A/N: Another challenge! This will feature my first Dark Naruto, which is kind of a pun, now that I think about it. Anyway, this has Naruto unlocking his demon blood. With it, he has powers that can only be described as Alucard's from Hellsing, Pride's from FMA, Black Beard from One Piece, and Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. Yeah, lotta powers, lotta awesome. Let's get this shit started!

Also, I'm rewriting this so there aren't legit Heartless in it. Dunno what I was thinking, putting them in. Sure he has the powers, but that doesn't mean they need to be in it. I'm also adding another power: the Twilight from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I love that game and the powers are cool and match the Naruto in this story.

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"Human speech"

'Human thought'

"Jutsu/Demon speech"

'Demon thought'

Let's begin

Naruto was running from a crowd of angry civilians and shinobi, just as he always was; he thought he saw an ANBU in there, too. The thought of such strong shinobi coming after him spurred his little legs to carry him faster. He turned into an alley, only to find it was the last thing he needed in this situation: a dead end.

'Shit!' Naruto mentally cursed. Due to his lifestyle, he was privy to all sorts of colorful language, so, at the age of 4, he knew enough curse words to make a sailor blush.

He turned around to escape, only to find he was cut off by the mob he was trying to evade. "Aw crap..." He muttered as he backed away from them until his back was to the brick wall.

"Now we got you, demon!"

"We're gonna finish what the Yondaime started!"

"This is for my father! And my brother!"

These among other things were yelled by the civilians and shinobi as they fell upon him, brandishing pocket knives, broken bottles, kunai and shuriken in the case of the shinobi, and a tanto in the case of the ANBU. He closed his eyes and awaited the pain.

They did not disappoint.

Not an inch of skin on Naruto's body was left unscathed. The villagers and shinobi were very thorough in their lashing. They began with severing his Achilles tendons, letting him collapses and they fell upon him, raking their weapons across his skin. Some of the crueler shinobi twisted their kunai in his flesh, merely adding to the pain.

Only when the ANBU parted the crowd to serve the killing blow did things go south. He raised his tanto in the air and swung it down... right on the seal on his stomach.

As soon as it made it halfway through his tiny body, everything froze, and his world was pain. In his head, he heard the snarling of an animal, only for it to fade as if it were growing in distance from him, power coursing through his veins, burning his body as it changed.

Unbeknownst to him, he held the Kyuubi no Kitsune within him, but not for long. Due to the idiocy of that particular ANBU, the seal was broken, and Kyuubi's power flooded young Naruto. But instead of completely destroying his small body, and freeing the strongest bijuu that devastated the village four years ago, it awoke something; something far worse.

The blood of a greater demon locked away in Naruto's genes.

As it writhed in rage, the strongest bijuu sensed the approaching presence of this greater demon within his prisoner. Its crimson eyes widened in shock, then fear; the Kyuubi did not feel fear. The Kyuubi had nothing to fear.

Nothing but that. This presence was something the Kyuubi never thought it would feel, for this was a great and terrible thing to cause it such abject and palpable fear. The bijuu died fearing for its life, and actually fearing for the land.

"Oni... kage..."It grumbled as the darkness finally overtook its gargantuan form. In the end, the Kyuubi died and Naruto lived. He survived. He evolved.

The sheer force of the Kyuubi's chakra threw the mob away in a shockwave, as a new Naruto slowly stood up, his cocoon of shadow shattering off of his frame. His blonde hair, dirtied with blood and mud, was now pitch black, shadowing his eyes. As he raised his head, they saw his whisker marks were gone, and now replaced with a thin almost-circle from his forehead to ending just under his eyes, lines going horizontal from the corners of his eyes and a vertical at the top of the arc. They then noticed his eyes; they were no longer cerulean, empty with pain and a broken child. His eyes were an empty black, save for a red slit as his pupils.

They looked to his hands, clenched in fists, unfurling to show obsidian claws for fingernails.

They watched as the shadows around the boy, including his own shadow, slithered to him, covering his body. Strangely, the darkness formed new clothes for him. Instead of the white shirt and green pants he had scrounged up, he now wore a black hoodie, the hood up now, covering his mop of black hair and shadowing his faces, but those damnable crimson lines glared at them in the shadows. The hoodie was open, a high-collared vest under it that covered his face from the nose down, but what was on the collar frightened them.


