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Usagi sat on the tiled bathroom floor crying and staring at her rings, she was getting fed up of the arguments. She just wanted to get her Darien back, but all the work he was doing was getting them no where.

She decided to stand up so she could go to work, but she needed to clean herself up first.

Adjusting her bra and shoving tissues in it, if she was going to have another emotional break down late, she was going to need them.

Nodding to herself that she found herself presentable she ran off to work.

Mina and the girls sat around the table at Rei's temple, it was really cold outside, so they had found sanctuary in the warm room.

'Have you guys noticed how upset Usagi has been lately' asked Amy

'Yeah I have' Says Rei.

' I think its time for an intervention, and I know just who can help them' says Mina

'What are you planning Mina' says Lita

'Sorry guys, can't tell you yet, don't want to jinx it' said Mina.


Having finished work for the day Usagi was walking home, she was dragging her feet and reluctant to return home to deal with Darien.

When did we allow things to get so bad, and how did I not notice earlier that he wasn't happy. I mean afterall he is supposed to be my one true love. All this stalling is getting me no where, asides from getting in trouble for being home late. Better get this over with thought Usagi.

Opening their apartment door, she puts down her work bag and takes off her shoes. Padding over to the lounge room, it is very dark, while the rest of the rooms are bright. The smell of alcohol hit her, oh no not again, I'm not in the mood to face this now she thought.

She can see a figure sitting on the lounge, the face is distorted as he is sitting with his head back agains the head rest. Upon closer inspection she can see that it is Darien, she walks over and shakes him to wake him.

Darien opens his eyes and looks at her, 'You're late' he says.

'Yes honey, got caught at the office with some reports that needed to be completed by tomorrow' Usagi explained.

'You don't have to give me any excuses, I know you're cheating on me' Darien says snidely.

'Honey, how can I cheat when I love only you' argues Usagi

'Look Darien, I am over your mis-trust and you always accusing me of infidelity. When it was you who cheated with Rei in our first year of marriage' Usagi says sadly

'Did you seriously have to bring that up again, we have already been over that. Can you just grow up and get over it already.' argues Darien

'I'm so over this, I am grown up, I am over that, but I'm just so tired of you accusing me of things I've never done' Usagi says

'Usagi your so stupid can't you tell that we just don't mesh anymore, can't you just be the adult for once' Darien says angrily.

By now Usagi has tears streaming down her face, 'Right Darien, how could I know we were over when you don't talk to me about it. You want us to be over, you got it'.

Usagi runs to the bedroom and pulls down her suitcase, throwing everything into the case, she pauses at the door hoping Darien would stop her, but not such luck.

Leaving the apartment she wanders down the street wondering who she could possibly turn to in her time of need.

Not looking where she's going she bumps into Rei, and they end up spralled on the concrete massaging their backs from the landing.

'Can't you watch where you're going you stupid meatball head' Rei snaps

Rei looking properly sees how sad Usagi is for the first time, 'Usagi wait' she yells

But its too late Usagi has taken off at break neck speeds in the other direction. Rei looks up at the apartment building, after brushing herself off she continues with her mission.


I know I'm writing A Clearer Future, but this just came out of no where and I have to write it. This is the completed chapter, hope you like it.