Return of Winter

Andrea 'Andy' Scott has just moved into her own apartment in Reefside. As Tommy's new student teacher, Andy thinks that she'll finally have a little normalcy in her life with her boyfriend, Hunter. But when a new team of Rangers arises in Reefside, Andy knows that she must help, Ranger or not. With her boyfriend by her side and her skill with a bow and some arrows, Andy is on the path of succeeding; until, that is, secrets unfold and Andy discovers what it really means to be in love, all while saving the world and learning how to grade papers. Can she do it, or will she collapse under the pressure? Hunter/OC Tommy/Kimberly Trent/Kira.

Here's the first chapter to Dino Thunder. A lot of people liked Power of Winter, so I hope you all like Return of Winter, as well. Thank you, and enjoy the chapter. Also, just so none of you get too confused, here are some ages:

Tommy, Jason, Billy, Zack, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Trini, Tanya, Kimberly, & Kat- 27

Hunter & Shane- 19

Dustin, Tori & Blake- 18

Andy, Conner, Ethan, Trent & Kira- 17

Danny (Jason & Trini's son), Devin (Zack's son) & Austin (Billy & Kat's son) - 3

Sarah (Adam & Tanya's daughter) - 2

Grace (Rocky & Aisha's daughter) & Jordan (Tommy & Kimberly's daughter) - 2-4 months

Doctor Tommy Oliver couldn't doubt his nervousness at teaching at a new school as he walked onto the high school campus. Sure, he'd done so before, but this was a new school, new principle, and a student teacher. He just hoped that the principle, new to both him and the students, wasn't as mean as he had been told. He also hoped that his assistant wouldn't be too freaked out by it all; it's not every day that you get to student teach for a person during their first year teaching at a new school with a new principle while you're the same age, if not a little younger, then the students. Tommy sighed; this was going to be a long first year.

Meanwhile, former Ninja Ranger Andrea 'Andy' Scott was glancing around, looking for Tommy, a little unnerved by the fact that all the students around her were the same age as her. Some were older. She sighed, wondering how she managed to get herself into this. I just had to ask Tommy if I could be HIS student teacher. I should have known better than to do that, especially sense he works at a high school. She thought to herself bitterly, finally spotting the doctor. Taking a deep breath to try and calm her nerves, Andy made her way over to him, her skirt brushing against her ankles slightly as she went.

The former White Ranger wore a purple top with a long, black skirt that reached her ankles. A nice pair of flip-flops rested on her feet, and her long, black-almost-crimson hair was in a nice pony-tail that still reached the middle of her back. Her necklace was tucked safely in her top, so it would be unseen, and her charm bracelet, now adorning three charms with only three clasps left- a crimson red heart, a music note, and a snowflake, all from Hunter- on her wrist with her communicator and Ninja morpher on her other wrist. The snowflake charm was a gift after Andy, Hunter, his brother Blake, Blake's girlfriend Tori, Shane, Dustin, and Cam all graduated from the Wind Ninja Academy, an accomplishment all of them took very seriously.

"Tommy!" she called, gaining the former Green, White, and Red Ranger's attention. Like she planned, he looked over and spotted her, smiling slightly and waving her over.

"Andy; I'm happy you're here," he said, wrapping the younger girl in a hug. "How did you manage to convince Jason to let you move over here without him?"

Andy laughed, pulling away from the hug, "I'm 17, Tommy, I can legally do what I want now in California, except adopt a child," she explained. And then she smiled sheepishly. "Plus, Hunter and I bought the apartment before I told Jason about it."

Tommy laughed and shook his head, "Of course you did. Come on, let's get inside, and we can see our new room," he said, leading the younger girl into the school.

The two had only been in the hall for a short time when a woman with short black hair, glasses, and a nice outfit on called Tommy's name. "Dr. Oliver," she said, joining the two in their walk. "I'm Principle Randall," she introduced. When she saw Andy walking beside Tommy, she glared at her slightly, but didn't say anything. Andy rolled her eyes.

"Oh, it's nice to meet you," Tommy said, holding out his hand for her to shake. When she only continued to walk, he slowly lowered his hand. "Um, this is my Student Teacher, Andrea Scott; this is your first day, too, right?"

"Yes," Principle Randall replied, opening the black binder in her hands, "And I'm still trying to figure out why a doctor of paleontology would come all the way to Reefside to teach science to high school students with a high school student as a helper."

Andy opened her mouth to respond, but Tommy beat her to it, "Andrea took high school courses online and graduated a few years ago; she may be young, but I have confidence in her. And, it's because she's so young that the school board is allowing her to student teach for me for an entire school year instead of just one semester." Tommy explained before going to the other statement. "As for the other thing, I guess I was just looking for some peace and quiet with my wife and our baby daughter."

