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Tommy's Lab

Andy could only watch in horror as the White Ranger, standing on the Dragozord, mocking the Rangers.

"Dragozord, show these losers what you're made off." With that, he jumped off the Zord, letting his Zord battle them alone; he knew the Zord could handle them. It flapped its powerful wings, blowing a powerful wind at the Megazord.

"No!" Tommy yelled, concerned for his students. They were his responsibility, after all, and he had come to care for them as if they were his own children alongside Jordan.

"Guys!" Andy yelped, erupting from her chair. Narrowing her eyes, Andy called Hayley and morphed before teleporting to Tommy's side. "Need any help?" she asked.

"I thought I told you to stay at the lab?" Tommy said, not taking his eyes from the battle in front of him.

"I called Hayley, she's on her way," Andy said, "But you know me, Tommy, I just can't stay away from Ranger business any more than you can," she smirked and Tommy chuckled dryly. His attention, however, was brought away from Andy and to the fight when the Dragozord attacked the Megazord.

"They need help!" Tommy exclaimed, "Stegazord, activate!" his morpher changed shape for a moment, as the newest Zord appeared.

"I was hoping you'd do that," Andy could hear the smirk in the White Ranger's voice as he used his dagger to gain control of the Stegozord. "Stegozord, you are under my command." With that, the White Ranger jumped into his Zord, "Dino Stegazord formation."

"Uh-oh!" Tommy and Andy gasped in unison.

"Not good!" Tommy added.

Using his new Zord, the White Ranger used it to create his own Megazord, much to the horror of the other Rangers.

"Seriously?" Andy exclaimed, "My predecessor is evil and he gets his own Megazord? I don't even have my own Zord, yet!"

Tommy didn't say anything to her, watching as the two Megazords fought. And by fought, I mean as the White Ranger's Megazord attacked the good Megazord. The primary Rangers managed to block an attack and attack him back, only for the White Ranger to attack the Megazord, creating large sparks. He then shot lightening at the Megazord, making it break apart, sending Connor, Kira and Ethan flying.

"Brutal," Kira said, lying on the ground in pain.

"You're telling me," Ethan added.

Connor didn't say anything, as he was just trying to get up.

"Guys!" Tommy exclaimed as he ran over, Andy right on his heels.

"Are you okay?" the Purple Ranger asked, helping pull Kira to her feet before going towards Ethan.

"Yeah," Connor said, sitting up with Tommy's help, "But our Zords are seriously tweaked!"

Tommy glared at the White Ranger's Megazord as he and Connor stood up. "That was so low!" he exclaimed.

"Sense when do they have bad Power Rangers?" Ethan asked.

"Ethan, don't forget that my boyfriend was evil once, as was Tommy. It happens with almost every team," Andy said. "For all we know, Mesogog is controlling him."

"Now we'll take the rest of the Zords!" they heard the White Ranger say, and could kinda see him holding up his dagger as it glowed.

"Not gonna happen!" Tommy exclaimed before looking down at his morpher.

"What are you doing?" Kira asked, watching her mentor.

Tommy glanced at the Yellow Ranger before replying, "I'm trying to break the Stegozord away!" Once he managed to make the Megazord break apart, Tommy smiled. "Alright!"

"Yeah!" Ethan exclaimed.

"Good job!" Andy said, placing a hand on Tommy's shoulder.

"Good save, Dr. O!" Ethan said, bumping Tommy's arm with his own.

"Thanks," Tommy said, looking at Ethan briefly. "But I doubt if it will last; the White Ranger's power over the Stegazord is too strong."

The Rangers could only look at each other.

Tommy's Lab

"Well, that was like the worst day ever," Connor said.

Ethan nodded in agreement, sitting near his friend. "Brutal."

"There's gonna be a lot of days like this, guys," Tommy said, walking between his students.

"Uh, what ever happened to the glass is half full?" Kira asked.

"Sometimes it's not," Tommy answered, "Sometimes it's empty. But that's when you dig deep. That's when the qualities that made you Rangers, are most important."

"You're right," Connor said, after thinking about it for a moment, "What can we do?"

"Have a little fun. Ethan, isn't there a new video game you wanted to check out?" Tommy asked.

"I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I have absolutely no desire to go near a computer," Ethan confessed.

"I know what you mean," Kira said, looking at the Blue Ranger, "I haven't picked up my guitar in days."

"Go on, teacher's orders," Tommy said. When his three students didn't move, he said again, "Go!"

Without saying anything, Connor, Kira and Ethan left.

Andy crossed her arms, watching the three students leave. "Enjoy yourselves now, because it's only going to get worse."

"You too," Tommy said, looking at his student teacher.

"What?" Andy tipped her head to the side, confused, her bright green eyes staring straight at her mentor.

