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How I got where I was this moment would be a complete mystery.

Well, no, that was a lie. It was pretty much the clearest story I could probably tell, and I keep thinking back to it.

Feliks decided to invite me to some house party.

I know it doesn't sound all that mysterious or anything, but this is Feliks we're talking about. I probably should've expected the fact that there'd be alcohol, and no less, a bunch of rounds of "7 Minutes in Heaven", which was being held in the basement.

I had came to the party with Alfred. For some reason, he got off the hook from playing this game, but I was dragged into it.

At least there were a few people that I recognized here besides him and the host. There was Gilbert, who I was sitting next to, Francis, Antonio, Lovino, and I think Ivan and a few people from last years Hockey team were here, as well. I think Michelle and a few of Alfred's friends were here, too, as well as quite a few girls from our school, but I'm not quite sure.

My first mistake at this party? Having a bit of alcohol.

No, no. That's my second mistake. My first mistake was accepting the invite.

My third? Letting myself play this game.

But the biggest mistake would've been the alcohol. I haven't had much alcohol before, so I'd consider this my first. And the bad thing was, that I was craving more. My thoughts were sober, but I'm not quite sure about my words or actions. I just really wanted to rest my head down on someone at this moment, to be honest. I wanted a hug or something.

I felt poking on my cheek.

"Matthew Williams, are you listening to me?" I realized that an angry Polish guy was probably standing in front of me for quite a few minutes. I looked up at him.

"Sorry. Guess I spaced out." I slurred out and he let out a chuckle.

"Yeah, whatever. Your turn." He held out a few playing cards in front of my face, the back of the cards facing me. I guess I had to pick one. I looked back up at Feliks before reaching my hand out to pick one. Grabbing one, I was about to turn it around to look at it, but instead he snatched it out of my hand. The blond studied the card, and then grinned mischievously.

Feliks decided to help me up, since I guess I was a little bit wobbly. After guiding me to the small side-room he had prepared for this type of thing, he walked back to the circle as I walked in. The room was pretty much pitch black except for the moon shining through the window. It seemed really bright tonight.

I heard the door close and knew that the other person was inside. Turning around, the moonlight immediately told me who it was and I gave a soft smile. Honestly, it seemed silly for Gilbert to be playing a game like this one. Maybe he was dragged into it like me? Oh well. It felt nice to be in this game with someone who I was close to, rather than a complete stranger.

Without a word, we both sat on the ground of the empty room, adjacent from the door. Gilbert seemed a bit quiet, which was just... Unusual for him. It felt weird.

"You're quiet." I chuckled out without a thought. A small smile creeped onto his face and he let out a bit of a chuckle as well.

"I guess I've just been thinking," He started, with a bit of a shrug. "this games a bit weird, and I got dragged into it."

I nodded, agreeing with him and confirming my thoughts at the same time.

"But, I guess it's not that bad." He continued on, getting me curious.

"What do you mean?" I decided to ask.

A short blanket of silence fell on top of us for a quick moment.

"I guess what I mean is.. I don't know, Matt. It's weird." Gilbert sighed, and looked the other way. I could assume he was looking out the window, but I'm not sure.

"You know.. You don't have to tell me, Gilbert." I tell him. I don't really want to make him uncomfortable with how we are now.

"Look, I'm gonna be blunt here, Matt." He told me, his voice suddenly going quieter. I felt awkward. Was he mad at me? Had I been doing something wrong?

Gilbert sighed as I nodded, but he was still looking the other way, so he couldn't really see it.

"Well.. I like you, Matthew. I've actually liked you before that whole incident a few months ago, which is why I always bullied you, or whatever." He sighed after stating this, and then spoke again. "I guess I'm only realizing it recently." He loosely chuckled afterwards.

I felt my cheeks heat up more than they already were. "G-Gilbert.. You're.. You're not serious, are you?" I asked, wondering if this was one of his jokes. I wish I could've said something more different, but it's all that came out.

"I am serious." He told me back, and then looked at me with his goofy grin. "I never thought I'd actually tell you, but I guess I let myself."

I let a soft smile slip onto my face. I never knew Gilbert liked me that way, and honestly, I never thought about it. Not that I can think of, anyway.

"It's fine if you don't feel the same or anything." He started with a grin, and then sighed. "Nothing works out like a fairy tale or one of those romance fictions, y'know?"

"Gilbert, I'm not rejecting you or anything," I chuckled. "And you've read romance novels?"

He shrugged again. "Had to read one for an assignme- Wait, you're not rejecting me?"

Not holding it back, I let out a loose laugh and shook my head as I watched him grin.

"That's.. Wow, that's pretty damn awesome." Gilbert laughed out, trying to keep his voice to a lowdown. "Does, does that mean you like me, too?"

"W-Well, I've never really thought about it.." I started, running a hand through my hair. "But.. I guess I'd have to say yes."

That grin popped up on his face again. I'd have to admit, it was nice on him.

"Well, uh.. Did'ja wanna maybe go out sometime? On a date, or whatever?" Gilbert asked me, kinda eyeing the door a bit. Probably trying to make sure no one was listening in.

"Sure, why not?" I rhetorically asked, with a bit of a shrug. "I mean, nothing could go wrong, right?"

Gilbert just laughed and put a hand on my head, messing my hair up. "I'll accept that." He stated, smiling. The smile was a rare one. Different. It seemed.. softer, maybe even more kinder. Or maybe the alcohol was just getting to my head now.

"Well.. Wanna just relax now?" Gilbert asked me, looking at the door again. "I mean, there's at least 2 more minutes to this, I think..." He said, moving a little closer to me. I let out a light chuckle.

"That.. Would be nice." I said, yawning somewhat as he let me rest my head on his shoulder. I felt his head on top of mine, and I guess that's where I dozed off, because I couldn't remember anything until the next morning.

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