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Chapter 12:

A breeze wafted in lightly, its movement causing the curtain to let in a trickle of warm sunlight.

The blonde woman laying on her side facing the window had the sun right in her face, groaning she shields her eyes. Rolling over burying herself in the warm sheets she tried to drift off back to sleep.

Her body wasn't having none of it, it was awake and it was hungry letting its presence known her stomach growled. Muttering under her breath she flung the sheets off her the cold morning air making her break out in goose bumps, looking around she looks for her clothes, finding them beside the bed.

Not bothering to put on underwear as she detested wearing undies again, even if they seemed clean. Pulling on her skirt she opens the door and is nearly knocked for six by the smells, following the trail to delicious heaven to the kitchen where she stood in the doorway with her eyes closed sniffing the air.

It was very difficult for her to sneak into the kitchen as the floor boards were squeeky and very noisey, hearing her approach he laughs.

Turning to face her wih the fry pan in his hand and spatular in the other 'Breakfast is ready' he said.

Watching her was she ran to the nearest chair and planted herself in what she considered the best spot, she looks up and you can see the mirth dancing in her eyes as she watched him cook.

Her mouth was positively drooling at the smells, he barely had a chance to put the plate down before she scoffed them down with vigor.

Jason laughed it was the first time he was ever this happy, he felt at home with her.

'When your finished how about we go meet the others? Before Haruka comes hunting for you that is' he said.

After closing the door behind them they walked down the street his arm around her shoulders holding her close, the throngs of people she could easily get seperated from him.


Mamoru was walking along the road towards his coffee hit at the arcade, Rei was nattering away not even noticing he wasn't listening.

His hands stuffed in the pockets of his green blazer, if you looked you could tell he was uncomfortable or out of place with this fiery woman.

He could see a loving couple just walking ahead of them, his arm wrapped around her comfortably. Oh how he longed for that 'I miss her' he thought, why did I have to go and be stupid like that, 'I wonder if she's moved on yet, I wonder if we could hook back up, ugh when is she going to stop talking she is really getting on my nerves' he thought.

The couple walked into the arcade and were greeted by Motoki, he could hear his voice.

Walking in he was shocked to see that Usagi was stood hugging Motoki like she usually would, he could feel someone watching him.

He felt the heat and the vibes coming off of Rei as her temper flared in jealousy, he stepped away from her and sat at his regular stool so he could watch Usagi without feeling like a pervert. As Motoki swung her around he caught a peek at nothing under her skirt, he almost had a nose bleed, when did she start dressing like that. Looking around to make sure no one else had seen, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible as he watched her.

She skipped off towards a table at the back where she stopped to talk to Jedite, he almost fell off his stool in shock, 'Why isn't she transforming and why isn't he attacking' he thought with a frown, he was confused by their behaviour.

What happened next just about broke his heart, Usagi kissed him, now he knew how Usagi felt, brokenhearted. God it hurt so much, he never realised, this opened his eyes to see Usagi in a new light, she was so strong and he took it for granted, he didn't deserve her.

Turning around he picked up his now cold coffee and stared into its murky depths as if it held the answer.


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