No, that wasn't completely right. Following the line of his neutral lips on the collar was a set of fangs, wicked teeth that could rend flesh. And they looked real, as they shined in the moonlight, sticking off of the surface of the fabric.

Just after they spied the fangs, horns of equal material formed from his forehead, sticking to it like a mask while not actually growing through his skin, curling over his hood. On his back, ominous purple flames came to life, 'sinking' into the fabric, forming the kanji for 'Onikage', much like how the Yondaime's cloak had his rank as such. His cloak seemed to have a built-in sheathe, as a black sheathe with intricate gold designs starting halfway down and to the bottom was lodged in a cylindrical clasp within it.

He stuffed his left hand into the pockets of his black jeans, leading to his steel-toed boots. Slowly, he raised his right hand out to them and snapped his fingers, his hand turning into black flames. He held the open palm to the crowd and only said one thing, the last thing they would hear from anyone at all. "Black Hole." He suddenly slammed his hand on the ground, the black flames spreading over the ground faster than any of the mob could react.

When they realized it didn't hurt them, they sneered at the demon for using such a useless technique and prepared to continue their onslaught, only to be stopped as a man near the back shrieked in alarm. Looking to him, weights dropped in their stomachs as they saw him sinking into the obsidian flames. Soon, other members of the crowd followed suit, yelling in fear as the abyssal fire engulfed them. Some of the shinobi reacted fast enough and jumped onto the adjacent buildings they were between and began throwing their kunai and shuriken at Naruto.

The shadows immediately around him seemed to freeze and flatten, as quick tendrils of the black abyss shot up, deflecting the projectiles with ease. Looking closely, they could see sneering jaws and leering eyes within the darkness protecting him, and grew fearful.

The ANBU appeared within his guard and swung his tanto, removing Naruto's hand from his arm.

They fell onto the flaming ground, the darkness swallowing the civilians parting for them, showing the normal dirt underneath. Suddenly, a black smoke with a crimson glow emanated from the cut wrist, soon engulfing the hand as the same smoke wafted from his wrist and reformed his hand. He clenched his hand to renew the feeling and turned to the ANBU that dared to attack him.

Thrusting his right hand into the chest of the ANBU, instead of drawing blood, his hand sunk into the skin as if it were water and he infected the ANBU's heart with darkness, turning it into a core that would begin the process of giving the ANBU a higher purpose.

Soon the ANBU was seized by black nothing, broken down and reshaped to fit his nature. Despite the spirit of the ANBU, he did not keep his individuality or any defining characteristics; he became a shade, a hollow shell. Keeping a humanoid shape, this Shade was a spindly thing, twitching just a tad now and then. Its body was shaped as if it wore a form-fitting suit with clawed hands and feet. It had dark grey skin, black fangs on the outside of its lips instead of in its mouth, and a single blazing red eye, a black barbed pattern across its entire body. The eye traveled along this pattern, looking around until it returned to the face and stared at Naruto. The shade twitched as it bowed to him.

Naruto smirked at what an elite ANBU became, showing his longer canines. He pointed to the remaining shinobi, and the Shade nodded, sinking into its own shadow and slithering across the ground, up the wall, and across the roof to behind one of the shinobi attacking Naruto, his projectiles still deflected by his protective darkness, his own smirk matching some of the ones within the blackness of his shield. He eyed the Chuunin with mirth as the remnant of its own ally shoved a clawed hand through his chest, converting his heart the same way Naruto did that formed the Shade, and made itself a brother. They set about eliminating the remaining shinobi.

The last one left grew extremely fearful. The black fire along the ground was gone, as were the civilians that sunk into its embrace, no remains left. His allies against the demon turned into things for its bidding, and the demon set his sights on him.

Naruto decided to make an example of him to the entire village, and tapped into his large chakra coils that now held the entirety of Kyuubi, the demon forever erased from existence, the process of his rebirth giving Naruto his power and knowledge. He was soon engulfed in a shroud of black chakra, the very center, around his stomach, filled with white lights, like stars in the night sky, one tail swaying behind him. The shroud took the shape of a fox, but had some added features, as the symbol on his face 'grew', the ends of the arc curving to go down his cheeks until they reached the corners of his lips, though hidden by the high collar, with the teeth actually opening like a functioning mouth. The horns upon his brow shifted forward, creating bijuu-chakra echoes in the cloak. He made sure to flood the village with the foul feeling of his chakra, and disappeared in a burst of speed.