Principle Randall laughed, "So you became a high school teacher," she turned slightly, now standing in front of Tommy and Andy. She snapped her binder shut, "Now that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense now, does it, Dr. Oliver?"

Tommy paused for a second and looked at Andy, who was trying to stifle laughter before turning back to Principle Randall, "You know, I was thinking, maybe the three of us should get together; you know, so you could fill us in with what you're expecting of us."

"I expect you, Dr. Oliver, to make it hard for them, painful if at all possible; if they smile, you know you're doing something wrong," she explained to the frowning doctor before turning to Andy. "And you, Ms. Scott, I expect to stay out of Dr. Oliver's and my way; I personally do not think a person the same age as the students should be student teaching, but it's the student board's decision, not mine. Now, I'm off to find my first truant; we'll talk later."

With that, the principle turned and walked off. Tommy and Andy looked at each other, both frowning, and, Andy joked, "Well, she's a ray of sunshine!"

Tommy smiled slightly and shook his head. "Let's go, Andy."

When the two walked into the classroom, right after the bell, they found that the students had started throwing paper balls at each other. Only two people weren't a part of it, a girl in yellow that was writing something in a notebook and a boy in blue who was typing on a laptop.

"Guys, settle down! Take your seats, please!" Tommy called as he walked over to his desk, Andy following closely. Just as he suggested, the class settled, filling all but one chair around the lab tables. Andy sat in the rolly-chair behind the desk as Tommy walked around it.

"Thank you; I'm uh, Dr. Oliver," he introduced, before gesturing to Andy, "This is my Student Teacher Ms. Scott, and this is first period science," he stated, looking around. "Before we start, are there any questions?"

Almost immediately, a blond girl who looked disturbingly like Marah raised her hand. Tommy nodded to her.

The blond smiled and stood, taking a step towards the doctor. "Cassidy, Cassidy Cornell," everyone in the class groaned, she just ignored them. "As you know, I'm the anchor and field reporter for ESKL TV Station!" once again, everyone groaned. "Anyway, I'm sure our viewers are wondering, well, um, you don't really look old enough to be a teacher; Ms. Scott looks our age," she smiled, expecting an answer before turning around, "Devin, are you getting this?" a brunette boy stood up, a camera in his hand as he smiled in embarrassment.

Tommy sighed silently, "Cassidy, trust me, we're both old enough; Ms. Scott took online high school classes and graduated a few years ago, but she is qualified to do this. So let's put the camera away, and for now, let's talk about you guys," he said as Cassidy and Devin sat down. "And what you expect of yourselves this semester, because that's what's really important."

Andy glanced around the room, spotting the empty chair. "Is someone missing?" she asked, the attendance sheet in front of her. The class only looked around and some of the students shrugged. Andy only sighed and called attendance. Sure enough, a Connor McKnight was gone. She marked him absent and put the sheet outside the door as Tommy started the class.

By the end of the day and six classes and a planning period later, both Tommy and Andy were ready to go home. It had been a long first day, and both were ready for some rest. During their planning period, they had talked about their pasts as Rangers, during which Tommy made fun of Andy for stealing his color, and explained about the missing gem.

"You know, I originally had four of the Dino Gems, but one went missing a little after Kim and I moved here," Tommy explained when Andy asked about them.

"Did you ever find it?" Andy asked, gazing intently at her friend.

"No," Tommy shook his head, "It was so strange; the red, yellow, and blue gems are still there, but the purple one just disappeared. I'm afraid it got into the wrong hands," he explained.

Andy sighed, "I'm sure it's somewhere at your house, maybe Kim knows," she looked at him, "I just hope nothing Ranger related will happen this year; last year was hectic, I don't know how you guys managed to do it while in school; Hell, we finally beat the bad guy three weeks ago! I still have a bruise on my shoulder!"

Tommy chuckled, but before he could say anything, the bell rang, interrupting him.

Now, Andy was walking to her car, texting Hunter to let him know she was on her way home. Once the text was finished, she climbed into her white Jeep and started it, un-aware of what Tommy was being forced to do; watch over the kids in detention.

The ride back to the apartment was only ten minutes- Andy had made sure that the apartment she lived in was close to the school- so she was home quickly, even with all the students trying to leave. Once she got out and parked she started walking towards the entrance, smiling when a boy around the age of ten walked out of the building with a dog on a leash. The apartment complex she and Hunter had chosen was pet friendly, which was fortunate, as Andy was planning on going to adopt a puppy that weekend. A sudden noise made Andy pause before she walked into the building; it sounded like it had come from the side of the building.

