"So this is where we'll be sitting, for this event?" Dr. Light asked a figure slouched in the shadows.

"Yes Light this is where will be sitting for the tournament." Said the figure walking out of the shadows reviling it to be Dr. Wily.

"Wily I've asked you this many times before stop this madness and you may be able to avoid prison this time.

"Wily simply grinned devilishly and replied. "You say that every chance you get don't you, and the way you say it make me feel that you know I'll lose. But the fact remains Light you know you won't win this tournament!"

"So that's what you're calling this Wily." Light and Wily turning to see voice's source, just as Dr. Cossack entered the room.

"Ah Cossack I almost thought you weren't going to come." Wily said smugly.

"Well I wasn't just going to stay home, especially after you invited me." Cossack said slightly glaring at Wily.

"Yes that would've been rude", Wily said turning towards a large screen. "But now for more important matter's, like the reason I called you both here the Robot Master tournament."

"Which you've choose to keep us in the dark about "Light added. "So why not get on with it."

Wily smirked at the comment "Yes as you both know I have had lots of free time on my hands, so I have personally constructed a new robot army, which I will be releasing on the world pretty soon."

Cossack spoke up at that comment. "You usually announce that to the world on television before you attack Wily why tell us now?"

"Well you see I was thinking to give the world a chance, you two see this tournament I'm hosting is going to have your Robot Master's and a equal number of my own robot masters. Since you two have a combined number of 24 Robot Masters I will be choosing 24 of my own. The match's will be completely random, so to put in terms you both can understand there is the possibility for our own robots to battle each other. The tournament will go on until one our sides run out of participating robots to battle, if a robot loses then he's eliminated from the competition. Any questions yet?" Wily closed his announcement.

Dr. Light spoke up first, annoyed at the idea was Wily proposing"Wily what do you stand to gain from this, give me a reason why my son's should participate in this tournament."

Wily chuckled a bit before answering Light's question, "Well that's 'the world's chance', I was talking about earlier if one of your robots manages to win the tournament, I won't send my army across the world sparing thousands of lives."

Light was taken aback by this answer if what Wily said was true he could stop Wily before a single person was killed, but his sons would be put in incredible danger.

"And if helps make you any less squeamish Light the match's won't be to the death, the fights will simply be to the point when one can't stand or lift their weapon."

Light stared at Wily for a moment unsure of what to say before Cossack asked his own question. "Hold on a second you said our 24 Robot Masters what about Rock isn't he going to fighting for us?"

Wily turned his back to the two scientists' before answering. "Oh yes Mega Man well you see he is a bit stronger then our average Robot Master, so to even the power balance on both sides I would have to enter Bass. Bass to is stronger than most Robot Master's and Dare I say reckless and I fear he may not be able to uphold the no killing requirement." Wily finished turning back to Light and Cossack with a grin.

"I understand." Cossack said Dr. Light though, was still unsure about the idea of the tournament.

"Wily why would you give us this opportunity to stop you here, you already have your army ready why not just attack now?" Light questioned knowing Wily was hardly the one to be fair. "What are you planning?"

"What's wrong Light the one time I give you fools a chance to keep those people safe and you're questioning it, don't you trust me?"Wily said faking a hurt look. "Besides if by a slim chance I do lose this tournament it could be your only chance to catch me."

Both scientists' were glaring daggers at Wily; the fact that they were both being forced into the tournament didn't help.

"Well were finished here, you two better head back to your homes and inform your robots of the tournament, and don't hesitate to bring a few guest's." Wily finished with a bright smile.

Both of them began making their way out of Wily's newest fortress, tearing their glares off Wily.

"Well that went according to plan, right Shadow Man?" Wily called out to a shaded area of the room.

"Yes master Wily" Shadow Man agreed appearing from a chair's shadow. "But if I may ask why you are this hosting a tournament sir, our army and the other Robot Masters are prepared to launch our attack."

Wily chuckled once more "I'll explain to you and the other Master's later, but for now tell them all to meet me here in an two hours."

"Yes Master Wily." replied Shadow Man before fading back into the shadows leaving Wily alone.

Wily turned to a window staring at the horizon smiling to himself "Soon my greatest creation will be complete and not even Mega Man will be able to stop him."

And chapter one is complete this is the first story I will be putting my utmost effort into. I'm really excited about this story. For future reference Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack will be using their Robot Masters from Mega Man 1, 4, and 9(Time Man and Oil Man included). Dr. Wily Robot Master's will be including Mega Man 2 since they are the most well known. Mega Man 10 since I feel we should have a newer set to go with Mega Man 9. And as for the third group of Robot Masters I was thinking Mega Man 3 or 5. So besides that review me , burn on, me and more importantly tell me who you think is going to win!