The Chuunin was terrified; the demon showed its true colors, killed his comrades, and was now after him. Before he could even scream or run in terror, his life was ended with a sweep of Naruto's claw, the only sign of his existence being a bloody smear on the ground and walls. Naruto dispersed his chakra cloak and jumped down to his small army of fifteen. "Hide in the dark. I shall call you. The old fool and his men approach. Do what you will until you hear me, but do not draw attention to yourselves, or me." He ordered, his voice noticeably deeper. The shades showed no outward reply, only sinking into their shadows and slithering into the surrounding darkness.

Just when the last was gone, Hiruzen appeared, flanked by his personal guard of elite ANBU. He sneered as he felt the ill intentions of all but three of them; the one with gravity defying silver hair in the Inu mask, the woman with long purple hair in the Neko mask, and the brown haired man who seemed to be wearing some odd faceguard under a Tora mask. "Greetings, Hokage-sama, so good of you to join me after the damage is done." Naruto intoned coldly, sneering at Hiruzen for arriving to the party after he just got done with his own brand of festivities.

Sarutobi frowned at the manner in which Naruto spoke to him; Naruto was only respectful when he was pissed.

"You will show respect to Hokage-sama, demo-!" An idiot ANBU yelled, only to be silenced by a tendril of darkness lashing out from Naruto's shadow, filleting his body and splattering his blood amongst his colleagues and the Hokage's robes, smirking all the while.

He enjoyed the shocked face of the Sandaime he could see, as well as the shocked stances of the ANBU, except the three who held no ill will towards him. Perhaps they believed he deserved it? Odd.

"Naruto! You did not need to kill him! He was spouting nonsense!" Hiruzen snapped at the ex-blonde, hoping to keep Naruto's once-secret of his status as such.

"Oh, come off it, old man; when I was reborn, I knew." Naruto quipped back, smirking at Hiruzen's shocked visage.

'He knew? What does he mean 'when he was reborn'? Perhaps it could explain this sudden change, and that power he just used.' Hiruzen mused in his head.

"In case you're wondering, when the damnable ANBU partaking in our little 'party' stabbed me in the stomach, he did what you all wanted; excluding you four." He added, pointing towards Hiruzen and the three, whom he decided to refer to as the Understanding. "The Kyuubi is dead." He finished.

Sarutobi was shocked beyond belief. Minato's seal was supposed to drain the Kyuubi into Naruto's chakra coils once he was 18! He's only four! Or rather, he was four before that happened. He eyed the new Naruto, noticing he was taller, leaner, toned, and his voice was deep, reminding him of a man scorned by his enemies in war.

"Impossible! You're still here!" Another ANBU yelled, only to be flayed by the tendril from before.

"Now now, children, Daddy's telling a story; best not to interrupt." Naruto chastised, speaking to the group as if they were all 5. "With the breaking of my father'sseal, Kyuubi plunged into my system. But I did not die; he did. I hold the power of a Demon's blood now, the greatest and most feared demon in all history. With its awakening, came my rebirth." He said with a flourish of his hands down his new form. "With my rebirth, came power." Naruto demonstrated as his hands burst in black flames and the shadow that killed the two ANBU writhed around him, tendrils waving, eyes leering, jaws cackling and sneering. Crimson dots opened within the shadows of the alley, watching everything. "I speak this message only once! Do not cross me, or you will die. That goes for you, too, old man!" Naruto threatened Hiruzen, shocking everyone. "The Onikage has returned, and he is on the warpath!" Naruto added, breaking down into black squares and flying out of the village, leaving the elite of the elite to mull over what just transpired.

Naruto just waged war on all of Konoha, from within. And from what he showcased during his tirade, he might win.