Her hand inching into her bag to retrieve the pocket knife Jason had given her for her birthday, Andy pulled it out and got ready to use it when she saw the source of the noise. It was a puppy, probably just weaned off of the mother, with short, black fur and large brown eyes. To Andy, this puppy looked like a Black Lab, but she couldn't be sure. Putting the pocket knife away, Andy got down on her knees and held a hand out towards the puppy.

"Come here, puppy," she cooed as the puppy backed up from her outstretched hand. "Come on, pup, I won't hurt you," she said, holding her hand just a little farther. The puppy paused, sensing that Andy wouldn't hurt it, and slowly made its way towards her. "That's right, come here, sweetie," she cooed again. The puppy inched forward slowly until it was able to sniff Andy's hand. It licked her hand, causing Andy to giggle. "Come on, baby, come here," she said. The puppy, sensing that Andy was a good person, got close to her and allowed her to pick it up, which also allowed her to see what sex it was. It was a 'he'.

Andy cuddled the puppy close to her, not seeing a collar, and giggled when he licked her cheek. Looks like she was going to get her puppy a little earlier than she thought.

"Alright, sweetie, let's get you to the vet's office," she murmured, taking the puppy to her car. She unlocked it, and placed the puppy in the back, wrapping him in a blanket she kept in there and snapped a seat belt around him so he wouldn't get hurt before shutting the door and getting into the front. The drive to the vet's office didn't take long, and Andy was soon carrying the squirming puppy into the office.

"Hi, how can I help you, dear?" the receptionist asked as Andy made her way to the front desk.

"Hi, um, I found this little boy right outside my apartment building, and he doesn't have a collar; I was wondering if it was possible to adopt him," Andy said.

"Well, first we have to make sure he doesn't have a microchip in him; if he doesn't, then you can adopt him. Go on in this room, and a nurse will look the puppy over; fill this sheet out while you're in there," the receptionist said, handing a clipboard to the young girl.

"Thanks," Andy said, taking the clipboard and going into the room the receptionist pointed too. "Alright, baby, here you go," she said, putting the puppy down when the door was shut and pulling her phone out to see a text from Hunter.

Did I just see you leaving the apartment building?

Andy laughed and responded, explaining that something had come up and she'd be home later, possibly with a surprise. After that was sent, she got to work on the clipboard.

"Name, Andrea Scott, age, 17," she murmured to herself as she filled out the sheet before getting to the information about the puppy. "Gender, male, age, looks around 8 or 9 weeks, species, looks like a Black Labrador, name," she paused, looking at the puppy. He was sniffing around the room, and whenever he got to a shadow, he nearly blended in. Andy smiled. "Name, Shadow." She finished the sheet right as a person walked in to check out the puppy, now named Shadow.

"Hi, I'm Nurse Kris, and I'll be taking care of you today; where is the puppy?" she asked, smiling at Andy.

"Hi, I'm Andrea," Andy said, shaking Nurse Kris's hand and looking down at the puppy. "That's him," she said, nodding towards Shadow.

"Alright, let's get you up here," Nurse Kris said, picking up the puppy and placing him on the table. She ran a hand over the puppy, feeling his fur and body, "You say you found him outside your apartment building?" Andy nodded. "Well, I would say he was a stray, but I'll have to scan him to make sure," she said, pulling out a scanner. She ran it over Shadow's body multiple times, but it never went off, "Well, it looks like we have a little stray, here! If you want, I can give him some shots, and you can adopt him," the nurse said.

Andy smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I think having a dog would be nice; our apartment is animal friendly, so it all works out. By any chance, do you know what breed he is?"

"He looks like a Black Labrador, but I can run some tests to be sure," Nurse Kris said, petting Shadow's head.

Andy thought for a second and smiled, shaking her head, "A mystery is always more fun. Just the shots, and I'll adopt him and take him home; I already have a name in mind for him."

Nurse Kris smiled and nodded, "Alright, I'll be right back," and then she left.

Andy nodded and sat down, pulling out her phone.

Oh, a surprise! What is it?

With a laugh, Andy said he would have to wait, and she'd be home soon. Within thirty minutes, Nurse Kris had come back and administered the shots to Shadow and Andy officially adopted him. After paying, Andy took her new family member to the car and to the closest pet store, purchasing a collar, leash, tag, some toys, bowls, puppy food, and a dog bed. She purchased the items, slipped the new collar over Shadow's head and attached both the tag she got with his name on it and the one the vet gave her that said he'd gotten his shots to the collar and drove home with him.

"Alright baby, ready to see your new home?" Andy cooed as she parked. Shadow barked, causing the former White Ranger to giggle and get out. She attached the leash to the collar, picking up the puppy and placing him on the ground before grabbing the rest of the stuff. She allowed him to go in the grass, and then brought him up to the apartment. Setting down one of the bags in her hands, she dug through her bag for her keys, pulling them out and unlocking the door. Shadow tried to run into the room, but Andy held him back, laughing, as she put away her keys and picked up the bags again.

