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"Thor's coming to visit?" Tony said.

"Yeah, he said that he had something to show us." Steve said trying to figure out once again how to make toast. "And he's bringing Loki."

"WHAT? Whoa, hold on, Loki? The one who brought an alien army to destroy the Earth and I nearly died to save, Loki?"

"Yes. Thor said something about not worrying, but I don't know."

"Uh, yeah, let's call Bruce down here."

"Hello my friends!" Thor said. "I have a arrived as promised and also with my brother Loki. Come on Loki, do not be shy."

A child rounded the control with shoulder black hair and green eyes, carrying a book. "I am not, Shy, Brother. You just walk much faster than I do."

"….What in hell, oh dear lord they cloned him!"

"Thor, what is this?" Black Widow said waving at the child who must have been at least elven.

"This is Loki. Um. Perhaps I should tell you what has happened. Loki, why do you not off and play?"

"Alright." Loki said and turned to leave.

"Whoa, wait, uh, no, no, no, no, you did not just send him off on his own in my tower!"

"I'll follow, him." Clint said walking but was stopped by Natasha.

"No. I will." She said and walked after the child.

Loki was aware of the woman following him. He looked at his a few seconds as he walked on a book securely wrapped his arms, before looked back ahead of him looking for a good place to sit down and read. As he came to a door he stood in front of it and waited.

She watched wondering if he knew the door wasn't going to open considering it was locked. A few seconds later he turned going down another way as she followed until he came to a glass door leading to the indoor garden park.

She noticed he seemed impressed and walked in looking around before finding a spot under a tree to settle down and opened a book. Walking towards him one hand on her gun Natasha stopped.

"What are you reading?"

"I am studying Magic." Loki answered flipping to a certain page. "Although Allfather disapproves."

"Your father. Huh. Why is that?"

"Because I do not wish to be a warrior like my brother." Loki said and touched a flower to his right and it bloomed into a full on rose. "I rather like the results of Magic anyways."

Natasha was impressed at the flower. "How old are you, Loki?"

"I'm three hundred and seventy. In Midgar I am… elven almost twelve."

"Wow. So, do you… remember anything from the last time you've been here…?"

"Pardon? This is my first time to Midgar. My Brother has been here before but I do not remember him leaving Asgard. Then again he did grow so suddenly that it shocked me when I woke from my sickness."


"They say I was attacked and I was asleep for a long time. Whatever attacked me left me too sick so I was a sleep for a year and just woke about three weeks ago. Allfather seemed concerned so Thro brought me here."

"A sleep? You were a sleep. So, you don't remember any of us?"

Loki seemed genially confused. "Have I met you before? I am truly sorry, but I do not remember you."

"That's fine… So, you like Magic, huh?"

"Yes, very much so." Loki said as he continued to read.

"Let me get this straight." Tony said. "You took Loki back as a prisoner, a healer found out he was still under some sort of mind control, they summoned someone from another realm to get rid of it and the result was going to kill Loki, so than you guys used a lot of power to turn him back into an age before he went bat-shit crazy and now that he's little your Odin is afraid that Loki will repeat going back into a bag full of crazy cats so your brought him here to live with us…and when did I agree to let him stay?"

"Come now, you wouldn't abandon an innocent child." Thor said folded his arms "And stop referring him as a bag full of crazy cats."


"Thor has a point." Steve said. "If Loki was turned back into a child than he has no idea what's been going on since. Right?"

"Yes. It was hard to explain why I am much older than him now but he's back to the way he used to be before. I just need a safe place to keep him for a while. The frost giants know of him now. I fear they might want to take him away."

"Why would they do that?" Bruce said taking off his glasses.

"I see this needs more explaining."

"What is this strange creature?" Loki asked as he was handed something.

"It's called Ice cream and it's really good to eat."

"Ice… cream?" Loki said looking at it and slowly took a small lick. "It's cold! But it is good. May I ate of it?"

"Sure, that's yours."