(Hokage Tower)

After his message was sent, Naruto sent a Yami Bunshin (Darkness Clone) to the Hokage Tower. Creeping its grasp along the wall, the clone sunk its hand into the crevices around the safe behind the picture of his father and filled the lock mechanism with darkness, forcing it to unlock, opening the safe and popping the picture off, catching it with care. While at first, Naruto resented the man for sealing the Kyuubi within him, but if he didn't do so, Naruto would not be reborn. As he retrieved the scrolls his parents left him, he also took the picture of the Yondaime; a keepsake. He also stole the Forbidden Scroll of Seals, pocketing all he took in the darkness of his jacket, the bottomless pocket dimension holding them.

He made his way to the Nara estate and made copies of their Shadow and Darkness techniques, respecting one of the few friends he had as a child and not stealing from them.

He then appeared at the unmanned North Gate out of Konoha. As he faced the great unknown, his legion of shades appeared behind him. "Grow our army. Take the civilians and ANBU, but spare the Understanding and shinobi. They might be worthy allies, or worthy enemies; regardless, they will live for now, on a whim. Bring to me those who have potential to be greater than shades." He ordered, silent as the shades awayed to do his dark work, relishing in the first screams of the civilians as they were slaughtered by dark creatures that walked from the shadows of their homes.

He then made his own journey away from the hell he once called home. He didn't know where he was going, but he knew it was away from here.

Away from those who didn't understand.

(Five hours later)

Naruto kept walking through Hi no Kuni, deciding, on a whim, to head to Oni no Kuni; how appropriate. He felt the rush of cold embrace as his shades returned to him, greater in number. He was slightly disappointed that none of the ANBU were strong enough to garner anything above Shades. He was surprised when one of them brought him a civilian; a shrill thing, disgustingly pink and unbearably loud. When she shrieked in fear and indignation, he understood why; she might make a banshee-like creature.

"Silence." Naruto said plainly, but the girl listened. "Name?" He asked/ordered.

"H-Haruno S-Sakura." She answered, quivering before him. Pitiful. A stronger person would stand tall before their death; stronger still would embrace the chance to serve him. But she was a child, so it might be forgiven. Rethinking these things, he mused his Onikage blood made him think himself a king or some demi-god.

"Welcome to the fold." Naruto greeted, confusing Sakura until he plunged his hand in her chest, extracting her heart and adding it to his bountiful collection from what the Shades brought him, while he also rewarded them with a few. He was a benevolent king; he would praise those who did his work to his expectations, more so if they soared higher; finding that he lost not one of them as they worked through the supposed 'strongest shinobi village' garnered such. He watched as the writhing girl changed. At first, he thought she would merely become a Shade, but her last death shriek burst through, and he relished as it distorted with evil and corruption, watching as she indeed became a banshee creature.

Her new form was a creature similar to the Shades, but the lower body was robe-like instead of a pair of legs, it was noticeably female with wider hips and a small bust. Last was its face; it didn't have eyes but it had a small pair of human lips, smiling softly and a sharp contrast to the shades. The upper half of its head degenerated into soft hair swept back and down its neck. It suddenly opened its mouth, revealing the dainty mouth to be false, as it had massive fangs within its gaping maw, the mouth large enough to engulf an adults head. It's 'hair' snapped outwards, revealing it to be tendrils, as they lashed in the air. Its dainty hands morphed into claws as spikes suddenly formed up its arms and it shrieked to the heavens, nearby woodland creatures dropping dead as the sound eradicated their souls and burst their eardrums.

Naruto signaled for it to stop and it quieted down, reverted to its docile state and approached him and pecked him on the cheek with its perpetually smiling lips, shoulders shaking as if it giggled before it sunk into its shadow. Naruto shook his head at the affectionate creature and went on his way.

Moving along his journey, he thought over how he took care not to injure a single shinobi, ANBU notwithstanding. He planned to return to his 'home' in the future; he had plenty of time to wait. Stopping in the middle of his path, he had an idea. Surely those who were worthy of him would sprout up in the world. Agreeing with himself, or perhaps some persona within his mind, he thrust his hand within the ground, black veins spreading throughout the dirt. He watched as they slithered to parts unknown. 'Find those who would be worthy to our cause' was his order. He created a net of shades that would examine several areas in the Elemental Nations for those he might deem worthy of joining his cause.