"Hold on, baby," she cooed, back into the room slightly so the door wouldn't shut on her. "Hunter! I'm home!" she called, kicking the door shut behind her, "And I could use a little help!"

"Andy, I thought we were getting the puppy this weekend," Hunter laughed as he went over to Andy, taking the larger bags from her.

"Saw him right outside the building," Andy said, sighing in relief that the heavier bags were taken from her. "Took him to the vet, and they didn't find any chip in him or anything, so I adopted him," she explained.

Hunter nodded, "Ah. So, did you already name him?" the blonde asked before kissing her quickly.

She giggled and kissed him back, pulling away only a few seconds later, "Yeah, I did," she said, setting her other bags on the kitchen table and picking up the puppy. She cuddled him to her, laughing when he licked her cheek again, "Hunter, meet Shadow," she said, unclipping the leash.

Hunter smiled and reached over to pat the puppy on the head. Shadow licked his hand. "Friendly little guy, isn't he?" Hunter laughed, "He looks like a Lab, I could probably train him into a great hunting dog," he said. Andy shrugged and set Shadow down.

Hunter had recently admitted that before his parents died, his dad used to take him and Blake hunting. They had a dog, and everything. Hunter had a license to hunt in California, as did Blake, although Blake wasn't around as much, so he had to hunt alone whenever he went. When Andy suggested getting a puppy, he had thought about getting a dog that would be perfect for hunting.

"Well, you'll need to make sure he doesn't get shot, out there; I named him Shadow for a reason," Andy said, taking out the bowls she bought and filling one with water and the other with food before setting them down.

Hunter smirked, "Oh, don't worry, he'll be fine," he said, before pressing her against a wall and kissing her. She giggled and kissed back.

Next day- Tommy's House

"You came down here and the gems were gone?" Andy asked, following Tommy to the secret lair she knew he had under his house.

"Yeah! It was so strange; first, the purple gem is gone, and now the other three are gone, too! Kim doesn't know where the purple gem is, and I haven't found it, yet," Tommy explained.

Andy was about to respond, when they heard voices. At first, they thought it was Kim, as she had gone shopping and took Jordan with her, but then they realized it was male voices, not Kim's. The two former White Rangers glanced at each other and hid in the shadows of the lair, as two figures entered. Once the two figures had walked a little further into the room, Andy and Tommy realized it was two of their students, a computer guy named Ethan James and a guy who looked like one of the two boys who had helped Andy and her friends the day Lothor attacked the U.S. Action Games, Connor McKnight.

Tommy and Andy looked at each other and nodded. Together, they stepped out into the light.

"If you two are here looking for extra credit, you're in the wrong place," Tommy said, crossing his arms. Connor and Ethan turned, surprise on their faces, as Andy came up behind him. He looked at both boys, waiting for an explanation, while Andy stood next to him, her own arms crossed.

Connor and Ethan looked at each other nervously, not sure about what they should say. Eventually, Ethan spoke.

"Dr. O, Ms. S, before you two go off, can we at least explain why we're here?" he asked, his eyes wide and his voice giving away his fear.

Connor hit his chest, "Dude, they're just gonna laugh if we tell 'em," he said.

"It's the truth! They'll believe us!" Ethan said, only a little sure of himself.

Although reluctant, Connor eventually agreed, "Alright," he said before looking up at Andy and Tommy, "Kira's gone."

"She got taken by these weird looking dinosaur things," Ethan added.

Tommy and Andy looked at each other, neither looking happy. Tommy took a few steps forward, "They're called Tyrannodrones," he said.

The three teens followed him as he went further into the lair. "And you know that, how?" Ethan asked.

Andy sighed, "Because, he helped created them," she answered for her old friend, who shot her a thankful look.

"Oh; class project?" Ethan asked sarcastically.

"It's a long story," Tommy said, turning around to face the three teens, "For now, we need to figure out what they want with Kira."

Connor, suddenly looking even more uncomfortable than he already was, dug his hand into his pocket. "It could be because of these," in the palm of his hand, were the yellow and red Dino Gems. Tommy and Andy both stared at them, their eyes wide with horror.

Silently, Tommy took the yellow gem, looking it over in his hand. He also took the red and blue gems, which Connor and Ethan had claimed respectively.

"Look, we're really sorry; how were we supposed to know that those things had like, super powers, and that those lizard dudes were going to come looking for them?" Connor asked, looking truly sorry, but knowing that he wouldn't be able to take back what he had done.