"Go spend some time with Hunter, and be ready to be called," Tommy said. "I know you were a Ninja Ranger a few months ago, but still, go," he ordered.

Andy smiled slightly at the older Ranger and hugged him. "Thank you. And again, I'm sorry for keeping the gem from you."

Tommy waved a hand. "Go, Andrea, call it a mentor's orders."

Andy smiled, nodded, and left. She met up with Hunter at Hayley's Cyberspace, who had seen the fight on the television.

"Are you alright?" the former Crimson Ranger asked when his girlfriend found him at the bar.

Andy nodded tiredly. "Yeah, I'm fine," she said, kissing chastely and sitting at the bar next to him.

"Andy, you want anything?" Hayley asked, coming up on the young couple from behind the bar.

"Can I have a milkshake?" Andy asked, laying her arms on the bar and her head on her arms. "And whatever he wants," she said, gestering to her boyfriend.

"Chocolate milkshake, please," Hunter said before turning to his girlfriend. "So another Evil one, huh?" he asked, rubbing her back softly.

Andy sighed and looked up, nodding. "Figures, every team I'm apart of in some way has an Evil Ranger," she kept her voice down so no one would hear her. Once Hayley handed the couple their shakes, she said a quick thank you.

"Well, just try and help the guy out, like you did me; maybe you'll break through to him," Hunter said, taking a sip of his milkshake.

"Maybe," Andy said, shrugging. "But we don't know how Mesogog is controlling him; this one seems pretty much under some kind of mind control, while you were told a lie and were stupid enough to believe it."

"Hey!" Hunter exclaimed, although he knew she was completely joking.

Andy giggled slightly. "You know I'm kidding, Hunter," she shoved his shoulder affectionately.

Hunter chuckled. "I know, babe." He kissed her softly, earning another giggle from her.

"Alright, lover boy, what did I say about PDA?" Andy joked, pushing him away with her hand on his chest.

"That I could do it all I want?"

Andy laughed, "I don't even know what to say about that." Before anything else could be said, Andy's morpher beeped.

Hunter covered her slightly as she raised her wrist up to her mouth.


"Andy, I need help!" it was Connor.

"I'm on my way!" Andy answered, before looking up at Hunter. "Sorry, Hunter, duty calls," she said.

"Be careful," Hunter said, kissing her forehead quickly. "I love you."

Andy smiled and pecked his lips. "Love you, too," with that, the Purple Ranger left the café and morphed, teleporting to Connor's location. He was being shot at by the White Ranger, with his own laser gun.

"Hey!" Andy called, drawing the White Ranger's attention from the Red Ranger and to the Purple Ranger. Her bow was in her hand, an arrow already nocked and the string pulled back to her cheek. "Wanna try that again?"

"Ah, just the Ranger I was hoping to see," the White Ranger smirked, "I know all about the coin around your neck; just hand it over to me and I won't hurt you."

"Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before," Andy spat. "And I'm gonna give you the same answer as I always do; no!" with that, she released the arrow. It hit the White Ranger, making him back up a few yards. "Connor! Are you okay?" she asked, running over to her fallen friend.

"Don't even bother; it's over," the White Ranger said.

Connor gritted his teeth as Andy helped him stand up, "It is SO not over!" he exclaimed. "Super Dino Mode! Dino Power!" he exclaimed as the spikes on his suit became three-dimensional, growing out of his suit. He charged, ignoring the blasts from the laser ray and pouncing on the White Ranger. The White Ranger went flying, landing next to his dagger, while the explosion made Connor's Super Dino Power to wear off.

"Whoa! It's like I tapped into an all-new power!" he exclaimed, looking at his hands in surprise.

As the White Ranger got up, his suit still smoking, Andy stood next to Connor, a good sized space separating the good Rangers from the bad.

"You beat me at my own game; congratulations," the White Ranger said. "Looks like you won't have to worry about the White Ranger anymore." With that, the gun dropped from his hand and he collapsed.

"Oh, man!" Andy exclaimed as Connor ran towards the fallen Ranger.

"Hey, wait a minute! I didn't mean to…!" he helped the Ranger to sit up, Andy crouching on his other side. "Are you alright?"

Right as Connor finished his question, the White Ranger grabbed his gun and shot the lasers at the Red Ranger with one hand, grabbing his dagger with the other and using it to slash at Andy. Both rangers were shot back, Andy with a gash in her arm that was gushing blood.

"I can't believe we fell for that!" Connor said, bouncing back from him. Andy lay dazed on the ground, as her suit became soaked in blood.

"And here's what you get for your stupidity," the White Ranger shot Connor with the laser gun again, causing the Red Ranger to back flip from the force.

"Connor!" Andy shouted, standing up now with her hand covering her injury.

Her voice attracted the White Ranger who aimed the laser gun at her. "Give me your power coin!" he demanded.

"You're not getting that coin!" Andy shouted at him.