"I thank you,"

She watched him. This version of Loki was pure kid. There was nothing hidden behind his eyes but it was clear that he was joying the sweet treat to the fullest but try to keep composer. Just before she could say something her phone went off and she answered it walked a few steps away from the child.

After talking to SHIELD for a brief moment she hurried back to her room not noticing that Loki was trailing behind her still eating the ice cream. She paused as he came to stand next to her looking around at the things in her room and his eyes settled on picture of the Avengers.

"My Brother is in this painting." Loki walked closer to it. "It's so life like. Your painter must be the master of art in this world!" He smiled.

"Well, that's a photo. It's kind of like a painting but a little different."

Loki looked interested and picked up the frame turning it this way and that. As he did he noticed the woman packing a bad.

"Do you travel to another realm or into the Kingdom?"

"Uh, outside the… Kingdom. I'll be gone until tomorrow. Tell your Brother I said bye. Come on I'll take you back to the garden."

Tony and Clint frowned.

They both sat there at the table looking at the mini version of Loki who was now drawing in a book in the living-room. Neither one trusted the child god for a second and the other avengers had been called into to check some things out and Thor left saying he would return as soon as he could and left Loki in the care of his friends.

Nothing much happened but they didn't realize that Loki could feel their hatred roll off their auras and so he stayed silent and occupied himself with drawing, reading and a few small spells. To his surprise his magic seemed to have improved over night. Once his drawing was done with the small rabbit Loki carefully torn out the page and set it down on the table and looked at it.

Breathing in slowly Loki closed his eyes relaxing clearing his mind. He spoke the spell softy concentrating. Soon the small tugs of magic filled his veins and he focused it on the rabbit drawing and will it to move.

Holding his hands together cupping them over the picture he willed it more until a small weight pushed up into his hands and he pulled it up holding it tight as the magic settled in. when the feeling faded he opened his eyes and opened his hand to see a good size small rabbit sitting there, nose twitching and looking at him.

The eyes where blank and black, well the fur was gray like the drawing lead he had used. Smiling he glanced over at the two mortals who seemed to forgotten to be watching him and were instead arguing over something.

With a glint in his eyes Loki leaned down and whispered into the rabbit's ear before throwing it up into the air and watching with excitement as it raced towards the two knocking the one with the glowing ring on his shirt off the ground and then taking a small device from him racing around wildly.

"Hey, uh, no give back the phone you little freak animal thing!"

The rabbit raced towards another room. Tony ran after it as Clint frowned and glared over Loki before raising an arrow and waiting for the rabbit to come back and shot it clean through. The magic animal turned into a small pile of dust and in the middle of it the phone lay.

"What… the hell. Who said you can summon magic in my tower?" Tony said angrily picking up the phone. "Why don't you just make yourself disappear? Go back to your little home."

"I will return once my Brother fetches me." Loki said folding his arms frowning. "And when he do return I will make another rabbit to show Allfather and my mother."

Tony looked at the phone and cursed. It was cracked and the file he had been downloading from SHEILD was corrupted. Frowning h tried to restart the download but it was too late. They must already know what he was up to and no doubt Fury would be there soon.

"Well, if you're making a gift for your father than make for Laufey than, you little Frost Giant."

"Sir, Nick Fury is here." Jarvis said.

"Damn." Tony said leaving with Clint not realizing the words he had just relived to the child.

Standing there Loki just watched as they left feeling unsure about the words and then slowly walked over to the window where he could see his reflection and placed his hands on them and concentrated and let out a frightened cry as ice formed on the window.

Falling to the floor Loki stared frightened as his green eyes had turned red for a horrifying minute before turning back into the green ones he knew all his life. Jumping up he grabbed his book slipping the drawing one into it and took off the window halls looking for a way out as if a monster was chasing him.

Somehow he found his way to a room and hid under the bed shaking. No one on Asgard could do that… no the only ones that he knew could do that and that was the frost giants and they were… he was…

"…A monster…"

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