Tommy looked at the gems in his hand, and sighed. "I guess this isn't exactly something you see every day," he agreed, turning to face the boys. He motioned with his head, and Andy went to stand next to him. He gave her the gems, and then crossed his arms over his chest.

"Sort of like a science teacher with the ruins of an ancient civilization under his house?" Ethan asked, "Oh, and don't forget the student-teacher who's the same age as the students!"

"Look, not that isn't all seriously cool and all, but seriously, dude; you need to come clean," Connor said.

Tommy raised his eyebrows at Connor while Andy covered her mouth with her hand in order to hide her giggles. "Okay first of all, don't call me dude. Second, as hard as this may seem, you two need to forget all about this. Andrea and I'll find Kira," he said, before turning around and heading for his large computer. Andy followed, all the while still giggling.

Before either could reach the platform the computer was on, Connor used the super-speed that his gem gave him to get in front of them. Tommy and Andy shared a glance, "The gem is already starting to bond with you," Andy noted; Tommy had explained everything about the gems when she was helping Kim and Tommy move in after Tommy had spent a few months there. Andy had accidently stumbled on the gems, and Tommy had explained everything to the then-Ranger.

"You can either tell us about it now, or at my next parent-teacher conference," Connor said, determination on his face showing that he wasn't leaving without an answer.

With nothing else to do, Tommy sighed and led the three teens to his Jeep, a black Jeep Wrangler he'd gotten after giving Andy his white Jeep Liberty for her 16th birthday. Andy got into the passenger seat, Connor and Ethan both in the back.

"So when you said you helped create those tyranno-what-evers… You were just kidding, right?" Ethan asked, poking his head in-between the two front seats.

"They weren't supposed to be used like this; someone's modified their programing," Tommy explained.

"But I thought they were destroyed?" Andy asked, looking up from her phone to look at her friend.

"Apparently not," the older man replied, looking grim, "A few years back, I was doing some research on combining Dino DNA with technology; my partner, a scientist named Anton Mercer-"

Ethan cut in right then, "The guy who disappeared years ago!"

"Yep!" Tommy nodded, "Shortly after Mercer disappeared, our lab was attacked. All of our research was destroyed," he finished. "Or at least I thought it was," he added after a second.

"And the dude who did this is back?" Connor asked as Tommy pulled up to a stop sign.

"He calls himself Mesogog," Tommy said.

Andy shivered, "Ugh, that sounds nastier than Lothor!" she shuddered.

Connor chose to ignore her for now, "And you think he's after the gems?"

"Looks like it," the former Green, White, and Red Ranger confirmed.

"Well, this is all fascinating, but how is this going to help us find Kira?" Ethan asked, "I mean, it's not like she's just gonna fall out of the sky and land right in front of us!"

Right as Ethan said that, a green glowing light appeared, and a loud thump on the front end of the car made all of them jump. It was Kira. The blonde looked up, and, seeing her teacher, her teacher's student teacher, and Connor and Ethan in the car, widened her eyes.

Connor and Ethan jumped out of the car, running to the front to help Kira off the hood of the car as Tommy and Andy both slid out of the front.

Ethan looked up, amazed, before looking at Kira again, "How'd you do that?"

"I have no idea," Kira grabbed Connor and Ethan's hands, allowing them to pull her off the car, "One minute I'm being chased by Franken-lizard through his creepy lab, and the next thing I know, I'm a hood ornament!"

"Invisa-portals," Tommy muttered, loud enough for the four teens to hear him.

Kira rolled her eyes, "Whatever; next time, I'm calling a cab." Then she looked at Connor and Ethan, "What are you guys doing here?"

"We came to rescue you!" Ethan stated, still a little confused about the whole Invisa-portal thing.

"Nice job; way to show up when I don't need you anymore!" Kira exclaimed.

Suddenly, a glowing green light caught Andy's eye. She looked over only to see a bunch of Tyrannodrones appear. "You sure about that?" she asked, gaining the attention of the three teens in front of her.

The Tyrannodrones stalked forward, led by a creature that resembled both Motodrone and Zurgane. All five humans got in front of Tommy's car, Tommy and Andy in front of the other three teens.

"Mesogog find a new goon to do his dirty work?" Tommy taunted.

"You are not fit to speak my master's name; come with me peacefully, or suffer the consequences," the monster threatened, raising his sword.

Andy gagged, "Oh my God! Zurgane and Motodrone had a baby!" she exclaimed, severely disgusted by that thought.

"I'm gonna have to say, no," Tommy said, glaring at the monster.

