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January 1967

The bond of blood is not thicker than water; both of them could attest to this as they struggled to free themselves from their individual coffins. Blood is the reason why they were here: the craving they had for it was far too strong, and it had caused their family-their own blood-to turn on them. It happened during the day when they were most vulnerable—the coffins had been sealed, each with a crucifix affixed to the inside lid. They had been unable to move upon awakening as soon as they had seen the holy talisman, and even if they could somehow resist being petrified they could not get out: the coffins were chained in heavy, silver links. Blood was their curse, it had been for one-hundred and seventy-five years, and together they wondered if it would be their undoing.

A sound issued from the opening of the secret room; people were in the crypt, human from what they could sense. There was laughter, followed by glass breaking—a beer bottle smashed against the stone floor as the three young men stumbled around the coffins.

"Trevor, you said this was a secret room, so how'd you know about it?"

"Thank Samantha: she told Max, and Max—with his big mouth—told me."

Josette flinched as a sudden knock came from above her. "Anybody home?" A slurring voice asked with a chorus of laughter following from the other two males.

"I heard there are actual bodies in these."

"Let's crack one open and see!"

"How are we going to do that? They're all chained up." There was a rattling, metallic sound as the person demonstrated while shaking the chain.

"I've got tools in the truck from work; gimmie a sec, I'll grab 'em." The sound of footsteps faded as he left, followed by hurried ones that stopped next to Josette.

"Stop it, Trevor!" A girl's voice; filled with frustration but unlike her companions, hers did not slur in the slightest as she was sober.

"This is a family crypt; people are buried in here, we should treat it with respect not act as if it's The Blue Whale!"

"Listen to Saint Samantha acting all holier than thou." Trevor mocked; Josette heard them move away from her, and then a short scream of surprise.

"Let go!"


"Trevor, you're hurting me!" Sounds of a struggle were beginning to mount.

Another male's voice, "Trevor, cut it out, let her go."

"You stay outta this, Josh!"

"Quit being a prick man, let her go!"

The Vampires heard them shoving at each other, Trevor slammed Josh's head into Barnabas's coffin, and the girl screamed as he pinned her against the wall. He was trying to rip at her clothes when Max came back in; he dropped the tool belt, and jumped onto Trevor.

"Max, what the hell?!" Trevor yelled as he was forced to the floor.

Max hit him, hard, and the troublemaker fell unconscious. "Are you okay?" He asked Samantha.

"Y-Yes, I-I'm okay."

He turned, picked up the tool belt, and that's when both of them heard voices.

"Help…please, help!"

The voices came from the coffins; they stood there, frozen. "We're in here! Please, help us!"

Samantha's wide eyes looked to her friend, "Max—"

"I know Sam, I hear them too."

They scrambled over to them, and stood for a moment leaning over one coffin and then the other. But the voices grew louder, more desperate, and Max started to undo the chains as fast as he could. He managed to get through Barnabas's chains, and moved over to Josette's working fervently. The links slid off, he was opening the lid…and then all hell broke loose.

Trevor had recovered, overpowering Max who couldn't breathe. Samantha tried to fight him off, and was thrown backward into the floor where she hit her head. Max lost consciousness, and Trevor dropped him to the ground before making his way to the girl.

He sat on top of her, eyes glazed over as he whispered into her hair, "I've secretly had a thing for you, Sam."

His tongue licked her ear, and she screamed in terror and disgust, "Get off of me!" Suddenly his weight was off of her, but she could hear his ragged, short breaths. The Vampires had him pinned against one of the coffins, their eyes black and shimmering scarlet.

"That isn't very polite to do to a young lady. Barnabas, I think we ought to teach this young man a lesson." Josette said darkly.

Her dead lover smiled purposely showing off his fangs, "Indeed."

They lunged for his throat cutting off a scream, and when he was drained completely, they let his body unceremoniously fall to the ground. Blood dripped from the edge of Josette's mouth as she spoke, "That was most…fulfilling. Are the other two terribly hurt?"

Barnabas knelt beside Josh, "Bruises I think, but this one…" He said hovering above Max, "I cannot say for certain."

They both turned at the sound of the girl slowly trying to rise; she staggered as she tried to regain her footing. "Careful!" Josette cautioned as she reached out and steadied her, "Here, sit back down." She said as Barnabas helped her guide the human to the steps.

Samantha's vision cleared; pair of pale, concerned faces greeted her with black eyes that pierced through her. "Get away! Get away from me!"

Josette grabbed her shoulders, "We're not going to hurt you; I promise, it's alright."

At her touch Samantha became so overwhelmed she fell forward and fainted into her lap. "Barnabas, I think she needs a doctor." Josette said as she drew her hand away from Samantha's head and saw blood. He was going to reply when they heard another sound; an older voice, a woman's voice, coming from just outside the crypt a few feet away. She was the caretaker of the cemetery, and a very fierce one at that; no one defiled so much as a blade of grass while she was there.

"Who's in there?" A pause for five seconds, and then, "I know someone's in there; the gate is wide open, and your car's outside. Either come out quietly, or I'll phone the police."

The vampires looked at each other as they heard a rifle being loaded.

"Don't make me use an alternative method to stop you." A click; the rifle was ready to fire. A few seconds passed by then she said, "Ready or not, here I come!" They could hear her entering the tomb, and knew they had to act quickly. Barnabas opened the step, turned the knob, and the door to the Secret Room began to open. They barely had enough time to transform into bats, and make their exit.

They were black all over; their fur iridescently shimmering as they flapped leathery, huge wings. The whitest of tiny fangs could be seen, and their eyes burned a reddish-gold. They fluttered around the woman's head, and she swatted at them angrily. "Shoo! Get out of here!" The bats squeaked and flew about her another round, then left the crypt in a silent state that would have scared the dead.

When the woman looked down, she was met with a most horrendous site: four bodies were lying on the cold stone floor before her. She ran back to the main gate where the office was, and dialed for help telling them to come as fast as they could. Within minutes, a parade of blue and red lights were flashing outside as policemen and medical technicians flooded the Collins Crypt.