A/N: I have cut Mamoru's story short for a reason, we will come back to that shortly.

Chapter 3

'Rei, I can explain...' Mamoru stammers

'Explain why Usa, is in tears and do it now, or I will torch you' commands Sailor Mars

'Rei, come inside before you attract attention and I will explain' says Mamoru

'Fine' agree's Rei

After Sailor Mars enters, Mamoru peeks outside the door to make sure no one saw and closes the door.

He turns to see that Mars already has a flames in the palm of her hand ready to torch him, should he slip up.

'Well, it starts like this...' explains Mamoru...

'You WHAAAT, it was your choice to test Usagi's feelings for you, how many times must you do this before you realise that she truly loves you!' fumed Mars, the flame in her hand roars to life , in sync with her temper.

Before she could spring to action, her communitcator beeped, 'Mar's we can't find her' say's Venus sadly, Venus terminates the call.

'You're lucky I'm needed else where or you would be ash, count yourself lucky it was me and not Uranus that came' said Mars.

As she left, he sank down into the sofa in relief, Mamoru shivered I got lucky there, she is right, it could'v been much worse.

Leaning forward and placing his head in his hands, 'What have I done, I had it so good' thought Mamoru. Standing up he walks out onto his balcony to get some air to think what he should do.


Usagi gets off the bus at the mall, after coming to the end of that buses line, 'I have no idea where to go, I can't go back home, my friends have no room'.

She walks around for hours and eventually sits on a chair outside the mall, looking over the water fountain.

Listening to the water with her eye's closed she let the sounds soothe her aching heart.

'Usagi, are you okay, what are you doing here, what's wrong?' asks a male voice.


Dun dun dun, wonder who the male is... should I let Mamoru have her back or someone else?