Irritated that the two ex-Rangers refused to cooperate, the monster rushed forward with the Tyrannodrones, attacking the group of five. Tommy and Andy immediately started fighting, both holding their own fairly well. Connor, Ethan, and Kira fought as well, not as good as the two experienced ex-Rangers, but still well enough to hold their own. Andy kept her eye on the three newbies, noticing how each were fighting as though they had years of experience, before remembering when Tommy explained to her that the gems would help the person it bonded with to fight like a pro, even if that person had never once been in a fight in their life.

Eventually, Kira got a bunch of them in one spot, before using the power her gem gave her to defeat them. Kira's gem gave her a Ptera scream, a scream so loud it flung the Tyrannodrones off their feet and slamming them into the ground.

Ethan's gem gave him the power to make his skin like lizard scales, which helped him fend off heavy attacks with no problem. When he finished is group of Tyrannodrones, he had to smile.

Conner was having fun messing with the Tyrannodrones, including when he used his super-speed to avoid a Tyrannodrone. "Now you see me!" he got behind the creature, using his soccer skills to kick it to the ground, "Now you're unconscious!" he grinned.

Meanwhile, Andy was fending herself pretty well, using her ice attacks to destroy the foot soldiers. "Oh man, how I'm really missing putties right now!" she said to herself after a little while, breathing heavily. Suddenly, one of the Tyrannodrones barreled into her shoulder, knocking her to the ground. She fell with a shriek of shock, "Oh, come on! That bruise JUST healed!" she complained, feeling the new bruise start to form right where the one from fighting Lothor had just been.

Eventually, the four teens met up again with Tommy, who was breathing heavily from fighting with the creature who had demanded him to surrender, Zeltrax.

"Make sure you tell your master, Dr. Oliver's back," Tommy said, breathing hard, but standing up straight and tall.

"I will inform him this battle is over, but the war is just beginning," Zeltrax warned, before he and the remaining Tyrannodrones disappeared.

"That's the best he could do?!" Ethan demanded.

"Let's get outta here; it's getting late," Tommy suggested, walking over to his car while making sure no one had seen the battle that had just happened. "I don't want your parents to worry."

"I bet you don't," Connor said, almost sarcastically, "But you might have to explain something. Both of you," he said, looking at Andy as well.

"I'll tell you tomorrow after school; I promise," Tommy promised as he get into his car.

Kira, Connor, and Ethan just looked at each other and did as he told, feeling they'd had enough for one day.

After dropping off the three teens at the school, Tommy took Andy back to his house, where Kimberly was waiting for them.

"Tommy, Andy! Are you both alright?" the former Pink Ranger demanded when she saw her husband and sister exit Tommy's Jeep, the latter heading towards her own Jeep to head home.

"We're fine, Kim," Tommy said, kissing her on the lips quickly before turning to Andy, "Andy, is your shoulder alright? You took a nasty spill today."

Andy nodded tiredly; it had been a long day. "Yeah, it's fine; that bruise probably came back, but nothing some ice won't heal," she said, climbing into her Jeep and starting it. "I'll see you tomorrow, dude." With that, Andy closed the door to her Jeep and drove away.

When she got back to the apartment, she walked in, dropped her bag at the foot of the couch, and fell, face-first into the cushions. Hunter saw this and walked over, a little worried.

"Um, Andy?" he asked. He only received a wave, so he continued, "Babe, not to pry or anything, but, are you okay?" he asked. Andy groaned, for a few moments, before falling silent. Hunter raised his eyebrows, "I'm sorry, I don't speak groan," he said.

Andy sighed and turned over. Ten minutes later, Hunter was pressing an ice-pack to her shoulder as she finished explaining what had happened, Shadow in her lap.

"Wow; so you think these three kids, they'll become Power Rangers?" Hunter asked once she finished.

Andy nodded, "Tommy promised to explain everything to them tomorrow after school, and sense I know about it, I have to be there, as well," she sighed and leaned into his side, "As much as I loved hearing and even telling the stories growing up, I never thought I'd be thrown into Ranger business again, not like the others were."

Hunter rubbed her arm comfortingly, putting the ice-pack on the coffee table and turning her towards him slightly, "It'll be okay, Andy; I'll help you, and so will the others," he said, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. "Mesogog will be defeated, just like all the other creeps who wanted to rule the world."

Andy smiled slightly and buried her face in his chest.

Next day- Tommy and Andy's classroom

Andy picked up a piece of chalk and moved her bangs out of her eyes before picking up the sheet of paper on the desk behind her. As she wrote notes for the class and drew a diagram, the class filled up. Tommy walked in right as she finished.

"Cassidy, unless you plan on giving a lecture on the Mesozoic period, I suggest you take your seat," Tommy said once the bell rang, Cassidy being the only one still standing and looking into her mirror. Cassidy smiled sheepishly and sat down. "Thank you. Okay, who can tell me when it all began?" he asked the class, nodding to Andy.

