Redemption Chapter 1


"Be careful!" my brother yelled as I climbed down the ladder of my tree house. He has brown hair, blue eyes, is age 17, and is way too protective.

"Always am!" I yelled back to Kyan. I jumped the last few pegs landing on the soft forest grass.

"Oh, you forgot your daggers again, Sonette!" He threw them down while I mumbled, "Purposely." I caught the daggers, put them in their sheaths, and walked away.

It's not that I didn't like daggers, I just didn't feel I needed them for hunting. Oh well. I drew my bow and notched an arrow. The bow was made simply by a branch and a strong string that Kyan found in the remains of our home city, Caspan.

I saw a squirrel searching for nuts on the forest floor. I raised my bow, drew back my arrow, closed one eye, and focused on it. It moved, my arrow moved with it. The squirrel heard me breathe out too deeply, but it was too late. Within half a second it was lying lifeless on the ground.

I walked over in quick strides, picked it up, took the arrow out of it's side, and threw the squirrel over my shoulder in to my open bag.

Plop! "What the..." I reached up to my head. Plop! It was raining. Great! This had happened once or twice before but then I was closer to the tree house. It looked like it would rain all night. Better find a cave or something.

It took about 5 minutes to find just that. A cave. I couldn't gather wood and make a fire. It was too wet now. I'll have to sit alone in the dark all night.

The cave was tall but not very deep in. I entered it, throwing all my stuff in the back. The daggers landed with a clatter as I sat down. I had only caught one squirrel. I'll have to go hunting again tomorrow.

Suddenly I heard foot steps. Heavy footsteps. Matched with a growl. I spun around to the entrance. Another growl. I jumped up, frightened. I wasn't the only one seeking shelter.