Natasha rolled over in her bed opening her eyes pausing for a moment before swinging her legs over the side of the bed getting up. Walking to the door she paused listening closely hearing small movements form inside. Turning the door knob she opened it peeking in smiling a bit.

A little voice cooed. "Mama, mama, mama,"

Going into the room and to the crib as the almost one year old squealed happily reaching out to her as she scooped him up. They shared a hug before Natasha sat him on her hip turning around to walk back over to the bedroom.

Steve walked in at almost the same time having been in the shower since he had been out running for an hour first. He smiled.

"Morning, Loki,"

"Daddy, daddy, daddy," Loki pointed.

"Nice run?" Natasha asked handing Loki over.

"It was nice." Steve grinned taking Loki. "Did you have a night sleep, buddy,"

Loki babbled something before giggling as Steve tickled him. Soon Natasha retuned and the two of them dressed Loki before Natasha took him again heading out and down the stairs towards the kitchen. Food was cooking and it smelled good.

When they entered Bruce was there beating some eggs in a bowl with a whisk. "Morning."


"Good morning," Steve said walking over. "Want me to make pancakes?"


Natasha set Loki in the play pen they had in the kitchen near the table so he could play with his toys well the two men made breakfast. Then she left for twenty minutes to get in a quick work out. When she returned she found Loki chewing on his little rubber blocks giggling every time one of them squeaked.

There was a loud slam and soon Tony stumbled in his eyes half closed as she stumbled his way over to the where the coffee was before pouring himself a cup and adding a cold creamer so he would burn his mouth before down it in less than five seconds and refilling the mug again.

"Pull an all nighter?" Steve asked setting the large plate of pancakes down.

"I've been up for five days."

"Tony, you seriously need to sleep." Bruce warned as he put a bowl of eggs down. "Bacon's almost done if you want to eat some."

"No time, green bean, I got work to do."

"At least take something." Steve said handing him an orange.

"I don't want an orange."

"How about an apple?"

"I don't want an apple."


"I don't want grapes."

Steve paused before he folded his arms watching Tony leave before calling out. "I made blueberry pancakes, Stark."

Tony froze before walking backwards and sitting in a chair. "Why didn't you say so in the first place, Capsical?"

They managed to eat somewhat in peace. They each tried to feed Loki. He seemed to like the pancakes a lot but no so much the bacon which Tony declared was un-American. After that they all cleaned up and Loki wanted to go back in his pen to play some more so they moved it to the living room putting on some little kid cartoons before everyone went their way to get things done and Jarvis had become the baby sister and was to alert someone if Loki needed something but mostly Natasha could sense when Loki needed something.

It was half hour later that Natasha sensed that Loki needed something and she ran back to the living room to see what was the matter only to be met with Loki have no room to play because an overtired genius had been to tired to go to his room and had chosen to climbed into Loki's pen and fall asleep.

The baby as leaning over on Tony's curled up side cooing in what seemed like an insult wanting the man out of his little play place.

Rolling her eyes Natasha picked up Loki before kicking the pen. "Stark."


Kick. "Stark!"

"Staaaa,." Loki tried to copy.

Rolling her eyes once more she turned to leave.

Half hour later Steve walked in paused before rubbing his temples and then tossing a baby blanket over Tony before leaving.

Loki sat on the throne next to her brother yawning loudly holding her hand over her mouth before leaning against him grumbling. Court had lasted longer than it should have and she was so bored with nothing to do that she felt that she would go insane.

"Loki, if you wish to go you may."

"Last time I left I got lost for two days."

"Ah, but I did find you."

"Two days later."

"You know Father once lost me in the market once when I was a youngling." (A/N: Lost Prince of Jutonnhime reference, lol)

"Really, now? Did he find you?" Loki asked an eyebrow raised.

"Two hours later."

"How is that better when you lost me for two whole days?"

"I was a babe you, my dear, are not."

Loki huffed crossing her arms looking up. "That is not what you said the other day when I was out on my own."

"You were dancing on the biforst bridge drunk!"

"The Gate Keeper was watching me!"

"Doth not mean he will catch you should you fall!"

"A-Are you… yelling at me?"

"Oh no… don't you dare…"

Moments later Helbindi's mate ran in demanding to know why Loki was sitting on the King's knee wailing like a child.


"Not my fault!"

Thor jerked awake as Loki, once again, jabbed him in the ribs.

Sitting up straighter on the throne Thor tried to pay attention but quickly lost intrest only to be jabbed by Loki again and getting a look that said 'Pay attention!' and Thor looked back at him with a look that said 'I am bored!'

"My King?" The new head of the council man asked. "Is all right?"

"Yes," Thor said looking back at him. "Continue."

The man continued and Thor found himself being jabbed again this time he jumped up quickly making everyone look at him in surprise. He cleared his throat nodding to them.

"I shall return. I have something to attend to."

As Thor walked down from the throne with Loki hot on his trail as the two left the room with Thor trying to out walk his brother. King was nice but these boring meetings where starting to drive him mad and if it weren't for being able to sneak away he might have by now.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To Midgard."

"What about the counsel?"

"I leave that to you brother," Thor grinned.

"You leaving me with all the work but fear not I shall leave plenty for you when you return." Loki returned the grin.

Frowning Thor turned. "I shall return before the day is out."

"Be safe," Loki smiled before turning around heading back to the Throne room. "Give my regards, brother."

"I shall. Himedal."

A flash a light and he was gone leaving Loki to stare at the empty spot before the younger brother sighed and looked up at the sky knowing the Gate Keeper was listening before rubbing his temples before waiting and a few moments later Thor returned looking embarrassed.

"Forget something?" Loki teased.

Thor summoned Monjir before taking his leave with Loki's laughter following him.

Both Steve and Natasha where in the middle of a sparring match with Clint and Thor as Tony was off to the side making comments and bothering Bruce for the most part when the redhead assianin paused and turned knocking Clint away before standing still alerting of everyone.

She took off heading to the play room where Loki was supposed to be sleeping. Opening the door she paused relaxing.

There in the room was Lady Loki holding the baby version of herself well singing.

"The witches mother, Mary, did nothing take scorn, ohhhh, blessings of comfort and joy."

Lady Loki smiled before setting him down and vanishing.