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Chapter 8:

Jason was smiling so much his cheeks were feeling so sore, he was so happy to be in her arms, if he didn't stop shortly... He could feel her up against something that was stirring.. He Gulped 'If she doesn't move soon, she's sure to notice' he thought.

He had always had a secret crush on her since the time on the moon, but his duty and hers stopped him from pursuing her.

Usagi moved and a streak of her hair stroked his cheek, and he got a nice whiff of her, Choclate and strawberrys.

She was staring at me intently with those gorgeous blue eyes, that were the colour of topical water.

Putting her hands against his chest in a move he was not prepared for made his heart beat faster, he felt slightly disappointed as she pushed herself up to break their embrace.

Stopping her from moving any further he put his hand against her creamy, soft, smooth cheek, he leant forward and pressed his lips against her soft and supple ones.

He was in heaven, he was slightly shocked that she didn't stop him, he pulled her closer against his chest and deepened their kiss.

Prisma locked the door and turned back to her sisters, 'I think we should leave them be for the time being, it looks like they need some alone time'

'Ooooh' the girls gasped.

'You'd be happy about this Avery, wouldn't you?' asked Catsi

'I am very happy' said Avery smiling happily looking at the closed door behind them. 'You may not realise this Usagi, but you have made me the happiest woman'thought Avery.

*Ding Dong, Dong Ding, Ding Dong, Ding* the door bell rang.

Bertie went and opened the door to greet the visitors.

Mamoru was stalking the girls like prey, hiding in the shadows trying not to be seen as they past him by.

Suddenly Rei stopped and looked right in his direction, he held his breath, hoping he hadn't been spotted so easyily.

'What's wrong Rei?' asked Mina

'Not sure, thought I saw something' explained Rei

Shaking her head she moves to join her friends and continue their journey.

As they kept walking, he slowly let out his held breath in relief.

'That was so close, I thought for sure she has seen me' thought Mamoru.

Continuing to follow them he was running out of places to hide.

He knew this street, in fact he knew the house they were stood at ringing the door bell.

Walking around the side of the house so he wouldn't be seen, he peered into the closest room.

What he saw made him see red, curling his hands into a tight fist, and clenching his teeth trying to hold back his anger.

Dashing away the tears that threatened to fall, he ran off into the night.

Amara was following the generals, finding it hard to believe the story they had been told. In fact she was still scowling and muttering under her breath, arguing with whatever demons plagued her.

'Wait until I tell the princess and the others, they will be so happy' thought Michiru. She smiled, clasped Amara's hand and squeezed her hand to show her support.

Amara turned to smile back, but someone or something stopped her as she caught a glimpse of someone she never thought she'd see again. The mutterings became darker and more intense, and her scowl turned to a frown she looked positively steamed.

Michiru shivered, and looked in the direction she was looking, 'Oh no, not him' thought Michiru.

The man stared back just as determined, who knew who was going to win this staring competion.

'Look everyone we need to get moving, its not far from here' explained Saphir

The generals decided to walk between the outers and the starlights to stop any trouble.

'We're here' said Saphir

Touching the door knob and turning it, what happens next when the inners spot the generals made him wish he'd never opened the door.


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