About an hour later, he received a mental pull. Allowing it, he stood in the middle of the road as his mind wandered to where it would be taken.

Looking through his link with a Shade, he found it was in Kumogakure, and watching a woman. A beauty of one, she moved with feline grace as she dodged the lecherous hands of drunks, the men spouting off nonsense of 'bagging the demon bitch.'

Realizing this was one of his former kind, he felt action was to be taken. Condensing his body to darkness, he fell into the mental link, his form appearing with the Shadow that showed him such things. He growled lowly as the lumbering, fat men managed to corner the woman. Walking up behind them, he cleared his throat to garner their attention.

"Eh?" One of the men grunted, looking over his shoulder. Naruto made eye contact with the blonde woman, a Chuunin by the uniform. He nodded to her as if telling her he was here to help, but also questioning how a Chuunin of a very militaristic village was cornered. Spying a dart in her neck and her pale face and her knees shaking, he concluded these men drugged her to weaken her. Disgusting. "Wait yer turn, brat." The man chastised in a drunken slur.

"On the contrary..." Naruto quipped, thrusting his hands through both their chests, splattering their blood on the ground and walls, taking caring not to stain the woman's clothing. He corrupted their hearts and engulfed them in darkness, sure that they would become something other than a pair of Shades.

He was not disappointed when they appeared just as large, but not necessarily with fat. They were like a pair of walls, Shades bulked up with muscle and rock-like armor, mostly across its back, as their heads remained a normal size, tiny compared to the new bodies, and their arms were like tree trunks, the armor formed to be two halves of a spiked shield, which they created by bringing together their arms in front of them, an impenetrable defense of shadows. Naming them Guardna's, Naruto dismissed them into the darkness.

He approached the stunned woman and removed the dart from her neck, using his dark chakra to heal her weakness from the obtrusive device without her doing anything to stop him, too shocked at what she just saw.

She was snapped out of her stupor when the man who saved her closed her slack mouth and patted her on both cheeks. "Now now, mustn't gape; you'll attract flies." Naruto commented.

"What the hell was that?!" She suddenly yelled.

Naruto winced at her volume. "Please speak lower, I detest loud people." Banshee notwithstanding, of course.

Remembering what he did to those two bastards, she heeded warning that wasn't really there. "Sorry. But what did you do?" She asked.

"I put them to good use. Though their hearts will suffer for their transgressions; I despise rapists. Now, let's go." Naruto ordered.

Idly following him, she questioned exactly what he meant by go. "'Go' where?"

"Why, out of the village. I offer you a better life, power, and freedom." He spun around, his coat swinging in a flourish.

Realizing she was being offered a chance to leave her own semi-hell of a home, she followed him. "Why'd you help me? I'm just a monster..." she said, rubbing her arm.

"Come now, is that how you speak of yourself to your once-brethren?" Naruto teased.

"What the hell are you talking about?" She asked.

"Well, miss..." Naruto left his sentence hanging, hoping for her to fill in the blanks.

"Nii Yugito." She answered.

Naruto nodded. "Uzumaki Naruto. Well, Miss Nii, I was once a jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. I know you hold the Nibi." Naruto explained.

Yugito's eyes widened and she suddenly brandished a pair of kunai, crossing them around his shoulders to against his neck. "How do you know that? Last I heard, the Kyuubi jinchuriki was in Konoha." She hissed.

"I could smell her." Naruto answered, whispering in her ear as he appeared behind her, out of her lethal grasp.

Yugito shuddered at his hot breath but steeled herself. "Come to make me a weapon of your home?" She accused of him.

Naruto merely scoffed. "Hardly. I left that cesspool once I achieved my rebirth. I plan to burn the village to the ground." Naruto explained.

Yugito's eyes widened. "Why? It's your home." She said, only to be met with an indignant snort.

"Hardly. They treated me as if I shouldn't be alive, that I should be thankful for any attention, negative or otherwise. I was reborn through means of trying to kill me." Naruto explained.

"You keep mentioning rebirth. What do you mean?" She asked.

"I was born in the blood of the Onikage." He said.

Yugito was confused until Nibi shrieked in his head. "Onikage?! For the love of Kami, Yugi-chan, don't piss this kid off! He could kill us in a second! Just go with him, a future with him is better than contentment here!"Matatabi insisted.

