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Twenty-three year old Kendall Knight lays in his bed, in his bedroom in his apartment. It's about 8:30, and he's waiting for his five year old daughter, Aliciana to be dropped off. It's Friday night, and it's his night to have her. He's really happy. He loves his daughter so much.

Suddenly, his phone vibrates, signaling he has a new text message.

From: Daisy
To: Kendall

I'll be there to drop her off around nine.

He just replies with 'K'.

Daisy is the mother of Aliciana, and his ex girlfriend. The reason they're not together anymore is because they started arguing an awful lot after Aliciana was born. After she was born, the first few months were great. They didn't argue a lot, they just had their little disagreements here and there. But after a while, they starting arguing a lot for some reason. Like seriously, there wouldn't be a day where they would not argue. So they decided to call it quits. They both obviously weren't happy in the relationship, and it wasn't good for Aliciana to be around all that arguing, so they broke up.

They've broken up a couple times before, but they always got back together within the next few months or weeks. It's been five years, and they're still not together. Even though it's been five years, he just doesn't wanna believe that they're completely done.

Daisy has already moved on. She has a boyfriend named Troy that she's been seeing for about about a year now. It seriously breaks Kendall's heart to see her with him. He's tried to move on. He's only had two girlfriends since they broke up, and it just isn't the same. He wasn't feeling them at all. He can't believe that after five years, he hasn't fallen out of love for her. He fell out of love for Jo after just about a year. Kendall really did love, well loves, Daisy.

After they broke up, Kendall moved back to LA and back into the Palmwoods. He still got to see his daughter, though. Kendall has her every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Daisy gets her back Monday morning before Kendall has to go to the studio. She moved back to LA when she turned 19. Her and Audrey live together in a house. So he didn't have to drive all the way to San Diego just to pick her up and drop her off. Anyway, when Kendall turned nineteen, he also moved out of the Palmwoods. Him and James live in a house together, while Carlos and Logan live with their girlfriends.

Yes, everyone else is still together. Everyone else besides Kendall and Daisy. Logan and Abigail are actually engaged to be married. Everyone thinks it's too soon, but they say they really love each other and are ready for marriage. Carlos has his own apartment right now, it's a really nice and big one, too. Jennifer doesn't technically live with him, but she's over there all the time and stays the night almost everynight, so she might as well.

Knock! Knock!

He's snapped out of his thoughts as he hears someone knock on the door. It must be James, since he's the only other person who lives in this house.

"Come in." Kendall says, the door opening shortly after.

James stands at the doorway, but then enters and sits at the edge of Kendall's bed.

"I'm going out with Mari for a bit to the movies." James says. Kendall just nods slowly. "Um, is there something wrong with you? I've noticed you've become a little distant and quiet lately.."

Kendall shakes his head. "No dude, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" James re-asks. He has noticed something wrong with Kendall, but he isn't sure what it is. Whenever he doesn't have Aliciana, he spends most of his time in his room. Since he has his own bathroom, shower and TV in there, he only leaves his room to eat. When Aliciana is over, it's the only time he really looks happy. Even at the studio, he dozes off a lot, and it's not like Kendall to do that. James is starting to worry. Even the guys, Kelly, and Gustavo even are starting to notice.

"Yeah." he lies. He isn't gonna lie, he hasn't been himself lately. He knows it's been five years and he probably sounds ridiculous, but he misses Daisy, a lot! He hasn't told the guys, and he probably won't. He already know's what they're gonna say. They're gonna tell him to move on, it's been five years! And he's tried that already, and it just didn't work. Those other girls aren't Daisy, no one can ever be her. All he wants is her, but she's with someone else.

"Okay.." James says suspiciously, not buying it at all. But he'll find out soon. "So, make sure Aliciana is still up by the time I get home, it won't be late. I promised I'd watch Toy Story 3 with her next time she came."

"Alright." Kendall replies, as James walks out.

He looks at the clock, and it's already 8:54. So Daisy should be here soon to drop Aliciana off. Kendall can't wait for his little girl to arrive. She definitely brightens his day and makes him so happy. Hopefully her adorable hyper self can make him feel better. She never fails to make him smile.

Kendall hears a car pull into the driveway, so he gets up off his bed, looking out of the window, and sure enough, it's Daisy's car.

He heads out of his room and downstairs so he can head outside to get his princess.

When he arrives at there, Daisy reaching inside the back seat to help Aliciana take her seatbelt off. When she does, she takes her daughters hand and helps her out of the car. The littile girl takes no time into running up to her dad.

"Daddyyyy!" she exclaims, running into his arms.

"Hi princess!" Kendall smiles, taking her into his arms, picking her up and kissing her cheek. "Did you miss me?"

"Yes, I missed you lots!" she replies, wrapping her arms around her daddy's neck and giving him a big hug.

He smiles. "I missed you too."

