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I Know I Can Make You Beg~ Fairy Tail Version

"I know I can make you beg."

An amused brow arched at that seemingly innocent statement. Gray Fullbuster, an ice mage extraordinaire stared at the pair of chocolate brown orbs glaring defiantly right back at him. Sighing almost inaudibly he brought the cup of shave ice down onto the small plate with a 'clang'. "I'm sorry… What did you just say?" the man asked in an incredulous manner. Never did he think that his innocent wife of two years would even think to say such words.

"You heard me. I know I can make you beg." Lucy Fullbuster fumed, slightly perturbed at how her husband still seemed unfazed at her words and with a haunting smirk to boot. "Gray! Your clothes!" Gray loosed his cool and squeal, "When did that happen.." As soon as he found his clothes...

"And what pray tell… made you say such a thing like that?" Gray inquired coolly as he crossed his arms over his chest in amusement. Lucy sighed as she settled back into her seat wearing a tight fitting silken dress with one of her husbands white collar shirts over top.

Needless to say, it took all of Gray's willpower not to pounce on his wife then. However, he was quite sure that he wouldn't want an earful from master Macarov the second he reached the guild.

"Last night…" Lucy mumbled as she twirled a strand of her blonde hair between her fingers. Blood rushed to her cheeks as she squirmed in her seat. While Gray's icy navy blue eyes glowered at that movement and the man held back a growl that threatened to emerge from his throat. She had got to stop doing that. Really, before he lost his sense of control to the fact that she looked so pretty damn cute and sexy.

"When we were having our little fun last night?" Gray continued with a full smirk on his face as he promptly ignored the glare that was shot his way. "Gray, you and I both know that it's not even close to little." Lucy detoured as finished the rest of her food on her plate.

"You said that I was your wild cat and-"

"You didn't like that?"

"NO! Err.. I mean… god… Gray!" Lucy whined as she tugged her blonde locks, clearly frustrated at the direction to where their conversation was heading. Her husband chuckled as he stood up from his seat. "Okay, I'll stop. But really, do carry on." Gray grinned as he watched Lucy's glare intensify. If looks could kill, his corpse would be lying on the tiled floor right about then. Even her Lucy Kick could kill.

"You said that I was so innocent that you hardly even need to do anything to get what you want" Lucy roared as she stood up from her seat as well, angrily collecting the empty plates that littered the table. It was then Gray let out a bout of laughter, obviously quite entertained by Lucy's worries. "And your point is…?" He wasn't really just trying to make her life miserable…was he?

"Do I have to spell it out for you?" Lucy gritted her teeth as she stalked towards the kitchen in their apartment. Also, she was very much aware that her husband was tailing her every move.

Lucy dropped the dirty dishes into the sink and the clatter of the amount of work she had to do resound in her ears. "Remind me again why I married you?…" Unexpectedly, (but yet expected) strong arms enveloped her waist. Shivers of pleasure traveled down her spine as Gray's cool breath veered closely to her ears. "Because you love me and the things I can do…." He said with a crooked smile as he licked her ear. "Like that ice make dild-" Gray didn't finish his last words for fear Lucy might faint of nosebleed.

"Emmmm… now please go on." Gray said as he breathed in the scent that was so uniquely hers. Lucy opened her mouth to berate her husband for invading her privacy but stopped short with a squeak.

Gray had begun to suck on her exposed neck, remarking his claim on her from the preceding night. A velvety moan escaped from her lips as she reached back to force her husband's head closer to her neck. Curse her husband for being so darn irresistible. Hot body and cool at the same time.

A snarl of lust was heard before Lucy felt both her articles of clothing being taken from her. "Talk about impatient" mumbled Lucy as she felt a gale of cold wind glide over her naked body. In no time at all, Gray twirled her around and crushed his lips against her's while his- his hands already caressing every part of her exposed body.

She was soon being lifted off the ground and gasped she felt the cold marble underneath her butt. "You know," Lucy said as her voice hitched as she felt Gray's lips assaulting her breast with his mouth. "You're going to be late." With a chuckle and the licking of his lips, Gray mumbled against Lucy's lips. "I think I can spare a few minutes"

Then, he thrust his tongue into the caverns of his wife's mouth. He could never get bored of his brown-eyed beauty. In fact, he was quite sure hell would freeze over before that happened. He himself doing the freezing.

The aroused beauty encircled her arms around Gray and grappled onto his messy raven hair locks. After the banter of tongues clashing against one another, Lucy shrieked as her navy blue eyed prince inserted a digit into her wet and wanting.

A second and a third soon followed as Lucy began to move her hips in rhythm with her husband's ministrations. White hot pleasure shot through her veins as a scream tore from her throat. Lights flickered behind her eyelids while Lucy reached the peak of her pleasure.

Consequently, hot liquid spurred onto Gray's palm as a sigh of contentment escaped from his wife's lips. Gray moaned as he felt Lucy's body shudder, licking his fingers that were coated in Lucy's juice. One glance at the clock and navy blue eyes widened- it looks like he couldn't escape his fate now. Ugh! Master's Punishment.

With one lasting kiss, Gray murmured against his darling wife's ears and slipped from her grasp." You see? I don't have to beg to get what I want." Chocolate eyes opened in shock as Gray's warm body left hers, his chuckles echoing in the hallways.

It wasn't long before she heard the slam of the door and only then did Lucy's senses returned to her. She had been played again like a little rag doll. Raging like a volcano, Lucy slipped her dress back on and called the only person who she knew who could help in this matter…

~to be continued~