Yugito seized her head as Nibi's shrieks gave her a headache. "I see what you mean by detesting loud people..." She muttered to Naruto, who merely chuckled. 'What's the Onikage?' This time she asked Matatabi.

"The Onikage was the greatest and most feared demon in all of Makai. His power rivaled that of the Juubi, the great demon the nine bijuu were previously a part of. His prowess over Shadows, Darkness, and the Void was seen in no other and his legion of Shadow-walkers took everyone under his thumb; no one dared not turn against him."Nibi explained, causing Yugito's eyes to widen for the third time today. "Rivaling the Ten-Tails?" She repeated in a whisper. "Plus, he was a god in bed."Nibi added with a perverted giggle, her mind wandering, Yugito blushing; she just had to ruin the moment with her perversion. "But on a more serious note, he was said to give his mates a sliver of his power, and they became more powerful than one could imagine. The greatest of them could rival the Hachibi."She added.

"I assume she got to the part where my mates, should I take any, are given great power?" Naruto interrupted, assuming such when Yugito blushed.

Yugito jumped a bit, blushing that she was caught at that section. She nodded and added rather shyly, shuffling her feet in the dirt, her hands behind her back. "Yes." She said meekly.

"...You're just trying to adorable your way to that power, aren't you?" Naruto deadpanned.

Yugito blushed worse at his choice of wording; he found her adorable?

"Well, I suppose if you're joining me, it only makes sense." Naruto seemed to admit.

Yugito blushed even worse. "S-so does that mean I'm-MMPH!" She started, only to be muffled by Naruto seizing her lips with his own. Surprised, she slowly fell into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he did her waist.

Naruto's lips wandered from her lips, kissing their way to her neck, causing her to mewl and moan, and he bit down on the junction between her neck and left shoulder, injecting her with a sliver of his power, causing her to let out an orgasmic moan.

Naruto stepped back, though with some difficulty, as she seemed to be rather clingy as she writhed in the pleasure of the power coursing through her veins. He watched as she was engulfed in black flames and could feel the power pouring off her. The flames were doused, and Naruto looked at the reborn Yugito.

Her dirty blonde hair was now black, much like how his changed, but kept the same style. Her face bore the same symbol his did, her honey eyes more of a gold now, glowing slightly in the night. Her entire outfit was black and, looking down at herself and lifting her breasts in confusion, she found they grew to almost a D. She blushed but pouted at Naruto at the rather objective physical change. "You fucking horndog." She complained.

Naruto merely chuckled with her. "I did nothing; the darkness that molded you formed you into a vessel it believed appropriate. The original Onikage was known for various... concubines, and thus reacted accordingly, independent of either of our wills. Obviously it 'evolved' you to how you probably would be as a full adult; what are you, 14, 15?" He guessed, not waiting for an answer. "It did the same to me; I'm technically 4, believe it or not, and the Onikage blood evolved me into this." He said, to her gobsmacked expression. "Now come on, that influx of chakra of a foreign nature was sure to alert the..." He stopped when he turned around, finding a squadron of VOLT, Kumo's ANBU, facing him. "...authorities..." Naruto finished plainly, glaring at the small group before him. He slowly spun around to look at Yugito. "Oh Yugi-chan~! Take care of them. Have fun with your new powers." Naruto asked of her eccentrically, sinking into his own shadow and appearing behind the squadron on a nearby rooftop, causing them to whip around in shock as he sat and watched. The two members closest to her died instantly, their hearts engulfed and darkness overtaking them. Naruto watched on from a distance to see what her work yielded. He was surprised to find the VOLT became entirely new creatures.

Instead of the bipedal humanoid Shades, these VOLT became wolves, maintaining clawed feet, but their chests and heads grew to those of wolves, and several large spikes grew down their spines, bladed limbs bursting from their shoulder blades and folding against their backs, a whip-like tail growing from their tailbones. The spikes along their backs sparked with electricity that arced between them; these were Blitzwolves.

