded, but it wasn't acknowledged as he had already turned back to a stack of papers next to his desk. I sighed as I turned around and saw the brown furred canine was already standing up, well… time to go write a short letter…

Dear Parents of Wolf,

It pains me to write this on the behalf of your dear kit, from the small and incredibly short amount of time I knew him; Wolf was an amazing young man. While he was here in our teleportation facility under the direct orders of the government cell known as –BLANK-, he was transferred to my home planet of Cerinia as the diplomat of Earth. The goal of your young kit was to find a way to bind and/or find an agreement between our two worlds to become a peaceful alliance. Every attempt from the previous ambassadors of your planet had been unsuccessful, but from the moment I learned of Wolf's feats on Cerinia from approximately a month and a half ago, he was much more promising than any other Diplomat to fulfill his assigned task.

Wolf was an outstandingly successful diplomat; he had found an unlikely and possibly unthought-of negotiation, although he wasn't the one to declare the requirements. On Cerinia, we used to have a governmental figure who had a daughter by the name of Krystal; a blue vixen of our world. She was not meant to discover Wolf's identity during his stay on Cerinia, but by some means she had found out, and she did something that not even I in my advanced knowledge of customs would have thought she would attempt. Your kit, Wolf, was to marry Krystal in exchange for Technology from my world. It was a match that seemed outstandingly perfect from previous interactions during his week stay on Cerinia, even though he and she didn't 'meet' in the best of circumstances when his identity was concealed.

This letters primary function was to alert you of your kits death… As of 1400 hours on Saturday, a chain of events began to change the very nature of Cerinia. My home planet had been ripped apart from our teleportation technology, but we had reports that Wolf had made it into space and onto one of our remaining ships. From the reports, and from a witness that survived the attack and made it back to Earth with seventeen others, I learned our entire space fleet was destroyed; leaving the ship your kit was on, the last defense. Over two dozen warships had remained of the invading force, and contact with the ship's crew was lost. Only the worst could be assumed, I am sorry…


Leo Varisallio,

Cerinian diplomat.

I shut off my computer after sending that towards its final destination, and I felt the tears cascading onto my fur as my emotions finally began to carve their way outside of my mind. Wolf… you were such a good kit…

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