My Promise to You

This is my promise to you. I'll never hurt you anymore. Never embarrass you.

You never even have to see me.

I swear to you that I never minded being teased by you. Much.

I guess that's why I'm here today. In that far corner of town you never really

liked. I remember you telling me it would be quite funny if I ended up in a ditch here. I know you were joking. But everybody's always joking when it comes toward me, right?

Right. But you know me, I never can take a joke. I never can ace a test. Hell, I can hardly fight as a Sailor Scout. As you always say, I need to be saved. Constantly. Whether it be by the rest of you guys, or him.

I promise nobody will ever have to save me again. I can save myself. In fact, I'm saving myself right now.

Guess none of you guys noticed me as my eyes widened and trailed off as everybody joked. Or how I would stuff my face in disdain.

Nobody even noticed as I broke down when he tore my heart to shreds. To tell you the truth, that was the last straw when it came to deciding what to do.

But no worries. You guys all still have Rini. She is your pink-haired angel, remember? Never forget-she loves those homemade pancakes. And him. He loves her too. And I'm definite you guys do as well.

My promise to you: The scouts won't need Sailor Moon. And if you still need the Silver Crystal-It'll be in my brooch, as always. I won't be needing that anymore.

I know a guy who knows a guy. He gave me a pill. Promised me instant death. But I'm scared. I know, just like me. Scared-y cat.

No worries, though. I promise nobody will have to care. Don't even cry. I don't want you guys to. I'm serious. Don't.

I know what everybody is thinking. I killed myself. No. The brooch is on my dresser. But I'm most likely in a taxi. To the airport. I'm not too bright when it comes to English, but I have decided to go to America. New York, I guess. I hear a lot of girls with blonde hair and blue eyes can make it as models or actresses. Without having to be too smart.



. . .

My feet step out of the taxi in New York. My new home.

I hear a few voices call out as I make my way up the stairs to a long term hotel. "Hey sweetie, you a model?"

"Come with me, babe, I'll give you a job. Lots of cash. Lots of men."

I twinge and ignore the lot of them. I have a business card in my back pocket, already. Miss Alexandra Star. Hired me as a model for magazine ads.

The Sailor Scouts do not need me and I do not need them. They're better off without me. I'll make it as a model. And they will wish they never teased me. That is my promise. To myself.

A/N: My first hour challenge in SO long. *sigh* This one is based off of-Sailor Moon dub. Inspiration: Everybody's a jerk to Serena in the dub. Seriously. Anyway. Please review! :D