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Officer Mellark has a hard time believing that he holds importance. It was branded into his mind that he'd never be good enough. What if he ends up saving a girl with grey eyes, and he doesn't even know it? She's in an abusive relationship, and he's the one who can help her. Maybe she'll be the one to help him, and show him his importance. Modern day AU!

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Oh, Peeta, I think to myself. Why are you doing this?

Why did I choose to be a Police Officer? Is it because I like helping people.. or is it because it makes me feel important? My whole life I was degraded by my mother while my father and brothers sat around doing nothing. Nothing. At. All. Is this why even at the age of twenty-three, I question if I'm good enough for anyone, anything?

"Mellark," a voice snaps me out of my life's questioning. I look up from my desk to see my partner-roommate-best friend, grinning while leaning against my door frame. "We've got ourselves a call,"

My hands clutch the steering wheel of our assigned cruiser. The sirens wail and flash as I drive down the mostly bare street save for a few cars. The great thing about Los Angeles is that it doesn't snow in our winter months.

"So, what is it?" I ask Finnick referring to the 911 call we were assigned.

Finnick shifts in the passenger seat and runs a hand through his bronze hair. "Neighbours called. Said they heard yelling and screaming from the house beside them." He says and then adds, "They may have hinted at domestic abuse."

I turn down a street, and average looking houses line the left and right. Stucco walls, wooden roof shingles. Finnick points to a house on my right, and I turn off the sirens. We pull up to the curb, then hop out of the cruiser.

Finnick and I approach the front door, and he raises his fist to the door. He raps the door a few times, and we wait. Muffled voices come from behind the other side, and finally it opens. A man with brown, wavy hair, and a kind face stands there. Though his face is kind, his eyes are cold, and dull.

"Can I help you.. officers?" The man asks kindly, yet there is an edge to his voice.

I clear my throat, and loop my thumbs through my belt loop. "I'm Officer Mellark, this is my partner, Officer Odair," I motion to Finnick. "We here because a call came in. There were reports of yelling-"

"With all due respect, Officer.. Who called these reports in?"

Before I can tell him that I am not allowed to disclose that information, a cross between a cry and groan comes from inside the house. The guy licks his lips, and looks between Finnick and I nervously.

"May we come in?" Finnick asks coolly. The guy's eyes show panic and he goes to close the door, but Finnick sticks his foot in the way. "Does it look like I'm dumb?"

The guy gulps, and Finnick pushes past him into the house. I follow behind, and close the door on my way in. The guy's eyes nervously look between us and the stairs. Finnick gives me a nod, and I head up the stairs while he stays with the guy.

I climb the set of stairs, and decided to start with the room that has the lights on. My hand rests on my gun holster just in case. Slowly, I push open the door and the room is a mess. Objects are strewn all over the floor, a desk is flipped on its side.. and then someone catches my eye.

A woman, around my age, is slouched against the light brown wall. Her raven coloured hair cascades around her shoulders in a wavy mess, and I notice a few bruises running up her arms. I take a step forward, making her head lift in a weak attempt to see me. The thing that stops me in my tracks, are her steely grey eyes. They captivate me, and as I look over the cuts, bruises and what-not that litter her body I think, She is the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on.

Like approaching a wounded animal, I take small steps toward her. When I get closer, I crouch and reach a hand out to her. She doesn't take it, but just sits there and stares at me.

"Are you okay, ma'am?" I ask, and then notice blood flowing from her temple. I reach on my shoulder for my radio, and speak into it. "Officer Mellark. I need medical assistance at 78 Panem Drive."

I look back at the girl in front of me, and try again. "Can I ask for your name?"

Her eyes slightly narrow, and I twist my lips to the side when I realize she isn't going to answer me. I look behind me, and then I hear a beautiful sound.

"Katniss.." she starts slowly, but then says more firmly, "Katniss Everdeen."

Katniss... isn't that a plant?

"Like the plant?" I ask her. If she was surprised at all by my knowledge of her name, she masks it pretty easily with a simple nod. I offer my hand again, "Medical assistance should be here any minute. Can you get up?"

She tries to push herself up off the ground, but a groan of pain escapes her. Acting on my gentleman-like reflexes, I reach out and catch her underneath her arm pits. Hesitantly, she puts an arm around my torso since she can't reach my shoulders, and I have a supporting arm around her shoulders. I slowly guide her out the room, down the stairs.