"Well, I'm gonna get going." Daisy says, approaching them. She gives Aliciana a kiss on the cheek. "Bye baby! I'll see you in a few days, I love you!"

"Bye mommy, I love you too!" the little girl exclaims.

With that being said, Kendall turns around and heads inside with his little girl in his arms.

"Is Uncle James here?" Aliciana questions, as they enter the house and Kendall puts her down. "He promised to watch Toy Story 3 with me!"

"No, he's not here right now." Kendall tells her, bending down and helping her take her coat off. "He's with his girlfriend right now, he told me he'll be here in a bit so you guys can watch it, okay?"

"Okay!" she exclaims. "Daddy, why don't you have a girlfriend?"

"Because daddy doesn't want a girlfriend." he replies, taking her hand and leading her to the kitchen so he can give her a snack. "I'm perfectly fine without one."

"But mommy has a boyfriend." Aliciana says.

"Good for mommy." Kendall sighs, lifting his little girl up and sitting her on the counter. "I, on the other hand, don't need one. The only girl I need in my life is you."

"Do you love mommy?" she all of a sudden asks. Where does she get all these questions from? She's only five years old!

"You know, for a five year old you sure ask a lot of questions." Kendall chuckles. "Why do you ask me that princess?"

"Because I always hear Troy tell mommy he loves her." the little girl replies. "Do you love her?"

Yes, he does love her. But is he gonna tell that to his daughter? No. Why? Because he already knows for a fact she's gonna blurt it out to Daisy, and he doesn't want that to happen. He hasn't told Daisy he still loves her, he just doesn't know how to. It'll probably be all awkward for them when they have to see each other to drop off or pick up Aliciana. And plus, Kendall knows she doesn't feel the same way. She's in a happy relationship already.

"So, how about a snack?" Kendall quickly says, changing the subject. "What do you want?"

"Strawberries!" she exclaims. For some reason, Aliciana seems to really love strawberries. Kendall guesses that's a good thing, because it's a fruit and fruit is healthy. He always wants to make sure his baby girl is eating healthy, so he doesn't let her have too many sugar and junk food.

"Alriiight." Kendall replies, kissing his daughters cheek before heading to the fridge to take the strawberries out.

Daisy enters her shared house with Audrey, plopping down onto the couch, sighing. She loves her daughter to death, but she's a hyper little girl, so it gets kind of tiring when she has to work(she works at a beauty hair salon) and take care of her. When she's with Kendall, she misses her so much. But then again, it's kind of relaxing because she gets to sleep in, go out for a bit, and just relax, you know? But she loves being a mommy to her princess way more than that. It is nice to have those days, though.

"You seem a little stressed." Audrey says, as she enters the living room and sits on the opposite couch as Daisy. Audrey and Cory are still together, but they both agreed not to move in until after they're married. And they aren't married yet, not even engaged. Even though they've been together for a long time, they both agreed they wanna get married when they're around 25. "What's wrong?"

"I'm just really tired and exhausted." Daisy sighs. "Even though Aliciana didn't have school today she still woke up super early, even before she's suppose to wake up if she had school. I had to take her to the salon with me and it was really busy today and she was really bored there, because there's really not much a five year old can do there. We came back and you were still working and she was being extra crazy today. I love her to death, but she's hard to handle sometimes."

"Well, you should rest right now that you have the time to." Audrey says. "You work tomorrow, huh?"

"Troy's coming over in a bit," Daisy replies. "And no, I don't have to go in tomorrow."

"See, there ya have it!" Audrey exclaims. "Tomarow should just be our girls day. Spa, nails done, shopping, then go get Chinese Take out and rent movies and have a movie night?"

"That sounds amazing." Daisy smiles, liking the thought of having a girls day. "Somtimes I feel like it'd be way easier if me and Kendall were together, though."

"Do you still have feelings for him?" Audrey questions. "Or love him?"

Daisy sighs. "I mean, it's been five years since we've been together, but I'm not gonna lie, I feel like I still love him. He was the first dude I actually really loved, and he's the father of my daughter. But we were arguing so much and there was really no point in being together if we weren't happy. I moved on, he's probably moved on too."

"He broke up with that girl he was seeing." Audrey says.

"Really?" Daisy asks. Audrey nods. "I didn't you know why?"

"He said he wasn't really feeling her." she replies. "So, do you love Troy like you loved Kendall?"

Daisy shakes her head. "I mean, I love Troy, but I'm not inlove with him like I was with Kendall. I don't know, I'm over him, but I just...I don't even know. I'm happy with Troy."

Knock! Knock!

"Welll, he's here." Daisy says, getting up off the couch.

"Be protecteddd." Audrey says in a sing-song voice, as she gets up off the couch, throwing a pillow at Daisy and heading upstairs.

Daisy just rolls her eyes, giggling a bit.

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