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I absentmindedly draw swirls on my sketchpad, not really focusing on anything..

"Peet," my head slowly lifts from the paper, to Finnick who stands several feet away. "Are you feeling all right? You seem like you're somewhere else."

I drop the sketchpad on my lap, and sigh. "I'm fine... It's just... I can't get her out of my head."

Finnick looks at me curiously for a moment, before his eyes soften. "That girl... The one from that night. The girl from the laundromat?" My cheeks flush, and I avoid look at him. "Well, she's quite the looker, Peetie-boy."

"Yeah, but I dunno. I think she hates my guts or something." I shrug as if it doesn't bother me, but it really does. I think of the rare times when she wasn't necessarily rude to me. "Then again.. she has these moments where she doesn't exactly act like she hates me."

"Maybe you should ask her out," Finnick waggles his eyebrows at me with a grin. "Show her the Peeta Mellark charm. Her hating days would be over."

I sigh and toss my sketchpad on the coffee table. "Finn, I think you forgot that she's with that crazy son of a bitch."

"Wait," his jaw sets. Finnick has always hated abusive men with a burning passion. "She's with that bastard even after that night when we showed up?" I nod. "Fuck, Peeta! You need to ask her out now. You have to get her away from that prick."

I rub my face and groan. "Finnick, it's not that easy! I'm pretty sure she's not all gung-ho on men. Like if you were her, wouldn't you be a little wary of men after being with that asshole?"

Finnick grabs my black beanie, and my grey knit coat, tossing them at me. "Well then get off your ass and do something about it!"

"No," I roll my eyes. "I'm not going to convince her to date me or something. If she wanted to, she would leave him and show interest in me."

"Aren't you being a little hypocritical?" Finnick questions with a very superior smirk. "Not five minutes ago were you just talking of her being 'wary of men'. And now you're saying if she wants you, she'll let you know.. Fuck, Peet! Stop making up excuses, and go find her."

"I just met her, like, a few weeks ago." I say as I get up and try to walk past Finnick. He steps in my way, and I push his shoulder. "Move, Finnick."

He doesn't move, and of course he's just a little bit taller than me, gaining the advantage. "No. You're going to find her. I don't care what you say."

We stare each other down. Blue on green. Finnick doesn't back down, and I don't want to either.. But I let out a noise between a sigh and groan, and then grudgingly slip on my coat and black beanie.

"I'm only going to one place to look for her. If she isn't there, then that's all I'm doing."

"I'm pretty sure you'd search the world for her, but whatever floats your boat." Finnick calls out from the living room.

As I swing the door open, I mutter, "Ass,"

"Oh, you're welcome!" Finnick calls out before I slam the door.

I push through the doors of the pub, and the occupancy surprises me a little. Sure, it's not packed, but it's not deserted like it usually is. Johanna leans against the counter, as talks with some blonde guy. She catches my eye, and nods at me. The guy turns around, and I realize that it's Ryan. He waves me over, so I head over and take a seat on the stool next to him.

"For being a police officer, you sure seem to dress like a hipster-skateboarder hoodlum." Johanna says with a smirk. She moves her hands in the air. "Sexy with a Soft Side: Gone Wild. Yep.I'd read that."

Ryan laughs beside me, and I let out a light chuckle. My mind is preoccupied with watching the employees only door. Could this be considered as stalking?.. Nah.. Right?

"How goes it, Peet?" Ryan asks as he lightly punches my shoulder.

I shrug. "It's alright. Yourself?"

"Well," I look over at Ryan. He's beaming with happiness. "I got me a girl."

Johanna smacks his shoulder. I do a double take on her face.. Is.. Is Johanna blushing? Wait, are Johanna and Ryan..? Oh good Lord.

"Johanna, is that a blush I see?" I smirk. Her eyes narrow at me, and she gives me the middle finger. "You have feelings? Never thought I'd see the day."

"Johanna came by the bakery a few days ago, and I was working, right?" Ryan starts explaining out of nowhere. "I figured since we'd been on a lot of dates, that I would ask her to be my girlfriend. So, y'know, I asked her. And she was all over me."

"Yeah, I remember you being all over me." Johanna corrects.

Ryan rolls his eyes, but smiles. "Anyway, guess who walks in on us kissing? Mom." My jaw clenches, and I feel like someone punched me in the gut. "She starts going off about us, and how Johanna is not up to our standards, blah blah blah. And then Johanna interrupts her, unleashing a box of kick ass." Ryan starts to laugh. "She told Mom off about how she should stick her comments up her ass, or she'd gladly do it. Then, before Johanna left, she kissed me and left Mom speechless."

"That indifferent cow had it coming. She's lucky I didn't take that rolling pin and-"

I grip the edge of the bar counter. "Stop," I say slowly. "Stop!" I, then say loudly.

Johanna stops talking, and looks at me with wide eyes at my outburst. Ryan turns to me, and his eyes are sad. "Hey, Peet.. she didn't know."

I know I shouldn't be mad, or upset.. but I am. Not necessarily at Johanna, because she didn't know. But at my mother. For making me an insecure little kid. Well, maybe it's for the best. No one will love, care or notice me.. ever.

I get up from the stool and leave the pub. My head is down while I walk down the sidewalk, and then I hear footsteps behind me. I don't stop walking, when I hear them call out.

"Mellark, just wait a sec." Johanna. A hand grabs my arm and yanks me around. She stands there with a regretful look? "Man, you're a quick little shit. Uh.. well, I don't what I said that bugged you.. but I, uh, I'm sorry?"

"I'm not mad at you, okay? It's just.. everything."

I sit down at the curb, and Johanna does the same. "Care to elaborate?" I don't say anything, and Johanna picks up a pebble and tosses it. "Well, lets start with something easy. You like Brainless, huh?"

"Brainless?" I repeat.

"Katniss," she confirms. I bite down on my lower lip, and Johanna lets out a low whistle. "You do. She's kinda fucked up though. And I say that with love."

"How?" I ask while looking at her.

Johanna looks hesitant, but she sighs and starts talking. "Marvel. He's fucked her up big time. That's why she isn't the best welcoming mat." She studies me carefully. "You, though.. You could be good for her."

"Maybe if she'd talk to me."

"What?" Johanna scoffs. "You think she's just gonna open her arms and tell you her life story? Obviously not." She snaps, but then coughs and continues with less edge. "It may be a while before she opens up.. but I think she will. If you don't give up on her."

"She's still with Marvel though." I reason.

Johanna gives a sad shake of her head. "She doesn't wanna be."

"How come she doesn't leave him then?"

She stands up and dusts off her pants. "Not my story to tell." I stand up, anod give a slight nod. "She's not working tonight.. but I could call her in. You could talk to her, lover boy?"

"That's awful. Why would I make you call her into work, just so I could talk to her?" I ask, taken aback.

Johanna walks a step in front of me. "Trust me, she wouldn't mind."

"Why?" I ask when we enter the pub again.

"Not my story to tell."

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