He watched as Yugito slaughtered the squadron much like how he did after his rebirth, aided by her new creations; she had all the powers he attained, though weaker of course, and augmented versions of them. For instance, her tendrils of darkness that he used as a shield whipped out of her fingertips, or she could extend her nails into claws, reminding him of his Banshee's own. She also seemed to have a sort of blade of darkness that grew with a swipe of her hand or foot and, most curiously, a thin strand of darkness whipped out from her tailbone, skewering a VOLT in the brain when it tried to sneak up on her.

He watched as she manipulated the black flames from when he used Black Hole on that crowd and used it in a very Katon-like technique, throwing around black fireballs. He almost jumped to her aid when she lost her left hand, but stopped when he saw the tell-tale signs of its regeneration with the black red-glow smoke taking its place. He smirked and jumped down to her once she finished, letting her corrupt all their hearts and turn a few of them into Blitzwolves. "Very nice, Yugi-chan." Naruto applauded, clapping for her.

Yugito giggled and sauntered over to him, putting an extra sway in her hips and quickly whipped around, leaning against him as she hung off his shoulders, looking up at him with the back of her head on his chest and her rather ample behind rubbing against a certain part of his anatomy. "I aim to please, Naruto-kun." She cooed, licking just under his chin.

Naruto shuddered but remained steadfast. They had to leave before garnering more unwanted attention. "Not now, Yugi-chan." He said sternly, though he stepped out of her grasp while pinching her behind, eliciting a squeak from her. "We must leave before more appear. Before we leave, is there anyone you want to take with us before we do?" Naruto asked, only to find Yugito looking fearful as she looked behind and above him, pointing shakily. Confused, Naruto put his hand behind him, coming in contact with a rather stern surface. Traveling his hand upward, he found the Raikage standing right behind him, not happy if the scowl on his face Naruto felt alluded to anything. "Well... This is interesting. I say what we do is- FUCK THIS SHIT!" Naruto yelled, suddenly trying to run away, only to find he was seized by the hood of his clothing, his legs getting him nowhere. He was lifted into the air by said hood, and gave up trying to escape.

One might ask why he didn't just use his control over darkness to free himself, or perhaps injure or even kill the Raikage, but the odd thing was... he sensed no ill will from the man. "Hello sir." Naruto greeted, brought up to A's face, seeing his sharp beard, moustache, and swept back hair, all of it yellow-white.

"What do you think you are doing?!" A yelled.

Naruto thanked Kami the high collar shielded him from the flying spit of the irate Kage. He decided to tell the truth. "Nothing~" Ok, maybe not.

Yugito was hard pressed to just not fall over laughing at Naruto's actions. First, he feels up the Raikage and kinda lingers on his face, surely messing with him, then his pitiful escape was just hilarious, now he decided to fuck with her adoptive father.

Naruto's smart-aleck remark earned him a bump on his head, which he did not react to, except for the small tear hanging off his right eye from the pain, purely for comedic reasons. "Ow. I see you want the truth. Well then..." Naruto then explained how he arrived here, saving Yugito from the two would-be rapists, surprised as the Raikage went into a sense of rage, as most Kage's wouldn't care about the goings-on of an individual shinobi, but placated him when Naruto explained he killed them. Then, he admitted to trying to take Yugito out of the village, and the subsequent squad of VOLT impeding their progress, to which he explained Yugito clearly whipped their sorry asses.

Saying that all with a straight face.

The Raikage stared long and hard into Naruto's eyes, unaffected by their oddness. Deciding he was telling the truth and his journey was bold, he set Naruto down. "Take my brother with you." He asked of Naruto.

Naruto was silent for quite a bit. "...Huh?" He asked intelligently.

Yugito finally broke down and laughed her pretty little ass off, rolling on the ground at the series of events that unfolded before her. Despite only knowing him for half an hour, Naruto's mannerisms seemed quite odd, and hilarious, from his initial persona.

Both Kage and demonized teen stared at Yugito as she laughed on the ground. Looking to each other, A nodded to Naruto, the dark child nodding back and going down on his knees. He suddenly seized Yugito's shoulders, the once-blonde still laughing up a storm, and seized her lips in another passionate kiss. The effects were immediate, as she moaned into the kiss and clung to him, immediately quieting down.

They would have continued their little make out session if A didn't interrupt them with a rather loud cough.

"Do you mind? We're busy." Naruto deadpanned to A, earning himself another bump on the head. "So seriously... huh?" Naruto returned to his confused visage.