Suddenly, the room started to shake, making many students gasp in surprise as they tried to hold onto something. The sky outside became very dark very quickly, and the power in the school flickered on and off multiple times. Once the shaking stopped, the students rushed to the window to see very dark storm clouds rolling in at a frightening speed.

Devin ran in then, going straight to Cassidy. Neither Tommy nor Andy were really listening to them until they heard Devin mention giant mechanical machines attacking downtown. Both of their eyes widened, especially when they heard Cassidy tell Devin to grab his camera.

"Wait, hold it, you two!" Tommy exclaimed, going over to them when the intercom turned on.

"Students, remain calm! The Mayor has declared a state of emergency! Please report to the front of the school for immediate dismissal! Again, remain calm!"

Kira, Connor, and Ethan made their way to Tommy and Andy, all three extremely confused.

"Dr. O now would be a good time to have that chat!" Kira exclaimed.

"We're out of time; if Mesogog revived the Bio-Zords, then we gotta act fast," Tommy exclaimed.

"What Tommy is trying to say is, come with us," Andy said, before turning and taking off behind Tommy. The three other teens sighed and followed them.

By the time they made it to the lair, Tommy had given Connor, Ethan, and Kira and quick run-down of what was going on.

"So these mechanical dinosaurs; they're your friends?" Kira asked.

"Bio-Zords; fusion-powered replicates with Dino DNA and neuron functions," Tommy said.

Andy rolled her eyes at the other three's confused faces, "Basically, he took parts from Jason, Billy, and Kim's Zords and combined them with Dino DNA to create Zords for you three," she explained.

"Wait, let me guess," Ethan started, "You helped build them."

Tommy, looking regretful, nodded, "I'm afraid so. But right now, we, I mean you three, have to tame them," he said,

"I'll BBL if it's all the same to you," Ethan said.

Tommy furrowed his eyebrows, "What's that mean?"

"Be back later," Andy answered as Ethan turned to walk away before she hurried forward and grabbed his arm, "Ethan, you three are the only three who can tame those Zords and use them to help defeat Mesogog," she said.

"She's right; and you won't have to do it alone," Tommy said, "Ever sense I found the Dino Gems, I've had these waiting, in case I ever had to harness their powers," he explained as he walked over to a podium with a silver briefcase on it.

"Into what?" Kira asked as Tommy opened the briefcase on the podium.

"Dino Morphers," Tommy said, opening the briefcase all the way. Inside, was four, small devices. One was red, and shaped like the head of a T-Rex. The one to its left was a purple Velociraptor head, with a yellow Pterodactyl head next to it. On the T-Rex's other side was a blue Triceratops head. Andy stared in confusion; why was one of them a Velociraptor? Before she could ask, Tommy said, "Use these to become Power Rangers."

The three in front of him, and even Andy, all stared at the morphers with wide eyes, until Ethan finally spoke, "I gotta sit down," and started to slowly kneel down.

"Breath, dude," Connor advised, putting a hand on his back.

"We can't be Power Rangers!" Kira exclaimed, "Aren't you supposed to fly, or have super-human strength, and stuff like that?"

Tommy raised his eyebrows, "You do."

"Oh, yeah," Kira mumbled, eyes still wide, "I forgot."

"Your gems are from the asteroid that crashed into earth millions of years ago, wiping out the entire dinosaur population. When I found them, I recognized their power and hid them, so they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands," Tommy said, before sheepishly adding, "Although the Purple Gem mysteriously disappeared from my possession a few months ago."

"How do you know these are the right hands?" Connor asked. Tommy went to answer, but Andy beat him to it.

"The gems are yours; you didn't choose them, they chose you," she said, fingering her Ninja morpher. It still had her Winter Power Coin in it, although the morpher itself had no more power. She was just glad she could still use her snow and ice attacks, although she had hoped to not have to use them this year at all.

"Can't they un-choose us?" Kira asked, turning as Andy walked over to the computer with Tommy.

"They've already bonded with your DNA; that's what's giving you your powers," Tommy explained.

"So if they've already bonded with us, then why are Mesogog and his freaks still after them?" Ethan asked, confused.

"The only way these powers can be taken away, is if you're destroyed," Andy answered, letting go of her old morpher, and looking at the three in front of her with an understanding face.

"Okay, for future reference, that's not a great selling point," Ethan pointed out.

"Look, all I know is, I don't remember asking to be a super hero," Connor said.

"Look, the gems wouldn't have already bonded with ya if you didn't have something inside of you that could handle the power," Tommy shouldered between Ethan and Connor, going back to the still-open briefcase. He slid it forward, 'Please."

