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I Know I Can Make You Beg~ Fairy Tail Version

The confused man was cut off once again, but welcomed the sudden weight that was felt upon his lap. The vulnerable man soon felt soft lips assaulting his senses as it nibbled his earlobe, causing Gray to moan out in pleasure. Feminine giggles were heard as Gray felt small hands wrap around his hardened length through the pants.

"Tsk Tsk. Hard already Guraaay? And I haven't even gotten to dinner yet." A melodious voice met his ears as his mind struggled to comprehend whatever that was happening. It wasn't long before the dominant fire burned within the male as he growled. Gray's hands searched within the darkness and felt something that made his eyebrows arch higher than Mount Everest.

"LACE? LUCE! WHAT THE HELL-"Before Gray could show his distress for losing his sense of sight, his wife had pulled him to his feet. Okay. He was definitely NOT in favor of this disadvantage.

"Settle down Guraaay. I have yet to finish making your dinner…" Lucy giggled once again as she pushed her husband into the seat. The aroma of roses filled his nostrils as Gray almost groaned at the lost of body heat.

Suddenly, he felt the distinct clinging of metal around the base of his legs. Before he could really acknowledge this- Lucy had pulled his arms behind the chair and secured them in a similar bind. A rustle was heard before the man felt nimble fingers working against his blindfold- thank god he was finally going to see-


Gray's jaw dropped like nothing before as he soaked in the sight of his "pretty damn cute" wife. She only wore a pair of extremely revealing lingerie. Her bra (if it could be considered one) covered the bottom half of her breasts, leaving little to one's imagination. Her entire apparel was in lacy black- he noticed- as his hunger-filled eyes traveled downwards to Lucy's bottom. It covered her newly waxed area and was chained to a girdle that covered her legs.

Although she didn't wear any make-up to further accentuate her sexy appeal, Gray was more than over the edge at the sight of black lingerie. He then began to struggle against his binds but then noticed the reason to his captured state- it was to restrain him, from devouring his wife upon mere sight.

"Lucy…" Gray growled menacingly as said woman settled on the chair beside him. "Gray, babe- you really need to calm down. After all, you wouldn't want to spoil my fun, now would you?" Lucy asked sweetly as she played with her husband's hair, a smirk on her face all along. "Take a look around Gray and you'll see what you're in for." It took a lot of effort for Gray to tear his sight away from Lucy's flawless body but he certainly didn't regret the sight that behold him.

Their entire floor was transformed into… well… a sex chamber. The lights were dimmed and the atmosphere practically screamed the essence of sex. Roses were littered everywhere and their bed was covered in blood red bed sheets. There were new additions to the room too- things that Gray didn't miss. A pole was seen in the middle of the room, elevated on a platform and the sound of music that pulsed from their stereo near by.

"Like it?" Lucy purred as she tugged her husbands tie free. Her eyes were already laden with lust as she tore Gray's shirt open. Never mind the fact that that shirt had cost over a hundred over jewels- Gray gaped openly at his wife. He never did know that she was filled with such ferocious temper. Before he could explode into smithereens at that revelation, Lucy's tongue darted out to taste his chest while her hands busily worked on her husband's trousers.

Gray groaned loudly and struggled against his binds even more. He wanted her- to be inside of her. NOW. However, he had a feeling that it would be far before that would happen. Pleasure shot like wildfire and coursed through his body while Lucy played with his exposed length. Giggles filled the air once more as this time, the scantly dressed female whispered seductively into her husband's ears.


Gray's burning navy blue eyes widened in realization. She wasn't going to let him touch her… until he would mercifully beg for her attention. Being the stubborn male that he was, Gray gave the most obvious answer.


Rather than faltering in disappointment, Lucy let out another bout of giggles as she left Gray's side momentarily.

"Well then. How about after dinner?"

Gray made it a point to notice that there wasn't a plate of food visible anywhere on the table. Just then, he heard the sound of the unscrewing of a bottle. His head snapped so fast to the other side that he could have sworn it would have broken. The aroused male's eyes feasted upon the delicious sight of Lucy covered in sweet honey. To top that off, she sprayed whip cream all over her top and placed a small cherry in the valley of her breasts.

As innocently as possible, Lucy plopped herself on Gray's lap and latched onto his neck. "Hmmm" Lucy hummed as she pushed her breast right into Gray's face. "Tuck in." Gray didn't have to be told twice.

Ravenously, the usually composed man dug right in into his feast, lapping up the sweet honey and cream as quickly as possible. Coupled with the moans of pleasure that filled his ears, nothing stood in Gray's way on his assault against Lucy's top.

