A/N: Apologies for the absence and long wait. I'm not going to bore you to death with the details. I apologize that this is such a short chapter; it's more of a filler than anything else. I promise the next chapter will be longer and hopefully a lot more interesting.

Michelangelo yawned and stretched his arms above his head, blinking his eyes open to the majestic orange sky. The sun was beginning to set, casting rays of luscious pinks, royal reds, and brilliant orange streaks across the horizon. The whole world looked tanned, as if an Instagram filter had been placed over his eyes.

"Where are we?" He asked with a yawn, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"We just pulled over about five minutes ago. Casey's filling the van up," Leonardo replied from where he sat opposite from him.

"Where are the others?" Mikey asked, realizing that it was just himself and Leo in the car.

"April went to the bathroom, and Donnie and Raph went to stretch their legs."

"How much longer until we get to the farmhouse?"

"About an hour, maybe two," Leo replied.

"Hey guys, we brought provisions!" Don said happily, jumping into the van behind Raph. In his arms he held several packets of chips, seven bags of skittles, and about ten different chocolate bars.

"I'm in Heaven!" Mikey smiled, eagerly grabbing for his share of the snacks.

April and Casey hoped back into the van a moment later, and they set off again down the road towards the fading twilight. Soon, the last rays of light faded and a few stars studied the sky. The landscape started to change, leaving behind the bare paddocks of livestock, to thick mangrove trees and thick shrubby.

Michelangelo sat back and folded his arms in quiet contentment. There was no need to talk or for jokes or banter. Everyone was starting to feel the effects of the long journey, and were happy to just sit and wait until they reached the farmhouse.

Another forty minutes of silence passed before Casey turned off the main road and onto the dirt driveway that led up to the house. Mikey had never been so happy to see the farmhouse again. The old white-faded building stood just on top of a slight hill, and was surrounded on all sides by thick forests. And with the closest neighbour being several miles away, the farmhouse was as private as it could get. It was also nice to get away from the constant noise from the city that never sleeps. And Mikey always loved to see the trees and the wild flowers that grew in patches, and the long green grass. There wasn't enough green in New York.

"Okay, we're here," Casey said, coming to a stop and turning the engine off. "Finally."

Mikey eagerly scrambled out of the van and stretched his tired and cramped legs, scrunching his toes in the grass and the earth. It felt so good to be out here again, under a sky filled with stars, and smelling the fresh clean air of the countryside.

Grabbing their luggage, they made their way up to the quiet house, relived to finally be at their destination. April fiddled with the key in the lock, finally turning the handle and pushing the door open.

When they walked in they were greeted with a plume of dust that left them coughing and wiping their faces.

"Oh my God," April said, flicking on the light switch.

The sight that greeted them was not what they had expected. A thick layer of dust covered every surface of the house. The windows were covered in dirt and grime, and the roof was speckled with dirt. Cobwebs hung from various corners in the room and even covered some parts of the furniture.

"How long has it been since we were last here?" Raphael asked, looking wearily at one of the cobwebs in the corner.

"About four months, probably longer," Casey replied. "We haven't been here since last summer."

"This place definitely needs a tidy up, that's for sure," April said, shaking her head at the mess.

"Yes," Master Splinter agreed with a nod, "but not tonight. We are all tired and weary from our journey. Come; let us have a simple meal before bed. We will clean in the morning."

"Sounds good," Leo said. "Come on; let's go chuck our stuff somewhere."

"I'll see what we have in the kitchen," April said.

Twenty minutes they were all huddled together on a blanket they had placed over the dust on the floor, eating bowels of tinned spaghetti.

"How old is this spaghetti anyway?" Casey asked through a mouthful of said spaghetti.

"Don't know," April replied, "there was too much dust on the cans to read the expiration date."

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to hit the hay," Raph said, getting to feet.

"Yes, I do believe that it is time we get some rest," Master Splinter agreed.

Yawning, Michelangelo stretched his arms above his head, before heading up the old, creaky stairs to the room he shared with Raph. They were all tired, and worn out from the journey, but Mikey had a sickening feeling that, come first light tomorrow, they would spend a full day of cleaning.