Connor, Ethan, and Kira looked at each other before nodded. The three each reached out and took one of the morphers, Connor taking red, Ethan taking blue, and Kira taking yellow, leaving the purple morpher in the case.

"So, now what? Do we need some sort of secret passcode or command?" Ethan asked after a quick examination of his morpher.

"It's called a morphing call," Andy said.

"All you have to say is Dino Thunder, Power Up and you'll be instantly transformed. You'll know what to do," Tommy said.

"Dino Thunder," Connor scoffed, before looking at Ethan, "What, did you come up with that?"

"I kinda like it!" Ethan exclaimed, slightly offended.

"You would," Connor mocked teasingly. Ethan rolled his eyes.

"Look, I know you three are from different worlds, I get it, but you're gonna have to work together, or this'll never happen. This won't be easy; nobody knows that better than Andrea and I, but you're gonna have to believe in yourselves, because we believe in you," Tommy said. Andy nodded in agreement.

Connor raised his eyebrows slightly, "Really?"

Both former Rangers nodded, "Really," Andy answered.

Tommy turned to Andy, "Andrea, you stay here, I'll take them to the Bio-Zords," he told her. She nodded in agreement, and the other three teens left. As Tommy passed her, he whispered, "Kim's upstairs, she wants to talk to you," before leaving.

"Good luck, guys!" Andy called after them, "And may the Power protect you," she added to the end in a whisper. She stood there for a few minutes, before Kimberly came down, a baby monitor in her hands.

"Hey, Rea," the former Pink Ranger said, catching Andy's attention.

"Oh, hey, Kim," Andy said, smiling slightly. Kimberly hugged the younger girl softly, before leading her to the chairs in front of the computers.

"So, I heard you moved into an apartment with Hunter," Kimberly started.

Andy smiled, "Yeah, I did; we adopted a puppy together the other day, too; Shadow," she said.

"Aw," Kimberly cooed, laughing when Andy's face turned red. "You really love him, don't you?" she asked after a minute of silence between the two former Rangers.

Still blushing, Andy nodded, "Yeah, I do. He lost his parents just like I did, and he's a great Thunder Ninja; but outside of battle, he's just so sweet, it's hard to believe he can go from being the guy no one wants to get into a fight against to the guy who can be so loving and protective," she explained.

"Well, when a guy loves a girl, he'll do anything for her, including be loving around her even if it wasn't in his nature naturally," Kimberly explained.

"We've been dating for just over seven months, and, I know that's not very long, but… Kim, I think I'm in love with him," Andy admitted.

Kimberly only smiled and hugged the younger girl close to her. Neither girl noticed the newest team of Power Rangers defeat their very first monster in their brand new Zords, after combining them to create the Dino Megazord.

When Tommy returned with the newest team of Rangers, he took their morphers and ran them through a machine. When it was done, he opened the briefcase again. As he did it, the three morphers that now belonged to Connor, Kira, and Ethan changed to metal bracelets with their gems in the middle. The purple morpher stayed the same.

"Keep these bracelets with you at all times," Tommy said as the new Rangers picked up the metal cuffs, "They'll access your morphers when you need them, and you can use these to communicate with me, Andrea, and each other."

"Dr. O, I know you're all smart and a science teacher and stuff, but how did you…?" Kira cut herself off, not sure how to end her question.

"I'll fill you in, in time," Tommy said, sharing a glance with Andy.

"Speaking of time," Ethan started, "Do you think Mesogog's gonna stick around for a while?"

"Unfortunately, they always do," Andy answered.

"They?" Connor asked, almost blankly.

"I know this is a lot to take in," Tommy started.

"That's for sure," Ethan mumbled.

"Your lives have just changed in ways you probably couldn't have imagined, but as long as you work together, and remember, you're a team, no one can defeat you." Tommy said. "No one," that last one was added simply for emphasis. The three teens only looked at each other, before agreeing.

Andy couldn't help but give a half-smile. While she was irritated that she was already back in the Ranger life after only three weeks, she was glad that she wasn't a Ranger this time around. Sure, being a Ranger was fun and all, but she was a student-teacher now, with a boyfriend and a new puppy to take care of. Plus, she had to find a job and fast so she could help Hunter pay for rent; he got paid for teaching at the Thunder Academy, but she wasn't about to make him pay for everything. She already had a place in mind, suggested to her by Ernie. It was run by his other niece, Kelly's sister; her name was Hayley. Tomorrow, Andy planned on finding her café and asking for a job. But for now, she just wanted to go home to Hunter and relax; maybe put ice on her shoulder again. It was killing her.

Well, I hope you all liked the first chapter to Return of Winter! I hope you all know that I've been working on this chapter for a few days now, and I have big plans for this story. Well, the next chapter will be out sometime this weekend (I hope!) so watch out for it! =D