Chapter Three

She didn't know how many hours had gone by, just that they were silent. After her laughing fit she had put on her seatbelt and they had fallen into a silence. It was awkward at first but now it was...just there...neither comfortable nor uncomfortable.

Mentally Edward was brooding, trying to arrange his thoughts. His family was no doubt freaking out, nothing was going according to plan, and honestly this was not what he needed. Not now. Not with Bella in the mix but... He glanced at her small form out of the corner of his eye. She looked so small...fragile and scared.

It made him want to protect her, to pull her close and hold her tight, to make everything bad go away.

He pushed the thoughts away, they left a sour taste in his mouth. Instead he tried to focus on her thoughts yet they were the same as they had been for the last few hours. Guilt ridden. Angry. Disgust. She thought herself a monster. It kind of irked him, she wasn't a monster...

"You're not a monster." His voice was low yet almost sounded deafening in the silent car. Her blood red eyes slanted over to look at him, her body following suit as she leaned against the car door more, the seat belt groaning in protest, he wanted to scold her like she was small child. It wasn't safe for her to lean on the door like that.

She had been shocked when he spoke, almost jumped, yet as she glanced at him. Her eyes taking him in studying him. He was like her...yet he wasn't? His aura was similar yet off? She watched as his lips pulled into a small smile. "I am like you...I just have a different...'diet' just like the rest of my family." He furrowed his eyebrows, not sure if that was the right word to use right now.

She was still so raw.

Yet she wasn't daft. He could almost watch her put the pieces together. It made his lips quirk into a small smile.

Blood red eyes gazed at him in wonder...was he...a mind...reader? At the quirk of his lips she could only glare. Her past experiences with people mucking about in her mind never ended well and it was with mistrusting eyes that she tried to call on her miko powers.

She honestly didn't even know if she could use them, she wasn't human anymore. She was a monster, the exact opposite of what she used to be. So it wasn't a real shocker that her powers which had always been right under the surface did not heed her call. Even so the feeling of complete helpless washed over her, she had not a single thing left of the old Kagome.

She was alone.

"You're not alone." His voice was still low. She only glared at him.

"Stay out of my head." Her voice was a low hiss and he could only sigh a sad grimace on his face. "I can't control it. If I could I would...I'm sorry." She stared at him, her blood red gaze studying him, trying to tell if he was lying or not. She had never realized how much her powers had helped her until now.

What was that old saying?

You never know how much you'll miss something until its gone?

A bitter laugh escaped her lips, how ironic.

How the gods damned her. Letting out a bland sigh she could only nod, recalling how sucky it was to have powers you can't control.

"Its fine...I guess. We don't really have a choice do we?" It was a rhetorical question, which held a bit of a bite to it. Which was understandable given the circumstances, even so... He could only nod at her question as they once again fell into a silence.

Alice sat quietly in the back at the house, waiting for Edward to be back with their newest family member. She would fit in fine with them...but it would take some time.

Kagome was going to have to take some time to get used to her bloodlust, but she would have an easier time than most because of her being a miko.

Pursing her lips Alice heard car doors and sighed, it seemed everyone was home now. When Edward had left she sent out a message for everyone to come home as soon as possible. They were all going to think something bad happened or was to happen.

It wasn't a bad thing Kagome was coming into the family early, but she was happy it happened early. This way they could avoid the whole 'Bella' scenario.

In her visions Edward fell in love with Isabella Swan, and that was fine if she was his true mate. Isabella Swan was a kind person, or was in the visions she had, but that girl wasn't meant to be a part of the Cullen family forever.

Kagome Higurashi on the other hand...she was what Edward needed. She would help him become someone better. She would also be his equal in every way. Something Isabella Swan couldn't be.

As Alice searched through the future again she sighed, it seems like things would be different now. Not in a bad way, they will go through less drama now that Kagome was here.

Though, there would be drama with Isabella...she had already started to like Edward and it seems she wasn't going to let him go.

Sighing Alice ran a hand over her face, things were getting more and more interesting. Glancing at the door she gave a small smile as something flashed in her mind.

A smiling Kagome as Edward twirls her around as he laughed.

The thing that caught her attention was what she was wearing.

A wedding gown.

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