When I began this story, I didn't have many ideas for it, beyond the premise, but I've since developed its purpose and even have an ending of sorts in mind. I've now got a good idea of where this thing's going to go.

There's still going to be plenty of crossovers (major and minor alike), but now I have a better idea of what they are, and I even decided on a sort of theme for them. I'm not exactly looking forward to writing one of the main crossovers in this story, but it looked like a good fit and I'm kind of curious about what I'll do with the pairing that will result from it.

So, basically, it's no longer a story of last resort, but now one that deserves the same attention as the others. Of course, since I still have so many unfinished stories, when I get around to it may still prove to be infrequent.

Finally, should you ever wonder about the nature of Ranma's transformation, and think it's not based on anything in canon, check his battle aura the first time that he "uses" the neko-ken. (In the manga; I don't remember if it shows anything in the anime.) I don't want anyone to think that I just pulled this idea out of my rear. XD


On one seemingly ordinary Spring afternoon in Nerima, some of its denizens were treated to a strange sight. What made it strange wasn't the fact that an endangered species — namely a panda — was charging down one of their streets, which was more cause for alarm than anything else, but that it was being chased by a young woman who appeared to be cosplaying as a catgirl.

The young woman in question was rather petite in many respects, with the very notable exceptions being the attributes that let everyone know that she was — indeed — a young woman. That idea was helped along by the sleeveless, short-skirted and curve-hugging qipao that she wore, which left very little to the imagination. And if that wasn't eye-catching enough, then her exotic red hair, which flowed behind her like a flag, could be seen more clearly from a far greater distance.

She garnered even more attention when she abandoned the large backpack that she had been carrying and pounced on her quarry. Some of that attention had been temporary, however, because many of the men nearby had bled from the nose and collapsed while she had been airborne. As for everyone else, they continued to watch as she knocked over the much larger panda onto its face and proceeded to ride on its back as their momentum carried them a ways down the rain-slicked street.

Before they came to a complete stop, the rider leapt off of her ride and did a flip and a twist in midair so she would be facing her opponent when she landed. Even as her audience was being captivated by her feats of strength and grace, the beast to her beauty began to pick itself up from the ground, rising steadily until it was standing on its hind legs.

Said beast caught most of the crowd's attention when it pulled out a wooden signpost from some unknown source and held it up. For those standing at an agreeable vantage point, they could see that it read, "I won't allow you to trick them with your lies!"

Those witnessing their exchange watched in bemusement as the young woman actually replied to the message on the signpost in all seriousness, as if she expected the animal to understand her. "You should have thought of that before you told me about the engagement."

One moment they were standing still, with only a hint of preparedness for what was about to transpire, and in the next they met halfway in a flurry of limbs and seemingly-impossible maneuvers. The fight ended nearly as quickly as it had started, with the larger of the two combatants being thrown into a road sign and onto their back, much to the surprise of their audience.

"Besides," the young woman picked up from where she had left off, as she stood over her fallen opponent, "as far as I'm concerned, I'd be lying if I went along with whatever you expected me to say, as if nothing's changed."

By now a fair amount of people had gathered together, and they began to murmur amongst themselves as they watched the young woman turn her back on the panda and make her way over to the backpack that she had discarded earlier. Most of their hushed conversations ended, however, when the panda sat up and grabbed the road sign that it had been lying on. A few had enough time to gasp or yell a syllable's worth of something by the time it had rushed up to the young woman, in an attempt to strike her from behind. Whether or not the effort of some to warn her had any bearing on the result of the sneak attack, said result was soon made clear: she bowed forward, and as the road sign passed overhead she raised one of her legs behind her and solidly planted a foot under the panda's chin, which launched it high into the air.

The sounds of the road sign and the panda hitting the ground were pronounced by the silence that followed the young woman's handling of them, as many stared at her with a mixture of disbelief and amazement. The subject of their attention simply released a sigh and continued what she had been doing before, as if nothing of any real consequence had just taken place. However, once she had retrieved her backpack, and was in the process of reaching out for one of the panda's feet, it was then that she finally took notice of her audience with a pair of blinking, guileless eyes.

Said audience hadn't known what to expect from her, seeing as they had no real idea regarding the hows and whys of all that they had seen, so they hadn't expected her to suddenly perk up with a mildly bashful smile and rub the back of her head as she said, "Ah, sorry for making such a scene. I'm afraid that we got a bit too carried away while we were practicing a part of our act. We'll be going now."

As the young woman began to haul the panda away with her, without any care for the incredulous expressions and murmurred questions that she left in her wake, many began to wonder if they would ever understand what had just happened, while others simply decided that they had imagined the whole thing.