"Take my brother with you, gaki. He's the Hachibi container, and he doesn't fare well in the village. While half the village praises him for his burden, half again despises him, this half more able to act upon this hatred. Please, take him with you. I heard everything you told Yugito-chan. I don't care if you wage war with the other four Nations, just taking care of my daughter and brother." A pleaded of Naruto.

Naruto looked to Yugito, who nodded with a smile at the prospect of having her adoptive brother along for the ride that was sure to be fun. "Very well then, I'll bring your brother along. Where is he?" Naruto asked.

"Right here!" A answered with a cheeky grin, sidestepping to the left, showing his brother, Kirabi.

Kirabi was an odd one. He seemed to be immersed in something he was writing in a small notepad. Naruto noted the bleached hair copying A's style, and his goatee of the same hue. On his right shoulder was the kanji of 'Iron' and a tattoo of a bull head on his left, two bull horns on his left cheek. His top lip was a darker shade of his skin than the bottom and he wore ovular sunglasses. He wore the standard Kumo one strap flak jacket, with a red rope around his waist, a white scarf around his neck and seven swords sheathed on his back. He wore the generic arm and shin guards of Kumo and VOLT issue pants and sandals.

"Hello." Naruto greeted.

"Yo." Bee merely answered. This earned him a bump on the head courtesy of his brother.

The man likes to bop people on the head, it seems.

"Bee, be nice. You'll be going on a journey with this boy." A told his brother.

"Why I gotta do that? That's whack." Bee rhymed horrible, earning a second bump on his head.

"Don't start with your infernal rhyming! You're going so he can keep you safe. Now before you start bitching that you can handle yourself, this kid holds the Kyuubi." A started.

"Used to." Naruto corrected.

A nodded. "Used to hold the Kyuubi. And his power that led to that fact can protect you both. I've received word of a group of S-rank criminals collecting the jinchuriki, and they travel in pairs. Do you think you can take on two, or possibly more, S-rank missing nin?" A asked his brother.

"Shit, hell yeah I could! Take Hachibi? They wished they would." Bee rhymed again, punching the air like a boxer.


"Just shut up and go with them." A deadpanned.

"Before you agree... You must know my journey is to destroy Konoha. I want to see my old home burned to the very last molecule. No one shall survive, save for those who were smart and defected to my allegiance. All others, shall die." Naruto intoned.

Bee was suddenly serious, knowing full well how an antagonistic village could drive one to resentment. "Ok. I'll go." He said simply. "But can I get some of that sweet power like lil Miss Two?! Yo!" He tried to rhyme again, his pathetic attempt failing miserably.

A vein popped on Naruto's forehead. "Only if you promise to limit the rapping." he said stiffly.

"You have my word, ya heard?" He said.


Naruto sighed as he massaged the bridge of his nose. "Fine fine. Prepare for some mild pain." He warned, then thrust his hand into Bee's chest, again like it was water. Corrupting his heart, he stepped back to view the minor transformation.

It didn't change much. The only noticeable change was the faint yellow glow under his sunglasses and his hair turning black. Strangely, he didn't develop the facial symbol Naruto and Yugito wore. Odd.

"Come along. And A-sama, thank you for your consent. I promise you the land of Konoha once I burn it to the ground." Naruto offered as he walked around with his two cohorts.

A chuckled nervously, disbelieving he just sent his brother and adoptive daughter on a mission with a complete stranger to destroy Konoha, and perhaps the rest of the Elemental Nations. He waved to the group.

The Onikage has returned, and Konoha will burn.

End Ch. 1

A/N: So, whaddya think? Now, just to be clear, chronologically, Naruto is four, but due to the process of his rebirth, he is now a hanyou, and 18, physically and mentally. As I said, he has the power I stated in the A/N before I started, and he is forming an army of Shadow-Walkers. Like I said, I got rid of the Heartless influence in the story, so now he has stuff like Shades and Banshees instead. Also, due to the clusterfuck of various sources of his powers, I decided to throw in Wailing Dark from Asura's Wrath. Because fuck you, that's why. The pairing will be a harem, and yeah, we got an EvilNaruto. Isn't that great? :D

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