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I Know I Can Make You Beg~ Fairy Tail Version

"Hello? Mira…listen, I need a little favor from you…"

Oh yes- her husband was in for a treat tonight. But to accomplish this, she would need reinforcements.

"What got you in such a happy mood?" said a slim young man of average height with a muscular and toned body. He has bluish silver hair, most of which are spiky strands that jut upwards on top of his head, except for some which are kept pointing down and partially cover the upper left part of his face. It's not a rare sight really, seeing a goofy smile plastered on the ice mage face even subsequent to a nagging session from Master. After Lucy had become a Fullbuster, there was hardly ever a day in which Gray would enter the guild with a scowl. It's not difficult to see the reason behind the handsome man's behavior. The reason to why Lyon was in the guild? Lets just say Gray pulled a blackmail on him.

Lyon took pleasure in teasing his friend daily but held back a bit, in case Gray might retaliated with more blackmail of his own. The last time the two had taken a cruise together; Gray got an eyeful of something that he really didn't wish he had to ever see in his entire life.

But following his horror was priceless blackmail that Gray had been using ever since. It's not everyday that one would find Juvia and her husband engaged in such rambunctious activity, in the captain's bedroom no less. And as luck would have it, he was holding a camera at the time.

"Buzz off Lyon." Gray scowled as he returned from la-la land and he dove back into his mind, figures dancing in his head though they weren't just of the number variety…

"Oooo.. Touché." Lyon began as he piled the boxes upon the large chamber already littered with various boxes and more boxes. As much as Gray loved his wife, it wouldn't be long until she captured his attention entirely to a point in which it would make him completely useless in the guild and on more missions to come. And then, they would both lose the apartment. Joy.

"Just remember. Lucy isn't as simple as you think." Lyon warned as he left the chamber, a smirk carved upon his face.

"I think I know my own wife Lyon. Now leave before I fire you with ice make cannon." Gray said monotonously as he also got out of the chamber and started looking at all of the missions he could take. "As you wish your ice highness." Gray rolled his eyes from the evident sarcasm. At that point of time, Lyon didn't exactly know how right he was in this casual comment.

"LUCY! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!" Mira shrieked as she grappled onto her best friend in enveloping chest. The brown-eyed girl choked as her face turned into various shades of colors.

"Yes I know Mira. But please let go off me- or else you will be one friend short for you antics when you go drinking,shopping next week." Lucy squeaked as her oxygen supply slowly diminished. Before the color of Lucy's face matched the color of her shirt, her big busted friend relinquished her hold, leaving the poor girl in a coughing fit.

"Gray is just getting plain cocky nowadays. I need this plan to show him WHO exactly wears the pants in this family." Lucy narrowed her eyes in as she thought back to the earlier events that occurred in her apartment. She wanted to- no- needed to get her revenge against her husband. It's time to pull out some tricks under her so-called innocent exterior.

"My little Lu-chan is all grown up. You know what? I believe that you must've gotten these mad scheming skills from me." Mira remarked as both of them walked down the aisle in the supermarket. Lucy giggled lightly as she plopped a jar of honey into the basket that was already filled with queer items, her lips curved into a smirk.

"This is why I love you Mira." Both ladies cackled into evil laughter, ignoring the weird looks that were sent their way. Now- onto their next destination; Mira's private warehouse titled, "Lucy's provocative resources to seduce Gray."

"I still can't believe you have a warehouse for me for this kind of stuff Mira…" Lucy said accusingly, but Mira just blew it off.

Right after that would be a quick pit-stop to Mag Drug to buy some potion. This location is where Juvia bought that potion that made the whole guild gone mad.

And then, let the games begin.

Gray sighed wearily as he reached the entrance to his and Lucy's apartment. It had been a tough day, one mission after the other. Fairy Tail's strongest team isn't even officially disbanded. Natsu was currently busy with his wife Lisanna, both expecting a baby or in Happy's word "dragon egg" and well Gray also got his own wife to take care of. If those old councils would stop being an ass and yapping bout his decisions or...accidents of destroying places, his day would've gotten a whole lot smoother. At least they should be happy I got rid of those bandits. Gray was glad that night had finally fallen and he could return to his… humble abode and right into the arms of his pretty damn cute wife.

Heh. Yeah right.

Gray turned the doorknob but was surprised to find that the door was locked. Odd- Lucy should've returned by now and she wouldn't usually leave the door open for her exhausted husband. What made today so different?

Looking down, Gray found a red ribbon tied to the doorknob- with a note attached to it. With furrowed brows, Gray tugged the ribbon right off and read the note. It was obviously from Lucy- who penned the note in hot pink.


Wear this over your eyes and knock on the door. If not, I won't let you in.



Gray stared at the slip of paper, completely baffled to as what was going on. Usually he would be the one that laid traps for his wife. But now, the tables have turned. Gray began to recall the morning's incident and chuckled. He should be in for another sleepless night- again. The man blindfolded himself, tying the cloth securely around his eyes. His heart began to thump wildly as he knocked against the oak door with his knuckles.

"Lucy? It's-"

Gray was cut short as he heard the door flung open. Within a split second, he felt someone tug him in by his tie and left him sprawled on the carpeted ground. The blindfolded man groaned as he rubbed his sore bum. This was definitely not what he was expecting.

"Lucy? What the hell is-"

~to be continued~