Upon coming into sight of the guy and Finnick, Finnick's eyes widen. He turns to the guy and grabs him by the collar of his shirt, shoving him up against the wall. The guy's eyes flicker from Finnick to Katniss.

"Did you do that to her?" Finnick growls dangerously. The guy stays silent, and then Finnick flips the guy so his back is facing Finnick. "You'll be placed in custody until further notice." He says as he locks the cold, dull-eyed guy in hand cuffs.

I lead Katniss Everdeen past the guy and out the door. Just in time, medical help arrives. I see the familiar dark hair, green-eyed paramedic come toward us. Finnick's going to kick himself for missing her.

"Annie," I say as she approaches Katniss and I, "I'm glad they sent the best paramedic."

Annie lets out a chuckle and shakes her head. "Trying to score brownie points for Officer Odair?" I grin, and before I can answer, she tends to Katniss. She examines the gash on her temple. "Oh my, this is quite the wound.. We should get you to the hospital."

Katniss barely nods and then Annie guides her to the ambulance. I follow them to the ambulance because I'll need to question Katniss later.

I sit opposite of Annie in the ambulance while Katniss lays on the gurney in the middle of us. Katniss complained and said that should could take care of herself, but Annie had none of that.

"So," I say and look at Annie. "Finnick is gonna be pissed that he didn't get to see you."

Annie raises her eyebrows and scoffs. "Peeta, he isn't fooling me. I know he's a player!"

Forgetting about Katniss Everdeen, I keep talking. "Annie, come on! Give him a chance. He's actually a good guy,"

"You're kinda obligated to say that. He's your best friend,"

"Please, give him a chance! One date," I plead, ignoring Annie's eye roll. "I don't think I could take another day of him going on about your hair, eyes, smile, and then repeat, and repeat and repeat."

Annie narrows her eyes, and then sighs. "Fine. But, if it turns out awful, it's on you, Mellark."

I give her a thumbs up with a smirk, and then turn my attention to Katniss. She lays there looking very uncomfortable.

"How are you feeling, Miss Everdeen?" I ask her.

She scowls, and I'm a little taken back. But, I try not to let it get the best of me.

"Awkward," She mumbles while fidgeting with her fingers. I notice that her knuckles are white with scarred tissue, standing out against her olive skin. She notices my staring, and covers them. "I don't need help."

I run a hand through my hair. "Well, unless you want your head to bleed out.."

"Peeta," Annie says, giving me a warning look. "I suggest you stop talking."

I lift my eyebrows and look at her dubiously. Annie smirks, and I narrow my eyes at her.

Well, then.

"Officer?" A voice comes from the door to the hospital room. I look up to see a nurse. "You may talk to the patient now."

I smile and nod. I walk over to the door that the nurse just came out of, and head in. When I walk in, I see her sitting on the hospital bed, but she wears her normal clothes instead of a hospital gown.

"Miss Everdeen?" I clear my throat. "Can I ask you a few questions?"

She shrugs her shoulders, and I pull out my notepad.

"Who was the guy that was in that house?" I ask her. She doesn't answer, and I nervously rub the back of my neck. "Okay.. did he physically assault you?"

She just stares at me like I'm a nuisance. I run my tongue over my teeth as I wait for an answer. While I wait in the silence, I look over her face; the bruises are still evident, but the gash on her temple is cleaned and covered by a patch of gauze. I honestly think that she's so beautiful..

Focus, Peeta.

I tap my notepad a few times with my pen, feeling slightly frustrated. "I'm sorry, but don't you want to take action? Don't you want to stick it to that bastard that did this? You deserve to do that. You seem very-"

She sends a nasty glare my way before heading to the door. As she opens the door and turns around the face me – making her hair whip her face – with a harsh voice she says, "You don't know anything about me. Stop with your stupid questions, and leave me alone."

The door slams shut, and I stand there, extremely confused. I was just doing my job.. Sure I added in my own opinion, but I didn't think she'd blow up on me. As I walk out of the room and see a flash of dark hair, something in me is intrigued.

Something in me finds myself highly fascinated by her. Another part of me is slightly worried by her.

Katniss Everdeen is certainly somewhat of a wonder to me. A wonder that I want to get to know..

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