Truth be told, this was the most delectable dinner that he has had in ages cuz normally Gray enjoys his shave icecream even for dinner. Gray chomped onto the cherry with vengeance, allowing the sweet taste to flood his mouth. Lucy hummed in pleasure as she began to grind herself against his length. It didn't surprise her when Gray used his teeth to tear off part of her new lacy bra and suckled on her pert nipple. His hands itched to touch his feast- but was sorely disappointed when he found the chains as tight as ever. Guess there won't be any ice make show people! His body screamed for release as he felt her hands encasing his length once more. But still- he refused to beg.

"LUCY!" Gray yelled as she stood up from his lap- his body more than ready to take Lucy without consent. He had enough of this torture- but apparently, Lucy wasn't over with her boy toy yet.

"Shhh…" Lucy whispered as she nibbled on his earlobe once again, causing him to groan lowly. "You've eaten your fill. Now... it's time to play" Gray's navy blue eyes were darkened with desire as he trained his eyes on his wife.

Her top was sleeked with saliva- and she didn't even seem bothered. His clothes were in disarray- with his dress shirt torn open and chest exposed. Gray's pants were unzipped and his length had been pulled out from his boxers. To top it all off, he was panting heavily and following her every move. It was clearly obvious that he wanted her and in that, she relished the pleasure.

Lucy turned around to her extremely aroused husband and gripped his shoulders and turned him around.

"Come on Gray, you're in for a show." Lucy whispered as she pushed Gray and his chair over to the main bedroom. It had seemed she had planned this rather well since the chair came equipped with rollers. It took only a few seconds before the couple reached their destination and Lucy whirled the chair around.

Unexpectedly, she dove into his neck. Licking up a down as she reached his ear, slowly nibbling on it as Gray moaned out the pleasure. As her lips slowly made their way to his lips, she curved her body onto his, sitting on his lap as she pressed her breasts up against his upper chest. Their tongues clashed widely against one another, exploring a territory both knew so well. Electricity coursed through his body as Lucy began to rub her nearly bare breasts against his chest. However, as quickly as their session had started, it ended just as abruptly as Lucy pushed herself away from the sex-crazed male.

"Lucy….damnit, I need you!" Gray groaned loudly as he watched his wife hopping onto the platform. White liquid was already forming at tip of his length- showing his desperate need to take his wife into Nirvana. (woah! Too much Information)

"Not until you beg." Lucy ordered as she plastered herself onto the pole. She hissed loudly as she felt cold metal against her hot skin. Turning to her husband with wanton eyes, she shocked him further by completely tearing her bra of her chest, allowing her breasts to pour out from the way-too-small lacy cocoon and that bra cost a couple of thousand jewels too.

Slowly and fervently, she rubbed herself against the pole, earning groans of displeasure as her reward. She danced merrily, hooking her left leg against the pole as she bent over in a curve- An action that was well etched in Gray's mind when they made love. He was now panting in want he watched her hips swerve to the music. One occasional thrust forward and back there- was enough to send Gray into blinding lustful rage.

"LUCY! LET GO OF ME NOW!" Gray bellowed wildly. But all he got in response was a black lacy girdle in the face. she giggled as she twirled on the platform once more, laughing at her husband's unfortunate predicament. Gray was struggling fiercely now, albeit his eyes remained stuck on Lucy's figure.

Between her legs, he could see her wet want. She was already damp- damn it all. There was only a limit to what a guy can take. He didn't care if she would sing in her I-told-you-so voice after. He didn't care if he would lose his manly pride. All he cared now was binding Lucy to the bed and make fucking love to her.

"OK! I BEG OF YOU! LUCY! LET ME GO!" Gray yelled as he fought against his restraints. An angelic giggle met his ears as he felt his wife draping over him once again. "Good Gray " He sucked in a breath as he stared into those devious chocolate orbs. She pointed downwards towards her only remaining article of clothing and smirked. "I'll let you go- but I can't seem to reach the key. Would you please get it for me?" Gray's jaw almost dislodged at that phrase as he stared down to Lucy's remaining garment. There it was, lodged between the skin and lace was the distinct shape of a key.

"Honestly- that thing has been bothering me all night. I would be eternally grateful if you could just take it out..." Lucy began as she used her ankles to lock the chair in place. Right after, she stood up on the chair and supported herself on his shoulders. She leaned closer, feeling quite accomplished at her task. All was still for a moment before Lucy felt Gray's head move closer. Finally, Lucy let out a squeal as she felt Gray's mouth, or to be more specific, tongue twisting and turning underneath her lingerie- searching for the key to his freedom, literally.

He grunted triumphantly as he held the key between his jaws. Lucy giggled as Gray spit it out, glaring at her to will his wife to release him from his constraints. Gingerly, Lucy hopped off the chair and bent over to unlock the two handcuffs.




The split second Gray was released from his restraints; he turned to pounce on his wife. Lucy sighed in bliss as she felt herself being hurriedly scooped into strong arms. Gray wasted no time in celebrating his freedom as he attacked Lucy's neck with butterfly kisses. Intoxicated by her scent, he dropped her onto the silky sheets of their bed.

