Dr. Lights Home

"Rock is everyone here already?" Dr. Light asked Rock.

"Almost doctor everyone is in the lab downstairs just a few of the others to wait for." Rock answered to the doctor as two made spoke in the kitchen. "So doctor you'll tell me and everyone what Wily's up to when everyone, right?"

"Yes Rock, I'm sorry about not telling you anything yet but, I think everyone should hear it together." Dr. Light explained.

"Ok doctor." Rock said dropping the subject, though he wouldn't say it, Rock had been nervous ever since they had received the letter from Wily. It had invited the doctor to coordinates for a discussion, written specifically not to bring Rock. When the doctor returned he seemed exasperated and a bit worried, he had everybody with thumbs start making phone calls to all the Robot Master's back home. He didn't tell us what for, but told us it was urgent. And if Wily was involved that wasn't meant to be taken lightly.

"Uh Dr. Light?" Said Roll said stepping into the kitchen. "Elec Man just teleported in, so everyone's in the lab right now."

Dr. Light grinned a bit at the news "Thank you Roll, Rock should be heading to the lab?"

"Sure thing doctor." Rock replied eager to get some answers. As the three made their way downstairs towards the lab.

Dr. Light's laboratory.

"Come on Splash give me a chance!" Jewel Man wined as Splash Woman rejected him again.

"Sorry Jewel Man but your just not my type it's nothing personal, I just think it work out, but thanks for the jewels but I can't take them returning them." Splash Woman explained trying to let him down easy again.

"What's not to like I'm a nice enough guy and-"suddenly stopping as a thought occurred to him. "It's because I'm pink right?" Jewel Man said giving Splash Woman a look

Splash Woman raised her hands, "Oh no no, it's just that-"

Across the room the Elec Man was looking around lab just arriving a few moments ago wondering what why the doctor had call them in.

"Hey Elec Man" Called a voice, turning Elec Man saw Hornet Man, "you're here too, looks like the doc called everybody here."

"The doc you in too" Elec Man asked, "do you know why the doctor's calling us all in?"

Hornet Man shook his head "Not everything, I asked Rock earlier, he told me all he knew was that Wily has something to do with it."

"Again?" Elec Man asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yep," Hornet Man said "seems like the guy doesn't know when to give up."

"Must be pretty serious if he called everybody here."

"Called us all out of work and doctor wouldn't do something like that unless it was serious."

The door to the lab suddenly opened, Dr. Light. Rock, and Roll walking in.

"Hey everybody Dr. Light is about to make announcement so listen up!" Roll called out quickly catching everyone's attention.

"First off are we sure everyone is here?" Dr. Light asked to no one in particular.

"Yes doctor I already said hi to everybody," Cut Man answered back, "wait a minute, hey Elec Man" Cut Man waved over to Elec Man who waved back.

Dr. Light smiled a bit. "Good well then let's get started, your all probably wondering why I called you all here." Every robot giving a silent agreement. "I'm sorry to keep you all waiting but, I feel that everyone should here it together. I haven't told anybody since I left Wily's castle not even Roll or Rock." The Dr. Light said motioning towards the two. "But I'll cut to the chase since I've been keeping all waiting, Wily is hosting a tournament."

"A tournament," Roll questioned the doctor "what do you mean?"

"A Robot Master tournament As Wily called it, you all and Cossacks robots will be up against Wily robots. If one of Wily's robots wins then the world will be attacked by his armies if we win the world safe again. So the reason I called you all here was to ask if you'd all be willing to risk yourselves for the tournament." Light finished with a sigh, closing his eyes, before popping them open at a voice.

"Oh is that all doc?" questioned Fire Man "Of course well fight Wily, you don't need to ask."

Oil Man spoke up, "Yeah, I pretty sure a few of us here wanna show that Wily a thing or two." He said prepping his weapon.

"You might as well have sent us an e-mail." Guts Man pointed out.

The doctor let a sigh of relief"Thank you all I was a bit worried this whole situation had me wound up for nothing."

Every robot throwing their own similar responses; "Hey doctor what were you so worried about we've fought before what's one more time?" Rock smiled confidently assuring the doctor.

