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Chapter 7:

Saphir wasn't having much luck finding the lights, he was sure they were here.

He was walking towards Usagi's parents place, not that he realised that, walking past all the sakura trees.

Looking up he could see three people stood watching the house.

'Can you sense her starseed?' asked one

'It's not here, I think we should give up' said the other

'I could never give up looking for her, we owe her so much' said the third.

Curious Saphir walked closer, the three sensing him turned to look at him.

He could have sworn they were women, but they looked like men.

'You're the three lights correct?' asked Saphir

'Who are you, and what do you want?' said Yaten

'That's obviously a yes right?' said Saphir smartly

Yaten's eyes narrowed angrily, and Taiki placed his hand on his shoulder and shook his head.

'I believe I know who your looking for, and know just where to find her' said Saphir

The lights had no choice but to follow him.

'Who is this guy anyway?' asked Yaten

'I don't know but obviously he knows odango, we should trust him for now' said Seiya

Meanwhile Mamoru was pacing his apartment, Usagi hadn't come home.

He remembered what he said to her, 'Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have got drunk' thought Mamoru.

His heart gave a jolt as he remembered the look on her face, he ran his fingers through his hair.

Walking over to the room they shared in his boxers, he opened the closet and hoping it wasn't true.

Running around the flat in a panic he knew that she was gone, but he couldn't bring himself to believe that she was gone.

Sitting down on the sofa he noticed the only thing she left behind, the star locket, he sat there staring at it for ages before opening it and listening to their favourite song.

Deciding that he couldn't do anything locked in their apartment, he needed to look for her. In his rush he was stood at the door before noticing he was still in his boxers.

Now finally dressed he dashed off towards the elevator, he pressed the button mulitple times, only now just realising this was why Usagi hated elevators they took so long when you were in a rush, he couldn't be bothered and ran down the fire stairs.


Nick looked at Zach and Ken, 'Which one of us wants to be brave and face the outers' asked Nick

'We may as well get this over with, the longer we delay in telling them the more Amara's going to be pissed' said Ken

Ken lifted his hand to knock before he could do so the door opened, he only just stopped himself inches from Amara's nose.

Amara's eyes narrowed angrily, before she could lash out, Michiru stepped in front of her lover 'We were expecting you guys' she said

'So we going to go see our princess or what?' asked Hotaru


They were walking toward the arcade, when they literally bummed into Mamoru.

Mamoru stared at the people in front of him, then spotted Amara cracking her knuckles.

He then spotted the four men and recognised his shittenou, 'Wait, what are theydoing here' he thought.

'We'll explain some other time, we're in a rush' said Ken

They ran off before he could catch up to them, 'they could only be heading towards one thing with the outers, I should follow them' thought Mamoru.

When he looked up he noticed that they had completely disappeared, 'I really need to stop being so engrossed in my own thoughts I always end up running into someone' sighed Mamoru. 'If only I could bump into her again like we used to' thought Mamoru sadly.

He decided to walk to the arcade just in case she had gone to see her adopted brother, and was indulging in her favourite milkshake.

Now sure that he would find her there hummed happily all the way there, he literally walked into the doors, 'what's wrong with the doors, they're automatic', spotting the closed sign he sighed, he didn't know where else to go.

And who should he spot across the street, then the very people who could lead him to her. A large grin graced his features, he would find her, even if it drove him crazy.


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