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It was a quiet, peaceful morning in the newly rebuilt village of Konoha. Our favorite blonde knuckle-head hero ninja was finally enjoying a rest after what had all happened. Naruto was exhausted, emotionally as well as physically. He had heard two confessions of two girls claiming they love him. He, however wasn't sure. He thought he loved Sakura, but after Hinata's confession he started to doubt if was really love at all. Maybe it was just a crush on a pretty girl. He didn't know. He did know one thing, he was confused.

He was on his way to Ichiraku's for his morning ramen when he saw Hinata walking his way. He thought about turning around and taking the long way, but decided against it since he was feeling extremely famished this morning.

"H-hello, N-naruto," Hinata stuttered out as they both stopped in front of the other.

"Hey, Hinata. Um, how are you?" Naruto was looking at her pale eyes when a thought crept into his head. 'Ah, you like this one, don't you, kit?' 'WHAT?! You can't honestly think that I would...' But before Naruto could finished his thought, Hinata had said something that made his eyes widen a bit. "I'm sorry. What did you say, again?"

"I asked if m-maybe you would l-like to go g-get some ramen with me this morning or s-something like th-that?"

'Hmmm, maybe I should. That way I'll have a chance to actually talk to her.' "Okay, I was just heading there now."

Meanwhile, Sakura was out just taking a walk around the village. And just like another person, she was thinking if what she told Naruto was true or not. At first, she had said it so he would maybe quit chasing after Sasuke, but now she was starting to ponder if that was a true statement.

"Morning Sakura!" said Lee, who seemed to have popped out of nowhere.

"Damn it, Lee! You scared the hell out of me!" Sakura was trying to calm her heart rate down while Lee his give his cool-guy smile and thumbs up.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Anyways, I was wondering if you, maybe, I don't know, wanted to get something to eat with me later?" Lee said, while scratching the back of his head, basically the way Naruto does it.

Sakura thought for a moment and she decided that Lee was a nice guy. "Ok, but it's not a date. Not a date. Ok?"

"Alright! Yes! Thank you, Sakura! Of course it's not a date! Just two friends having dinner together! Anything wrong with that? Anyway, I'll pick you up at your house say around 7?"

"Deal. Later, Lee. I gotta go." With that, she walked on. She turned on the street that Ichiraku's was and what did she see? She saw Naruto with Hinata, eating and laughing together. She couldn't help but feel a litte jealous of what she saw. However, she did have a date with Lee, even if she didn't think it was one.

At Ichiraku's, Naruto had just finished telling Hinata of the time when Jiraiya caught a rubber ball in his mouth while teaching Naruto how to use the Rasengan.

"And the funniest part is, I had a mission the day after to where I couldn't laugh at all, but it was hard, because that image just kept popping up in my head!" Naruto said laughing, with tears in his eyes.

"That sounds hilarious, Naruto."

"Well, I'm finally full. What do you say we do some training together, Hinata? That jutsu you did when trying to save me from Pain was awesome!" Naruto didn't realize what he said until he already said it. He almost brought up her confession.

"S-sure I would like that, Naruto."

And so they were off to the very training ground where Naruto had told Hinata that he liked people like her.

"Hinata? Did you really mean what you told me?"

Hinata stopped in her tracks. She had been expecting that very question, but now that he asked it, she was running a blank as what to answer him with. "I-I meant every word. I have been watching you ever since that day you rescued me from those bullies. You inspired me. And that inspiration grew into something more," she stopped and looked directly into his cerulean blue eyes, "I grew to love you and I still do and always will."

Naruto was in shock at Hinata's words. Not just what they meant, but also she didn't stutter but once. 'That's...that's good. Now I realize that I don't love Sakura,' he thought to himself.

"Hinata, would you, umm, maybe, p-possibly, go out with me again some time, if you w-wanna? But if you don't I would completely understand!" he asked her, mimicking her notorious stutter.

Hinata smiled and lightly nodded her head. Naruto gently grabbed her hand and they ran off to the training grounds.