The doctor gave a slight sigh "Rock I hate to say this, but you can't fight in this tournament."

"What why I've I fought half of Wily's robots 3 times already." Rock said shocked at what he just heard.

"I'm sorry Rock, but if you participate then Bass will be allowed to enter and I'm afraid that the others may not survive a fight against him." Dr. Light tried explaining.

"He means you Ice Man." Elec Man whispered receiving a glare from Ice Man.

Tornado Man stepped up "Don't worry about it Rock we can handle this besides, you've already taken enough hits for the world let us split this one."

"Thanks Tornado." Rock said not completely sure how to respond.

"So it's settled then everyone who can is going to fight Wily?" Elec Man asked everyone in the room, receiving a booming response.

Dr. Light laughed a bit "Ok well since everyone's on the same page here let's start preparing we've got three days so we better started."

Dr. Wily's fortress

"Is everyone here?" Wily questioned the room full of Robot Master's.

Bass was the first to respond "Yeah everyone who matter's is here so can we get on with it."

"Be patient" Wily hushed Bass annoyed at his constant attitude "I'll going tell you all my plan so listen up. So first off you're all wondering why give those fools when I have an army ready to attack them." The robots remained silent, even Bass who had a few remarks to make. "You see my army is not as big as I've been letting on."

"Then what have you've been doing all this time!" Bass growled "We've been out here months and you couldn't make an army?!"

Wily grinned at this remark "I'm actually glad you asked Bass you see before I built you, I had a little incident with in jungle temple. While I had the fools convinced that I had changed my ways I visited a disturbance that was destroying technology across the globe. I met a strange computer who rebuilt my first two sets of masters. Remember?" Wily said looking at said robots.

Quick Man answered back "Yes doctor, but I also remember him betraying us and nearly destroying all of us again."

"Yes Ra Moon was what we called him," Wily said thinking back "and he would've to if Mega Man weren't there.

"Story time's over what does that have to do with this stupid tournament?!" Bass yelled earning a few nods from the other robots.

"Well that's what I've been doing with my time for the most part. I've been creating a single titan of a machine similar to Ra Moon. The reason Ra Moon lost to Mega Man wasn't because he wasn't strong enough; but because he lacked proper A.I Mega Man and you all can formulate plans and such but Ra Moon was simply too straight forward. So this machine will be different, I'm not going risk giving this machine a conscience since we can't risk him going rogue. But during the tournament the fights will be monitored and the data from them will flow right into him. Every, move, skill, tactic, and possible threats will monitored he will be unstoppable!"

"That's what you said about Bass, and Mega Man still beat him how will this be any different, and if he does go rogue then what?" Tengu Man questioned.

"The reason Bass always fails me is because he's simply too stupid, and I have a self-destruct code in case he defies me." Wily said with a smile, "But that shouldn't happen since his A.I is simply made destroy Mega Man and everything in his way and obey me."

"Ok that's fine but why have those fools fight for you doctor." Tengu Man said pointing towards the robots from Wily's tenth attack. "They weren't built for battle and I could easily out do all of them!"

"You say that like you could take all of us" Blade Man said, "but you couldn't even beat me!" He announced pointing his weapon at Tengu.

"Is that a challenge?"

"It is if you ready to back that mouth of yours."

"Stop it both you" Wily said pushing Bass between the two "the reason is Tengu Man is that I rebuilt them to serve me so I need this to see if their worth my time."

"We won't fail you Dr. Wily." Blade man said bowing.

"I hope not that's all for now, so go on now get all of you I've got work to do!" Wily shouted pushing them out until it was just him and Bass.

"Dr. Wily why didn't you ever tell me about this new robot of yours?" Bass questioned with a slight glare.

"Oh Bass don't dwell on it you're not the first Ballade thought he was the strongest before he failed me, and I have more plans that you don't know about so get on now." Wily said with a playful smile before Bass left the room.

"Hmph, let's see if I can kill two birds with this next one."

And done! For those of you who don't know who Ra Moon is look up 'Rock Man Adventure'. Also Wily's new robot isn't Zero just getting that out of the way. The tournament line up will be out next chapter so get your bets ready. Remember follow, review, comment, favorite, burn, and tell me who you think is going to win!