"Fine, then," shooting the laser at her, the White Ranger attacked. He didn't expect her to put her hand out, using her telekinesis to make the lasers hit the ground a few feet from her. The White Ranger grimaced and turned back to Connor. "You put up a pretty good fight; but now it's over." He stalked towards Connor, dagger in hand and pointed at the Red Ranger. Before he could do anything, though, Mesogog and Zeltrax appeared.

"Don't let me interrupt," the dinosaur said, walking towards the White Ranger. Andy hurried over to Connor, helping him stand.

The White Ranger turned in annoyance. "And who are you?"

"I am… Mesogog," he said, trying to sound menacing,

Connor scrambled up with Andy's help. "I can't believe you two haven't met!"

"Yeah, you have so much in common," Andy spat.

"Silence!" Zeltrax ordered, shooting lightening from his sword at the Red and Purple Rangers.

Both were sent to the ground and groaned, Andy clutching at her injured arm that was still bleeding.

"Do not speak unless spoken too!" Mesogog spat at them.

"Oh yeah?" Andy gasped out, "Make me!"

Mesogog ignored her and turned to the White Ranger. "Now, we have some business to attend to."

"I have no business with you," he said.

"I want to make you deal; I'll help you defeat the rest of the Power Rangers and you can be one of my subjects when I rule the planet," he made it sound like it was the best thing in the world for the White Ranger to do.

"I'll take a pass on that. Dragozord, online!" he said into his morpher. "I'm out of here," he said once his Zord appeared, jumping up into it.

Mesogog hissed in annoyance and stepped up to where Connor and Andy were laying on the ground.

"Shall I finish them, master?" Zeltrax asked, pointing his sword at the duo.

"No," Mesogog answered. "Our new friend seems to have a fascination with the Red and White ones. I will let them live in the hopes that they will lead me to him again."

"Very well, my lord," Zeltrax said obediently before he and Mesogog disappeared through an Invisa-Portal.

Unfortunately, right when they left is when Ethan appeared on his bike. "Hey, Connor! Andy!" he called.

"Ethan?" Connor asked in confusion.

"Connor, Andy! Are you okay?" he demanded, helping the two fallen Rangers back up.

"I think so, but Andy has a nasty gash on her arm," Connor said, "And just so you know, good guys do not wear white!"

"Hey, I was the White Ranger once, and so was Tommy!" Andy said, hitting Connor on the arm weakly. Loosing so much blood had weakened her, so much so that she was holding onto Ethan just so she wouldn't fall back onto her butt. But before the three could leave, they had to watch the White Ranger, in his Megazord, fight against Angor, who apparently wasn't as defeated as they had thought.

"Hey, they're fighting each other!" Connor exclaimed in surprise.

"Guess the White Ranger isn't under Mesogog's spell, after all," Andy said, bringing the attention of the two Rangers to her. Her injured arm was being clutched tightly by her hand, and they could see where her blood had stained her uniform.

"Come on, Andy, let's get you back to the lab," Ethan said, trying to lead her to his bike.

"Ethan, no, I can teleport myself to the lab, you guys go to Tommy and Kira, I'll only slow you down." When the two Rangers looked skeptical, she said again, "Go! I'll be fine!" With a nod, Ethan and Connor went to join the Black and Yellow Rangers. "Good luck, guys," she murmured before teleporting herself to Tommy's lab, where Hayley, Kim and Hunter were waiting.

Almost immediately, Andy nearly collapsed from exhaustion, her morph gone, and she reached for a table to steady herself.

"Andy!" Hunter exclaimed, coming to his girlfriend's side to help steady her. He helped her to a chair, and Kim came to her side with a first aid kit. She was able to look at Andy's wound, a five-inch long gash that went from her shoulder to the inside of her elbow and deemed it shallow enough to not need stiches. Kim cleaned the wound, slathered it with medicine, and wrapped it.

"Okay, you're arm's all wrapped up. But you lost a lot of blood, so I wouldn't suggest moving around a lot. Also, go home and get some sleep."

"Thanks, Kim," Hunter said, putting his arm around Andy as she stood up.

"No problem," Kimberly said, "You take care of her, Hunter."

Hunter smiled at her, "I will, don't worry."

"Thank you, Kim," Andy said, hugging her friend. "Tell Tommy I'm okay for me."

Kimberly agreed, and the couple left the house, driving back to their apartment in Hunter's truck. Hunter, to the annoyance of Andy, insisted on carrying her inside, and he even helped her change into something she could sleep in. Andy, as proud a person as she was, could hardly even think straight let alone dress herself, so she let him, and the moment she hit the pillow, she was out. Hunter only chuckled and slid in next to her to get a little sleep of his own.

Neither of them knew that Tommy had just been encased in a block of amber, and neither of them would know until the next day.