Lucy squeaked as he tore her lacy lingerie off her, the sound of ripping clothing arousing her even further. Her grip on the sheets tightened as her husband thrust his tongue into her mouth. "Lucy… you'll be the death of me.." Gray mumbled incoherently as his lips began to travel down Lucy's petite body.

Gray enjoyed the mewls that Lucy yelled had but relished the scream that resonated when he dipped his fingers into her opening, stretching Lucy's tight opening . His wife countered his attack with moans of pleasure that rocked his senses. If he didn't enter her now, he would surely die.

Lucy's brain, clouded with lust and unable to reply only responded as she tore the remaining clothing off of him. His dress shirt, trousers and boxers soon pooled at the base of their bed. She was over him now, his face licking and savoring her juices.

Then, Gray gasped as he felt Lucy's hot mouth enveloped his cock, her hands working magic against his balls. He groaned loudly and as Lucy began to bob up and down, causing the entire bed to shake. She ran her hands along his shaft and grinned as she felt her husband screamed in ecstasy. Semen was forced down her throat and with half-lidded eyes, she gulped it down entirely.

Before she could register what was going on, Gray had escaped from underneath her and flipped her over. She stared up into Gray's eyes, cloudy chocolate brown meeting against dark navy blue filled with lust and passion. Fire encased her soul as Gray's lips clashed against hers. Their hands caressed one another as they traveled down her others bodies. "Gray..!" Lucy gasped as his hands cupped her twin mounds, pinching them as his mouth continued to assault her own.

"This is what you get." Gray paused in mid groan as Lucy raked her nails behind his back. "For making me beg." Lucy cried out, her voice echoing within the apartment as he attacked her wanting body. He suckled on one of her breast while his right hand groped the other mound. Oh shit, she bet that her landlady would be all up on her back again for not being able to keep their pleasure sounds to themselves.

His other hand was busy pumping three fingers into Lucy, causing her hips to move against his movements. Gray groaned as Lucy bit onto his earlobe, enjoying her constant shrieks of his name. She was his and no one else's. God forbid if he ever lost this woman to another. May he help the poor soul that ever tried to get with Lucy because he was sure he wouldn't have mercy, even if that person or should he say spirit was Lucy's most precious keys. That damn Loke.

"Gray.." Lucy mumbled as he finally pulled his fingers out of her. She almost whimpered at the lost of heat but screeched with passion as he thrusted his hardened length into her. She had been waiting for this- all day. Gray groaned as Lucy latched herself onto him once again, meeting him thrust for thrust. Their bodies slapped against one another nosily as their breaths mingled in the air. Screeches of pleasure left Lucy as she wrapped her legs around her husband's waist, giving them new leverage. Gray pounded into her, inserting a few growls of pleasure of his own.

Scorching ecstasy found Gray as Lucy traveled her arms down his back and managed to latch onto his arse, forcing him to pound even further into her tight and wet opening. Lucy snarled in displeasure when she noticed Gray's changing rhythm, making them unable to reach their peak. He chuckled as he breathed into Lucy's ear. "This is not the end my dear." She growled and with new resolve, flipped them over and began to ride her husband in vigor.

Gray, obviously surprised at his daring wife, could only gap as she bounced up and down against his length, creating pleasure that they had never had before. He watched as her breasts bounced up and down along with her movement and his hands itched to touch them. He slowly moved up but was stop short when Lucy began to breathed lowly.

"On the contrary babe- that's not for you to decide. I'm in-charge today. Don't forget that." Lucy hissed out as she defiantly held onto Gray's hand while she moved her body forward and their faces met. Fueled with his wife's audacious assault, Gray snarled for one last time as he grabbed onto Lucy's sweat-slicked thighs and pushed himself into her opening, driving again and again into her tight cavern. At last, the couple reached their peak as both screamed simultaneously, their bodies finally finding the release both had been searching for the entire night. With one last thrust, Gray sent his seed spiraling into Lucy's body. Then, from the peak of their pleasure, their bodies calmed down as their arms encircled one another, relishing the warmth that lingered between husband and wife.

"Lucy…" Gray mumbled as she snuggled against his chest. The said woman, now spent of her energy giggled before she slipped into slumber. "I told you so" A chuckle was heard as he tighten his hold on his wife. "I love you so much…Luce"

"I love you too…Gray.."

The couple rested-but not for long. Within the night, Lucy had failed to get a single ounce of sleep as her husband repeatedly woke her up in the middle of it with lustful caresses. She should have known better than to encourage him by returning said actions with grinding movements against his length. But then again… who could resist Gray Fullbuster of all people? By dawn next day, the couple had woken up more times than Lucy could count. She was ready to ask Gray if he was on Viagra but stopped short when he thrusted into her opening once again. He certainly wasn't going to work that day- she was sure.

"Did I mention how much I love you Lucy?" Gray sighed as he relished in the ever held connection between the two in more ways than one.